5 Benefits of having a window sticker 

Window stickers, also known as Monroney labels, are a good way to inform car buyers and sellers about the car’s condition. 

In general, it helps to boost the confidence of car buyers in the dealership, while increasing the sales for the dealership. 

Car buyers can also make faster and smarter decisions based on the information provided by the window stickers. 

Here are five benefits of using window stickers:

1. An accurate description of the vehicle

A vehicle window sticker provides a detailed description of the vehicle at a glance enabling buyers to be acquainted with the technical specifications and decide if it is the right vehicle for them. 

Amongst the information provided by the window sticker is the warranty information, which is surely a helpful aid to car buyers.

As gas prices continue to hike in several countries, car buyers are now opting for vehicles with good fuel economy. Fuel economy rating is one of the information provided by window stickers

The fuel economy rating given by a window sticker is the manufacturer’s estimate, so the actual gas mileage may vary. Nonetheless, it provides a piece of information that can influence decision-making.

As the world drives towards energy efficiency, sustainability, and a greener planet, emission rates are an obvious factor to consider when buying a Ford vehicle, the Ford window sticker also provides these pieces of information. 

2. Transparency of pricing information

Window stickers usually contain the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and maximum incentives for a particular vehicle.

This pricing information is usually boldly displayed and this particular feature makes it also known as “Price Stickers”. This provides the customer with a better idea of the car’s market value upfront.

Most dealerships are not transparent about their pricing policy and some try to hide it by giving false advertising in brochures. A window sticker helps to avoid these unwanted surprises and acts as a ”clear indication” of the real price of the car.

This information is very helpful for car buyers who are shopping for a used vehicle on a budget. Using this information, car buyers can compare prices and choose a vehicle that fits their budget. Thereby helping the dealer to sell faster.

3. A clear indication of the vehicle’s warranty period

As per the law in most countries, the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) and the window sticker need to contain the same information regarding the date of manufacture and the warranty information of the vehicle. 

This information enables the customer to ascertain whether the used vehicle he is buying is a genuine one or not.

4. Ease of comparison for car buyers

If buyers can compare the price of different vehicles with the same features and accessories, they can easily choose the one that fits their budget. 

They can easily check features such as gas mileage, fuel economy, emission rates, etc to make the best possible decision. 

This facility is not available at all dealerships but window stickers make it easy for customers to compare cars at different showrooms before purchasing a car. 

5. Compliance with state laws

The Automobile Disclosure Act of 1958 requires all dealers to display relevant information on the window sticker so that potential buyers can easily compare different models.

This Act spells punishment for manufacturers that fail to affix and endorse the label, dealerships, and car sellers are also affected especially if they are involved in the removal or alteration of the sticker.

Car shoppers’ trust in a dealership grows when they see vehicles with window stickers on their showrooms! law-abiding auto businesses always leverage the power of window stickers. 

A clean and compliant dealership is always a sign of good business practice. So next time you go car shopping remember to use the power of window stickers to help you choose a good dealer and make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable!

For customers to be loyal to your brand, you must also provide them with all the information about your car so that they are not cheated in any way !!

So in conclusion, it helps in increasing sales and reducing complaints from the customers as the required information is clearly stated on the label.


Author Information: Ibeleme Uchenna & uchenna@empirepixel.com


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