Baltimore magazine names best political website

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Best of Baltimore Winner certificate

In the August issue, which is not yet online, the magazine editors said:

“This online news site has given traditional media outlets a run for their money. Edited and published by the former Annapolis bureau chief for the Baltimore Examiner, Len Lazarick, has made waves with its coverage of issues that largely fly under the radar of the traditional press. Its reporting focuses heavily on issues dealing with transparency and ethics. To wit: its series of stories on one state agency’s mishandling (and subsequent coverup) of $38 million in funds earmarked for the disabled earned a nod from the Society of Professional Journalists.”

Last August, The Fix, the lead political blog at The Washington Post, named as one of best state-based political blog” in the nation. shared honors with Red Maryland.  Click here to read more. has won previous awards for its work from the Washington chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and from CapitolBeat, the national Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors.


  • Doug Tallman

    Congratulations, Len

  • Hungrypirana

    Nice work. Keep it up.

  • Linda Pohuski

    Well dserved praise!

    • Linda Pohuski

      “deserved” oops

  • Congratulations Len & Maryland Reporter !

  • abby_adams

    My congrats a little late for a job well done.

  • A tardy ‘atta-blog’ from me! You’re restoring integrity and independence to Annapolis reporting. As an ex-journalist I admire the caliber of your talent, your dedication and your perseverance. Balance is a much-disparaged notion among journos, but your writing is a bastion of fairness.