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Bill could make Maryland police discipline records public

Maryland legislators have introduced a bill that could allow public access to police officers’ disciplinary records.

HB0120, the reintroduction of Anton’s Law, sponsored by Del. Gabriel Acevero, D-Montgomery and Del. Erek L. Barron, D-Prince George’s, aims to increase the transparency associated with police misconduct investigations, allowing the public to better understand how complaints against police are carried out.

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Bill seeks to extend racial reporting of traffic stops

Sen. Lisa Gladden wants to renew race-based reporting on Maryland’s traffic stops, but Sen. Nancy Jacobs, a fellow member of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, said it would create more work for law enforcement for no reason.

The bill would continue the reporting statute that went into effect nine years ago, “when race-based traffic stops was a major issue across the state,” Gladden, a Democrat from Baltimore City, told the committee Thursday. The statute expired last year.

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