How To Use Energy-Based Aesthetics

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Medical aesthetics has experienced rapid technological development in the last decade. These advances have allowed patients to receive non-invasive treatment options. This rapid development has made it easier to find energy-based treatment options. Medical aesthetics can be started by non-surgical methods.

Here are some things to remember before you start a treatment plan.

Which Aesthetic Issues May Energy-Based Treatments Address?

Energy-based aesthetics can address the following aesthetic issues and conditions, depending on the technology and device used:

  • Static wrinkles and subtle lines: Static lines are obvious, but fine lines are barely visible. Treatments that use radiofrequency (RF) to reduce wrinkles work by increasing your body’s natural production of collagen and elastic fibers. This is the basis of healthy and youthful skin.
  • Pigmentation & vascular conditions: These can be treated with energy based facial treatments that target melanin & hemoglobin to treat discoloration and encourage healing.
  • IPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal target melanin beneath the skin’s surfaces. There, light energy transforms into heat and destroys the hair follicle.
  • Different scars may appear from injury or acne. Some can heal by themselves while others can be treated with RF skin resurfacing. This triggers micro-dermal wounds in the skin that activate the natural skin repair cycle. It heals them and repairs scarring and other skin damage.
  • For many reasons, skin can lose its suppleness. The most common causes are weight loss, age, and UV radiation. Elastin fibers lose their flexibility when they become stretched, injured, or too old. RF-based treatments can safely and comfortably heat the tissue under the skin’s surfaces to tighten loosening skin. This encourages the growth of collagen as well as elastin which are key building blocks of healthy, firm skin.
  • Cellulite affects approximately 90% of women. It can be caused by hormonal fluctuations, hormones, diet, and other lifestyle variables. Advanced RF technology targets the water in fat cells to reduce them. It improves cellulite’s appearance by reducing bumps and dimpling as well as stimulating collagen formation.
  • Many people are plagued by loose skin and shapelessness, regardless of their exercise and diet. Advanced RF technology tightens and reduces circumference. It redefines and slims the figure.
  • Diode lasers help shrink stubborn fat pockets. Diode Lasers are able to break down stubborn abdominal or flank fat for a firmer, smoother look. The results can be enhanced by complementary treatments that tighten the skin, smooth cellulite, and reduce circumference.

Considering Energy-Based Aesthetics

These are some points to consider before booking your first treatment for energy-based aesthetics.

  1. Nonsurgical energy-based treatments require little downtime. The therapy may require you to forgo cosmetics or saunas during the first 24 hours.
  2. Energy-based therapies that work after one session may prove effective, but it’s not recommended to do them all. Your doctor will advise you on how many sessions are necessary.
  3. Effective treatments take commitment. To achieve the best results, it is important to follow your provider’s recommended treatment program. It is recommended that laser hair removal be performed three to four weeks apart. Only the anagen (growth phase) phase of hair growth can be treated. You might have to wait longer or even undergo multiple treatments to recover your lost hair.
  4. The outcome of treatment depends on how well you follow the instructions. High-quality skin care is essential to achieve and sustain excellent results.
  5. Some energy-based treatments can’t be modified, but your provider can usually adjust for comfort, make use of different applicators to create multiple treatments, and even offer complementary therapies.

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