• charlie hayward

    MSDE needs deeper and more frequent audits. They claim they kept millions of indirect costs associated with administration by outside central-service agencies because their own indirect costs were under-recovered. That is tantamount to saying MSDE has unilateral authority to retain money meant to reimburse others rather than fix its own indirect cost calculations. Mark that down as management by taking the path of least resistance. Failure to audit them annually is a wasted opportunity.

  • Lisa Moore

    All of this happened under the supervision of Lillian Lowrey. I wondered why there wasn’t a “big stink” when she broke her contract and left for Ohio. Guess there was a reason that she found “greener” pastures to invade.

    They need to start cutting the fat at the MSDE and start using that money to directly fund schools. Too much skimming off the top.

  • woodbinemom

    How do people in this agency keep their jobs? If someone in private industry did any of these things they would be fired that day, but if it is a gov’t agency “oh well, we will look the other way if you promise not to do it again”. No wonder people do not trust their government.