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Freshman congressman Delaney tackles big needs with innovative financing

Freshman Congressman John Delaney on Wednesday plans to roll out his signature legislative initiative for his first term — a plan for a national infrastructure bank that requires no federal appropriations. But as an effort to fund U.S. needs for roads, bridges, airports, communications and school buildings, he says he’s rounded up support from the GOP and his own party, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and unions.

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Commission recommends transportation fund lockdown, increasing revenues by $800M

The best way to improve Maryland’s transportation system is to lock down the transportation trust fund, and start raising $800 million per year in new funds to maintain infrastructure, a state transportation committee is recommending to the governor and General Assembly.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding put the final touches on its report Monday.

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Maryland’s infrastructure gets a C-, engineers say

Maryland’s aging and ill-maintained transit, roads, dams, bridges and storm water systems earned a barely passing grade of C-, according to the 2011 Report Card for Maryland’s Infrastructure prepared by the Maryland Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

No aspect of Maryland’s infrastructure earned a very good grade on the report card. Worst was the storm water system, which received a D. Transit and roads – as well as the drinking water infrastructure in the Baltimore area – received marks of C-, while dams and the Baltimore area’s wastewater system received Cs. The state’s bridges received a B-, the highest grade given.

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Coalition backs tax hikes for roads, transit, along with a “lockbox” to protect the money

Senate Majority Leader Rob Garagiola plans on introducing a major tax package to pump $400 million to $600 million a year into the dwindling transportation trust fund, along with a constitutional amendment to put the fund into a “lockbox” so it can’t be raided for other purposes.

A new coalition of 32 business and consumer groups known as the Statewide Transportation Alliance to Restore the Trust (START) is backing the move.

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