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State Roundup, January 23, 2020

Former Del. Glenn pleads guilty to taking bribes as names of business ‘associates’ remain sealed; bills seek to put legalizing sports betting to referendum; bipartisan group of lawmakers push for more business-friendly state before Maryland Chamber; Senate President Ferguson touts digital ad tax; lawmakers urge special elections to fill vacancies in General Assembly; bill would make it a crime to cause severe emotional distress to a disabled adult under one’s care; new Transit Caucus pushes for Washington County commuter train service, among other ideas; Sheriff Jenkins can enter into immigration enforcement agreement, but Frederick County doesn’t have to fund it; and who are the Republicans running for Elijah Cummings’ congressional seat?

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Hogan administration commits to get more jobs for ex-offenders to keep them from returning to prison

The Hogan administration is jumping with both feet into efforts to reduce the prison population and make re-entry of ex-convicts into society easier by getting them jobs. Simultaneously with a release from Gov. Larry Hogan, Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford announced the formation of a new task force to review the legal barriers that people with a criminal record face when re-entering the community after time in prison.

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Hogan heads back to hospital, but no rest for staff

Gov. Larry Hogan heads back to the hospital Friday for his fifth round of chemotherapy to treat stage 3 lymphatic cancer, but there’s no respite for his staff during his five-day stays. Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford said the steroids Hogan takes as part of his treatment keep him “up all night so he’s focused and concentrating,” shooting off emails and text messages to his staff throughout the night. “We have this long list of things to do” come the morning, and then “the last one he’s firing off is asking why we haven’t responded to the previous messages.”

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