UPDATE: O’Malley rescinds scholarship cuts

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Shortly after we posted an earlier blog about the elimination of the Distinguished Scholars program, Gov. Martin O’Malley issued a statement rescinding the withdrawal of scholarships to this year’s graduating seniors.

His statement in full said:

“Earlier today, I ordered the Maryland Higher Education Commission to restore funding to the 350 Maryland seniors who were counting on the $3,000 Distinguished Scholars award they earned to attend a Maryland college or university.”

“While this year’s budget deficit presented unique challenges, and we worked together to address the revenue shortfall with tough choices and deep cuts to existing programs, it was never our intention to impact prior awards.  Clearly, our commitment to honor existing awards was not fulfilled and I’ve directed MHEC to immediately correct the error and restore the four-year scholarships to all seniors who were expecting their award.”

Life is unfair, but O’Malley recognized that government doesn’t have to make it more so.

The statement also means the governor will have to make up $1.1 million in next year’s fragilely balanced budget.

–Len Lazarick


  • Anonymous

    A PR nightmare for M O’M. Another exposition of political hypocrisy not unlike so many other political decisions by the Democratic majority in the state legislature. The sheeple are waking up!

  •  Dos this mean the seniors who got the scholarships restored will have them for each of the next four years?