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Tea Party Marylanders in Tampa want focus on fiscal issues

TAMPA, Fla. – Maryland tea party supporters will try to use this week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., to shift the focus away from more divisive social issues to their message of fiscal responsibility, conservative leaders said.

But both locally and nationally, social issues continue to compete for the spotlight with the election’s top issue: the economy.

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Sponsor of immigrant tuition bill says repeal efforts could cost millions

The lead sponsor who objects to efforts to overturn his bill granting in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants said referendum efforts by opponents could cost the state millions and the drive is being funded by outside Tea Party interests. But state officials say the cost of putting the issue on the ballot is fairly minimal, and some organizers say there is little evidence of out-of-state funding for the petition drive.

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Tea Party gearing up for in-state tuition referendum

Tea Partiers across Maryland are saying the referendum effort to repeal newly passed legislation allowing illegal immigrants to receive in-state college tuition rates is exactly the fight they’ve been waiting for.
“There’s no question we are going to be involved,” said Potomac Tea Party blogger Ann Corcoran. “This is an opportunity to broaden our reach to Democrats, independents and those who see this as a fairness issue, and we see this as a fabulous opportunity to organize conservatives across the state of Maryland in preparation for 2012.”

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Democratic delegate quits Tea Party Caucus under pressure from Baltimore Democrats

Democratic Del. Curt Anderson, chairman of the Baltimore City delegation, resigned from the Tea Party Caucus in the Maryland House of Delegates after his fellow city delegates threatened to remove him as chair. Anderson kept the city delegation chair post he has held for four years after he apologized profusely and got a tongue-lashing from his fellow Democrats, who said they were disappointed and disrespected by his action.

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