The Best Cars To Modify Aftermarket

The Best Cars To Modify Aftermarket

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Most of us will drive our cars off the showroom floor and ultimately sell them to a used dealer without ever doing more than simple maintenance. However, it is definitely possible to modify your vehicle, with many enthusiasts buying cars just to pimp them up in the most extravagant ways before selling them and moving on to the next project. There are many professional establishments that will install your desired mods, but many diehards will prefer to do the work themselves for the extra gratification that comes from a job well done.

However, while it is possible to modify most cars, from sedans to coupes, crossovers to convertibles, or even a Second-gen Tacoma from Toyota, there are certain makes and models that just seem better designed to accommodate extensive changes. These are in high demand in some circles, with used models snatched up so long as they are in moderately good condition. Here are some of the most popular and easiest cars to mod in the USA.

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American muscle

Seemingly since time immemorial, Americans have been modifying the muscle cars that have become icons of the automotive industry and local pop culture. Though much changed changes since their inception, the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Chevrolet Camaro all still retain the essence of their heritage. In fact, they are now even easier to modify than they were in the past. Many of these alterations are focused around enhancing the already burly and aggressive styling of these cultural legends, but there are performance enhancements available, too. Naturally, this sees already questionable fuel economy figures drop to almost criminal miles per gallon consumption.

Many Mustang owners have a serious case of nostalgia and take an almost ancient model like a 1965 Mustang and give it a full makeover, inside and out, to bring it screaming into the modern age. These types of extensive mods prove just how well-built these classic cars are, as they can handle much more punishment from the loud and visceral V8s and W12s they end up running. Meanwhile, there have been Challengers that have received the Hollywood treatment, with lowered stances and jet black body accents to make them into something Batman would be proud to drive.

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Built to survive anything

Certain brands are renowned for their craftsmanship. Their cars may not be the most luxurious, but they are so meticulously well put-together that they last far longer than rivals and can take just about any mods you throw at them. Toyota and Honda, in particular, sit at the top of the pile in his regard. There are currently loads of Honda Civic 9th gen models for sale on the used market in excellent condition.

Thanks to their sports car heritage, they practically beg to be bought and suped-up in the most outrageous ways. The Type R is particularly popular thanks to its already sporty styling serving as a great starting point for more extensive changes. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also one of the most practical sedans/coupes with a relatively spacious rear seat and excellent cargo space.

Another popular name in the segment is the VW Golf. Having been around in one configuration for another for decades, this hatchback has often seen stronger engines placed beneath its dainty hoods. It also doesn’t hurt that it was one of the more popular buys in the past, so there are plenty of used models still on sale to this day.

Of course, you can mention durability without bringing up the rugged Jeep Wrangler. Most of the mods here make the compact SUV look and feel more at home off-road, which is where it already excels. And the fact that Jeep already sells the Wrangler in an irrational number of special editions proves just how easy it is to take the stock model and spruce it up in exciting and original ways.

Hard to improve on perfection

There are quite a few highly capable and successful models on the market already. However, true petrolheads firmly believe that just about everything is better with more power, so there are several popular sports cars that don’t spend too long in the classifieds. The Mazda MX-5 Miata, for example, is an excellent car with superb handling and loads of character. However, trading out the turbo-four in favor of a V8 gives it a glorious soundtrack to enjoy with the hood down, and upgrading the suspensions and brakes helps it handle all that extra power.

The Toyota Supra is another great choice, although it must be said that the latest models are not as easy or fun to modify as their predecessors. Look back a few years and you will find some stock models just begging for that sweet V8 makeover. The car’s good looks definitely seem to complement such an increase in performance, though there are a number of body kits to help it turn even more heads, assuming the roar of the engine doesn’t get the job done.

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