CarLock Could Provide You with More Peace of Mind

CarLock Could Provide You with More Peace of Mind

Take a moment to think about how much you rely on your car each day. You likely use it to get to and from work and to run errands. If you have kids, you are shuttling them to school, practice, and more. Without a vehicle, things would be a lot more difficult. Naturally, you take care of the oil, tires, and maintenance of the vehicle, but what about safety from theft?

CarLock is a simple but powerful device that could be just what car owners like you need, so you can rest easy when the car isn’t within eyeshot.

CarLock Advantages and Features

Below, we’ll be looking at some of the most impressive things that help to set CarLock apart from its competitors. These features can help you determine whether it might be a good option for you.

The device plugs into the OBD port and works by connecting to GPS, which provides real-time location information. The system works via the cloud, which will analyze data from the sensors in the device and send alerts and reports for a host of actions. Let’s get a closer look below.


You can receive alerts when the vehicle’s engine has been started without you in the car, and if the device has been disconnected from the vehicle. You will also receive alerts when the vehicle is moved, so it can’t be towed or pushed to a different location without your knowledge. The device is sensitive enough that it can also pick up on any unusual vibrations. For example, if someone tried to pry their way into your car, you would get an alert.

Having these alerts will allow you to keep a better eye on your car, so you can ensure its safety.

You can also automate CarLock Security features when you choose to get a CarLock Tag. This is a small Bluetooth device that can be paired with the app on your phone. The device will enable and disable alerts based on the owner’s distance to the vehicle via their smartphone. It’s a hands-free way of automating the security features, so you don’t mistakenly get an alert when you are the one getting into your vehicle and driving away.


The CarLock device can track a range of other things, too, including the way the vehicle is being driven. It can track hard braking, sharp turns, fast acceleration, etc. This can provide you with information about how your car is being driven. You can see if maybe you are being too rough with your vehicle… or if your teen drivers are misbehaving with the car when they borrow it.

Vehicle Health

The CarLock device can monitor the health of your vehicle by letting you know if the battery is running low or if there has been a substantial amount of battery drain.

Route History

One of the other capabilities of CarLock is keeping track of where the vehicle has been taken. This is relatively easy for the device to do since it connects with GPS. Why would you need to check the route history? It can provide you with some important information.

For example, if you let your sister borrow your car to go to work, but she ended up heading out of state for the day, you would want to know. It could also be used for business trip tagging.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of the route history will be for companies with fleets of vehicles and drivers. You can see where the drivers went, and if they went to places that they weren’t supposed to go, etc. The trip information can be exported to XLS and CSV.

It’s Easy to Use

Although CarLock can provide all of these features, you’ll be happy to know that it is still relatively easy to use. It can be plugged into the OBD port in your vehicle, or it can be hardwired to the battery if you prefer. Those who have classic cars that don’t have an OBD port can still use the device if they connect it to the battery using the power adapter cable.

Once you have the device installed and you activate it with the activation card that comes in the box, you can set up the app. You can use the app on a desktop computer, as well as a mobile app. You may want to use both the web app on your computer and the mobile app on your phone, just so you can be sure you always have access, even if you forget to charge your phone.

Through the app, you can get all of the information you need, and you can set up the device to meet your needs. It’s fast and easy, even if you don’t have a lot of technological expertise. Most people will be up and running in a matter of minutes unless they opt for hardwiring.

It’s an Affordable Way to Keep the Car Safe

How much does all of this cost? The device is typically available for around $50, but you will need to pay a subscription fee for all of the features. Fortunately, this is only $9.60 for the standard plan and just $2 more for the Standard Plus. The Plus plan has a faster refresh rate and longer data retention. The one you choose is entirely up to you, but it’s nice to know that both options are very affordable.

What’s the Verdict?

You need to do more for your car than just make sure it runs well and looks great. You need to do whatever you can to help keep it safe from thieves. The number of auto thefts has been on the rise over the past several years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing. A little more protection than just your standard alarm is not just a good idea—it’s needed. You may want to check out CarLock and get the device for yourself. It just might save your car.