Coliving – or the trend of the future?

Coliving – or the trend of the future?

Coliving - or the trend of the future?

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It is also worth talking about communal housing and hostels. The former were before, and the latter are still in demand among people for example coliving New York City. They don’t require enough money for their own housing. What would happen if these ways of living were combined?

In recent years, the world has been taken over by a popular trend – co-working. This concept combines co-working (space to work) and permanent housing. coliving was created to bring together talented people who would work from home and share useful experiences.

Co-working – what it is in simple terms

The simplest definition of coliving is a group of people who work remotely and live together. Residents have access to their own room or bunkhouse, kitchen and dining area, workspace, and a place to relax. The territory is cleaned by a cleaning company, and most of the groceries have to be bought on their own.

The main advantage of coliving is that the comfort is much higher than in a rented room. The sites bring together people with similar professions and interests, share experiences and have fun.

Coliving is also attractive for other reasons:

  • Availability of personal space. The areas in the apartments are organized so that a person gets enough socialization at the same time and can retreat to work or relax.
  • Ability to work from home. Almost all centers have places to work remotely at the computer – for this, the owners of the colivings provide comfortable chairs and high-speed Internet.
  • Various events. Residents regularly organize interesting events (entertaining and informative), lectures and workshops so that people can learn something new for themselves.

Such rentals are popular with singles and young people because it is much cheaper than renting an apartment. For a few tens of thousands you get a whole “package” of already organized amenities, so you don’t have to think about utility bills, internet and other things.

Quality coliving is the selection of tenants. A person fills out a questionnaire with information about themselves, gets on a waiting list, and makes a small upfront payment. More often than not, people are divided into categories so that the residents have something in common – programmers, artists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other personalities.

This way of living is much cozier than a hostel or a communal apartment. At the same time, a person can live in an apartment even for several days or weeks – it is very convenient for those who like to travel, want to get new emotions and interesting acquaintances.

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