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Gov. Moore offers a sunny State of the State review despite challenges ahead 

In his response to Moore’s address, Hershey argued that the governor must push for a more proactive plan in addition to the three bills. The Joint Republican Caucus has proposed two bills, the Safe Communities Act and the Violent Firearms Offenders Act, and GOP leaders say they will continue to support the Gun Theft Felony Act proposed in the past.

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Analysis: From the back corner, a solid speech that was mostly true

From my usual corner at the back of the House of Delegates chamber, Martin O’Malley’s eighth and final State of the State address seemed one of his better efforts.

Think what you might of O’Malley’s accomplishments over the last seven years — the real subject of the whole speech — the gov is an effective communicator, except when he reaches too far for the lofty rhetoric of his beloved Irish poets.

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O’Malley, Brown using technology to interact with Marylanders during State of the State address

Gov. Martin O’Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown will be using the Internet to connect with Marylanders about today’s State of the State Address. O’Malley’s address at noon Thursday will be streamed live at O’Malley’s website. Additionally, O’Malley and Brown’s staffs will be answering questions and interacting through Twitter. And then at 4 p.m. Friday, Brown will be posting video responses to some popular questions on the state’s YouTube channel.

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Blizzard points to transportation needs

Plowman in Chief Martin O’Malley has been the public face of the Blizzard of 2010, seen and heard more in the media over the weekend than in the wake of last Tuesday’s State of the State address.

The formal trappings of power in the marbled State House were replaced this weekend with a show of casually-dressed executive power in a mundane briefing room at the State Highway Administration command center in Hanover.

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O’Malley working to keep historic credit alive

Gov. Martin O’Malley still has work to do to convince lawmakers to extend a popular tax credit for historic redevelopment that he touted in his State of the State address Tuesday.

But he may have already made some headway in the Senate committee where a similar proposal failed last year.

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