Project Next Thrive Edition Review & Priceless Bonuses

Project Next Thrive Edition Review & Priceless Bonuses

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Product Name: Project Next: Thrive Edition

Product Creator: Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi

Product Price: $997 or 3 payments of $370

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What is Project Next Thrive Edition?

Project Next Thrive Edition is an online course where Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and other elite entrepreneurs share their knowledge. The course is designed to help beginner-level entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses and digital products in 2022 and beyond.

It trains people how to turn their knowledge into an ebook, online course, workshop, or even a business and start making money. One of the things that differentiate this program from other training courses in the market is that the authors combine several teaching approaches. The course is perfectly rounded on the combination of knowledge from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

What to Expect in Project Next Thrive Edition?

Project Next Thrive Edition is a comprehensive and in-depth course that will help you build a business from scratch and enjoy the financial freedom you need. The authors analyzed over 40,000 individuals and used the data to ensure that the program works for everyone. Here are the main parts of this course.


Once you join you’ll get access to the brand new Project Next course that you can start going through immediately! This is how you immerse yourself in the “6 step success system” that Tony & Dean have refined to a T using their 65+ years of experience and thousands of student success stories.


Get private access to LIVE group coaching calls with Dean every week from now until the World Summit! On these calls Dean will help you gain the clarity, confidence and the next best steps to get your first or next knowledge product launched and ready to sell to the world.


Tony and Dean invested over $2 million dollars to perfect this secret weapon platform so you don’t have to figure out “How do I create this?” Instead take advantage of what they’ve already built for you to simply create and sell a beautiful product of your own with zero tech headaches.


Step into the greatest virtual event experience ever created with a “front row seat” to the 2022 Mastermind World Summit on September 16th-18th hosted in Tony’s $20 million dollar studio. This is where you learn from the greatest speakers on the planet to master your next level of success in this industry!

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Project Next Thrive Edition Bonuses

Here are the main bonuses to expect after paying for this course.

The Brand New Experts Corner ( Next Level Tactics )

Unlock next level growth strategies with trainings from the “Experts Corner,” like Organic Social Media Domination with Alex Hormozi, Speaking On Stage with Bari Baumgardner, 5 Keys To Success with Tony, Marketing 2.0 with Dean & so much more.

Inner Circle Success Library ( Your Netflix Of Success )

Gain unlimited ON DEMAND access to Dean’s entire library of Marketing, Mindset and Momentum coaching. Over three years worth of life-changing knowledge that you can go back and revisit at any time, on every success topic imaginable!

Marketing Mastery ( Brendon Burchard )

Brendon has over 500,000,000 video views… so in this training series you’ll gain the secrets he’s mastered from launching dozens of courses & generating 100s of millions in revenue!

10X Sales Masterclass ( Russell Brunson )

Russell will expose the exact scripts, frameworks and technical strategies he uses when he speaks on stage to create a rush of sales every time with this 3 part video series.

Mastermind Private Community

This is truly the ultimate secret weapon that most people don’t ever think they need, but it’s what will skyrocket you on your journey unlike anything else.

You will become part of a new family where you can go anytime for a confidence boost, accountability, advice and collaboration with people who are on the same mission with the same heart as you!

Plus you’ll get LIVE weekly trainings to keep you “in the know” on the most cutting edge strategies that are working for Tony, Dean and their team in the knowledge industry… so you never stop learning and gaining new next level capabilities!

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How Is Project Next Thrive Edition Different from the Previous Editions

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) was the program launched before the Project Next Thrive Edition. Its live event organized in 2020 attracted more than 837,000 individuals who watched and learned live from Tony and Dean. At that time, the two authors shared the KBB with thousands of people to help them launch new digital products and businesses. Here is how Project Next Thrive Edition differs from KBB and other versions.

  1. The authors included “Tactical Action Point” sections in this course so that the results and success of all students can multiply. After you have learned something new, the authors will stop, guide, and push you to take the action. That might be all you need to launch your next digital product or business and make sales.
  2. The three new pieces of training added in module 2 allow students to benefit from increased clarity and faster progress. The 6-step action plan might be all you need to build and launch a program on and make all your products LIVE.
  3. Module 3 has two new pieces of training that teach students how to write compelling copies that can easily convert into sales. It also teaches them how to enhance their marketing so that they can reach a wide audience.
  4. Newly added pieces of training in Module 4 allow students to master their messages and grow their markets easily. You will have a 30 days content calendar, which you need to organize your monthly communication and nurture a meaningful rapport with your audience.
  5. The newly added “Selling as a Service” framework in Module 5 will teach you how to master sales and increase conversions. This framework is designed to help you sell your products confidently and effectively as well as boost your business revenue.
  6. In Module 6, students get the chance to anchor in everything they have learned, thanks to the new tactical training designed by Dean Graziosi, and sell the first product.
  7. Everyone will learn how to maximize his/her success in 2022 and beyond. The authors teach 5 must-know strategies, which include selling with confidence, creating high ticket offers, and dominating social media without spending any money, to make that possible.
  8. The authors chose a weekly roadmap so that students can maintain their momentum. You will have access to a detailed action plan so that you can launch your digital products effortlessly and start making money.
  9. After your foundation is set, the authors of this course will teach you new strategies so that you can scale faster to the “Experts Corner.” You will get all the skills you need to create courses, launch them, and build and create the right beliefs so that you can boost revenue.
  10. Unlike the previous editions, the 2022 Thrive Edition helps students build a lasting momentum within the 6 weeks.
  11. The thrive edition offers 3 months of access to at no cost. That means you will get the secret tool you need to make your first sales. Moreover, the authors have overhauled to include ongoing entertainment, education, accountability, and community.
  12. All students will have the chance to connect with the Project Next community at the 2022 Mastermind World Summit. Within the 3 days, they will get all the skills they need to launch their products within a short time and enjoy long-term success.


Project Next Thrive Edition will help you transform your knowledge into a digital product, coaching business, ebook, or workshop and make money. Project Next Thrive Edition comes as a 6-modules course curriculum that describes everything you need to launch your next venture. Furthermore, after paying for this course, you will have access to the tool, which you can use to promote your message and digital products.

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