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Legal gray areas hinder police watchdogs

A Capital News Service investigation revealed that roughly a quarter of Maryland jurisdictions did not get their police oversight systems up and running before the July 2022 deadlines set by state lawmakers. The new oversight bodies in Baltimore City, along with Dorchester, Cecil and Kent Counties, did not meet until 2023.

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Proposed bill in Montgomery County, Maryland aims to limit police from searching vehicles during traffic stops 

he “Freedom to Leave Act” would ban police searches of vehicles, even if officers obtain verbal consent from drivers. The bill is intended to give people more rights in their vehicles and also is intended to stop officers from gaining consent using intimidation. The bill’s goal is to reduce racial profiling in police stops.

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Bill could make Maryland police discipline records public

Maryland legislators have introduced a bill that could allow public access to police officers’ disciplinary records.

HB0120, the reintroduction of Anton’s Law, sponsored by Del. Gabriel Acevero, D-Montgomery and Del. Erek L. Barron, D-Prince George’s, aims to increase the transparency associated with police misconduct investigations, allowing the public to better understand how complaints against police are carried out.

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