Nutritionist Consultation at Medical Spa

Nutritionist Consultation at Medical Spa

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Basic nutrition is at the core of any health care concern, as it enables an individual to be aware of harmful practices and embrace beneficial practices that protect them from diseases.

Nutritionist consultation is a growing fad with the recent interest in healthy living and eating foods rich in nutrition. Nutritional benefits come from the types of food one eats, and nutritional consultants are trained to identify select nutritional foods that help boost the immune system and improve one’s overall lifestyle.

The Covid-19 pandemic has sought to sensitize the public on the need for a healthy and sufficient lifestyle. As a result, nutritional consultants are on the rise with more individuals seeking to discover essential foods to eat to maintain a robust immune system that will assist in fighting the virus.

 A nutritionist consultation will seek to address the following issues:

  • Irregular symptoms

The presence of irregular symptoms can prompt concern about one’s diet and nutritional value. Some symptoms come as a result of toxins present in the body or an unhealthy diet often characterized by fatty foods. These foods do not add any nutritional value to the body, therefore, failing to enhance bodily functions. As a result, making necessary changes in the diet will go a long way in alleviating these symptoms and resetting bodily functions back to normal.

  • Weight loss

Individuals interested in losing weight will hugely benefit from a nutritionist consultation. Losing weight involves eating under a caloric deficit and incorporating foods that have high nutrients and fibre into the diet. A nutritionist will aid in developing a concrete meal plan that will add these components into the body, therefore enhancing fast weight loss.

  • Lethargy

Lethargy or low energy levels is often characterized by the lack of basic nutrients which are normally derived from food. Eating foods that are not rich in basic nutrients can leave one feeling weak and dilapidated. A nutritionist consultant will advise on energy-giving foods depending on one’s BMI. This will consequently improve one’s mobility functions and make them active enough to move around.

  • Skin conditions

Certain skin conditions are brought about by changes in diet and irregular eating. Certain foods may aggravate skin conditions such as eczema or prompt severe rashes. Eating non-acidic foods can go a long way into making the body alkaline and making sure the skin can breathe and resist toxins.

  • Stress

Believe it or not, most of the stress in the body is indirectly affected by the foods one consumes. Heavy and acidic foods may aggravate the body making the gut unhealthy and full. This eventually causes acidity and prevents adequate food processing, therefore, making an individual have difficulties in removing waste.

What to expect when visiting a nutritional consultant

Most nutritional consultants are found in medical spas or clinics. A consultation with a nutritional consultant will consist of a background check which will identify some basic health factors. For instance, the nutritionist consultant will seek to inquire about the overall health and lifestyle of the individual by checking their medical history and health concerns.

This consultation will also seek to address any mental and emotional issues that may have prompted changes in diet and affected the individual’s eating habits. Changes in mood and emotional turmoil thoroughly affect one’s diet and make them susceptible to health issues as the required nutrients are not absorbed into the body.

The medical history will determine whether the individual is in any imminent threat from possible diseases and the presence of irregular symptoms will give indications of any problems. When the medical history shows no indication of possible complications, the nutritionist consultant will then issue out a documentation sheet where the patient can write down all the meals and drinks consumed.

The consultation will normally last a minimum of one hour, as the patient will answer questions about their health, goals, and concerns with the process. This will help the nutritionist curate an individualized dietary plan to follow. This dietary plan will have a list of food and drinks that the patient will be required to eat and those they will be required to avoid. The nutritionist will advise why certain foods are to be avoided.

After this, certain recommendations are given which will guide the patient into having a good diet. For instance, the nutritionist will also recommend certain dietary supplements which will assist in adding minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fibre.

The nutritionist will also set up consultations for later days to observe the progress and ensure that the dietary plan falls into place well depending on each patient.

Things to consider

It is important to be completely honest about individual struggles with diet and food intake. This will help the nutritionist identify possible areas for improvement and advise accordingly.

Nutritional consultants are not medical doctors but advisers on dietary needs and habits. Therefore, if the nutritionist detects an underlying medical issue, they will refer the patient to a professional doctor who will book them for further observation and consultation. It is important to understand these dynamics when visiting a nutritionist in a medical spa for the nutritionist to be able to advise accordingly. However, a medical doctor is present during these consultations to advice on serious health matters.

Dietary supplements go a long way in replenishing the body and making sure that all the required minerals are in place. Supplements such as vitamin C, Zinc, Aluminium are pertinent in ensuring bodily functions are working and functional.

Medical spas offer additional facilities such as massages, hot spa treatments, and intensive exercises. These facilities offer discreetness which further aids hormonal therapy in all aspects and makes individuals conscious of their choices.

The initial clinic holds that one size fits all, therefore, being protective about various aspects not only favors different clans and tribes into thinking the fundamental aspects of religious states.

Medical spas have sought to incorporate the fundamental basics of the medical aspects of consultation and delivery, and also meet customer satisfaction by providing a variety of different services.

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