Earn Crypto Through HODLing: The Best Crypto Investment Strategy

Earn Crypto Through HODLing: The Best Crypto Investment Strategy

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If you are not ready to trade or exit the cryptocurrency sector, HODLing should help you earn some tokens and coins while keeping your digital assets on secure platforms. So, what is this strategy all about? Through a HODLing platform, also known as a crypto savings platform, investors earn interest on the digital coins they have saved.

The best crypto savings account gives a substantial annual percentage yield (APY), although this varies depending on the type of coin. For instance, stablecoins such as USDC earn a higher APY compared to Bitcoins and Altcoins, which are very volatile.

Earn Crypto: How HODLing Works

By now, you know that HODLing is all about saving crypto to earn interest, right? The platforms work just like traditional banks, but these platforms use a cryptocurrency approach. The APY ranges from 1% to 20% or more.

For these platforms to get income (to pay interest and make a profit), they lend cryptocurrencies to borrowers who pay interest. Therefore, we can say that these are crypto-lending platforms as well. The good thing is that even investors can borrow Bitcoins and other cryptos while using their savings as collateral.

If you want to earn crypto with ease, choose high-interest crypto savings account on the web. This calls for detailed research and consultations to determine the best platforms. Fortunately, we will discuss the popular ones here so that you know where to start.

Earn Crypto: Popular HODLing Platforms

  • YouHodler – An interest-earning crypto wallet with YouHodler allows you to earn up to 12% APY on your digital assets. Stablecoins earn higher interest rates because their value is locked to a fiat currency such as USD and is not likely to fluctuate. All in all, YouHodler is the easiest platform to earn crypto, and it has high interest rates. Investors can access their savings 24/7, and most importantly, it is very secure.
  • BlockFi – If you have been in the crypto industry, you probably have heard about BlockFi. It is very popular for an amazing APY of up to 8% on various digital coins and high security. It also provides crypto-backed loans. There is no minimum deposit, so there is no excuse for not starting to earn crypto.
  • Hodlnaut – The name says it all; this is a popular HODLing platform to earn crypto. You can earn up to 12.7% APY, making it an amazing place to earn interest on crypto. Since the website is secure, you should feel free to save your idle digital assets and have the opportunity to earn interest at the end of the year. Furthermore, you can borrow against your crypto.
  • Nexo – This platform is equally good because it gives up to 12% APY on select digital coins such as stablecoins. The platform has a reputation for bank-level security, and they guarantee digital asset security to their clients.


While it is interesting to trade crypto, it is more fun to earn crypto while waiting for the right time to trade. Whether you choose YouHodler or any other HODLing platforms that we have discussed above, you will enjoy the opportunities. So, if you have always wanted to know how to get free cryptocurrency with crypto savings accounts, you now know the best crypto investment strategy.

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