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Making sexual abuse by therapists a crime is one woman’s crusade

A bill seeking to make the abuse of patients by their therapists a crime has brought together an unlikely team of legislators and a young woman who could have never imagined herself so immersed in state legislation, coined “Lynette’s Law,” HB 60. Heather Lynette Sinclair, 27, turned to Maryland lawmakers in hope that she might be able to end an invisible chain of abuse within the mental health field.

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House approves suspension of child support payments for inmates

The House of Delegates narrowly passed a bill on Wednesday that would exclude individuals from making child support payments while serving a prison sentence.

Under the legislation, child support payments would be suspended for anyone incarcerated for more than 18 consecutive months and continuing 60 days after their release to avoid the accrual of an unmanageable lump sum.

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Same-sex marriage ready for final vote Friday as amendment attempts fail

Supporters of same-sex marriage in the House of Delegates beat back several attempts to amend the legislation Wednesday, paving the way for a final vote Friday on the legislation in exactly the same form that it passed the Senate two weeks ago.

The House leadership had made clear that the bill needed to stay exactly the same or it would likely die if returned to the Senate.

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