Bad words on license plates get reviewed by Md. high court

The Maryland Court of Appeals is considering whether the state’s Motor Vehicle Administration acted unconstitutionally in recalling vanity license plates sporting a Spanish scatological word. In 2009, John T. Mitchell of Accokeek, Maryland, requested and received vanity license plates from the Maryland MVA that read “MIERDA,” a Spanish term that translates to “s**t” or “junk.”

Wisconsin Gov. Walker right at home with union protests

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker felt right at a home in Glen Burnie Friday night for the annual state Republican’s Red White and Blue dinner. Union members were picketing him outside. “Obviously, I haven’t lost my touch,” Walker joked, referring to the massive demonstrations he generated in Wisconsin’s capital in 2011 when he tried to cut back on collective bargaining rights of public employee unions and raise their pension contributions.

Endorsements, billboard attacks stir U.S. Senate race

The race to replace Barbara Mikulski in the U.S. Senate had dueling endorsements from major business and education groups Thursday. The fairly low-key campaign is also about to get a little edgier with low-budget roving billboards from an independent group tying Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the Democratic frontrunner, to paying off Iranian mullahs and welcoming Syrian terrorists.

Bay Bridge toll plaza (Photo by Mrs. Gemstone)

Rascovar: The unfunded costs of a third Bay Bridge

Even with federal assistance, Maryland would be hard pressed to find the billions for a bridge project that mainly alleviates monster traffic backups on summer weekends. The rest of the year the existing parallel structures easily handle two-way traffic between the eastern and western shores.

National Park Service celebrates 100 years

The National Parks Service celebrated its 100th anniversary Thursday, so it seemed like a good time to link back to the travelogue published in June about my three-week, 4,000 mile trek to seven national parks in the west. It’s light reading with more than 20 pictures of what many have called “America’s best idea.” Even if America’s best ideas might actually be found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, establishing national parks was a darn good one too.

Rascovar: The failed leadership of Baltimore’s mayor

There’s nothing quite as emblematic of Baltimore City’s failed leadership as the out-of-town (yet again) mayor firing her long-serving and super-loyal city solicitor for lacking a crystal ball. Once again, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake threw someone under the bus rather than take ultimate responsibility for an embarrassment to her administration. She didn’t even have the courage to handle the firing herself.

Rascovar: DOJ report is Baltimore’s ‘challenging moment’

That searing U.S. Department of Justice report on Baltimore’s police agency revealed an ugly truth we’d rather sweep under the rug. There is historic, deep-seated racism in what’s been labeled Charm City and it presents itself most hurtfully in city law enforcement. What’s clear is that there are two Baltimores – one white, fairly prosperous and contented; the other black, impoverished, crime-ridden and desperate. The DOJ report laid it out in uncompromising terms.