• charlie hayward

    Legislators for decades have skirted constitutional limits on their authority to increase budgets, making a farce of any claims such as “[Hogan is] the only one who can increase spending”, and “[a]ll lawmakers in Annapolis can do is cut the budget.” The essence of every Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act initiated annually in and passed by the legislature during the O’Malley administration was to create “revenue” from thin air via every scheme conceivable in order to increase spending.

    On paper, everything is hunky dory. Spending added by legislators is neutralized by discovery of “revenues” which in substance are State borrowings from itself; self-serving manipulation of Executive branch accounting estimates; and questionable bookkeeping.

    During last year’s session, for example, the Legislature created out of thin air “savings” greater than Hogan’s budget estimates arising from Medicaid redeterminations and added new budget authority (spending) before the savings materialized.

  • Johnny

    Is Barry Rascovar capable of writing anything without comparing Trump to Hogan? Tune in next week to find out!

  • LuckyFarm

    Hogan & Brinkley, the budget director (and convicted wife beater) have done everything they can to break the running of MD government. From his initial proclamation of “it’s worse than we thought” to the revenue shortfall and a host of things in between, Hogan has mimicked the disastrous path followed by Michigan, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. Don’t listen to what he says, watch what he does. And get him out of office in the next election. Hogan is abusive.