Video: Comptroller Franchot talks about negative impact of gas tax

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Comptroller Peter Franchot says any increase in the gas tax will have “a direct negative impact on Maryland’s very feeble economy.” In this video with Len Lazarick of he talks about his relations with Gov. Martin O’Malley and what has turned him into a fiscal conservative.

  • Anonymous

    Good interview Len. Maybe Mr. Franchot should invite Miller & Busch in to take a good look at the fiscal reports that come across his desk on a daily basis. Whether it is a nation, state or personal budget, you cannot continually spend more than you take in. The state cannot always turn to regressive tax grabs to “solve” the deficit, then raise budget spending throwing the state BACK into deficit only to demand more taxes. That type of fiscal planning is truly the definition of insanity!  MSM won’t be talking about MD’s 48th out of 50 in growth of wages while O’Malley’s on his quest to become POTUS in 2016 & Miller sober predictions about a “DOOMSDAY” budget for MD. Maybe we need a PR campaign, like FLOTUS, talking about how an OBESE state budget destroys the fiscal health of MD hurting every resident from Western MD to the Atlantic coast.