Arctos Portable AC Reviews: Does Arctos Portable AC Really Work? Read This Before You Buy!

Arctos Portable AC Reviews: Does Arctos Portable AC Really Work? Read This Before You Buy!

Summer and Its Effects:

“WEATHER” can be defined as a condition of an atmosphere at a certain place with regards to heat, rain, wind, dryness, cloudiness, etc. Even in the same place, the status of the weather differs with time. Long-term weather patterns in a particular place/area are commonly referred to as “Climate.”

Generally, a year is divided into four major seasons based on the temperature climates and they are known as spring, summer, fall and winter. Among these four seasons, spring is typically the best and most favorable season whereas summer is acknowledged as the worst and hardest season by the majority of individuals.

Even though it is controversial, most people, particularly Americans, find it more difficult to bear heat than the cold, and therefore, summer is usually the hardest season of all. Accordingly, several epidemiological studies have shown that the occurrence of heat illnesses and heat-related complications drastically rises in summer due to extreme heat.

Some of the major heat illnesses are heatstroke, heat cramp, hyperthermia, heat rash and heat exhaustion. The severity of such illnesses is diverse and sometimes it could be life-threatening leading to mortality. As a result, it is important to identify the ways in which people withstand the summer heat.

Thermoregulation is the biological mechanism that aids in maintaining a steady internal temperature despite temperature changes in the external environment. In an extremely hot environment during summer, the rate of “heat gain” is always higher than the rate of “heat loss,” and therefore the above-mentioned internal self-regularly process disrupts.

This indicates the utmost necessity of having an external support system to regulate internal body heat, especially during summer, for the overall health and well-being of an individual. In this context, several experts have invented electronic devices that are capable of reducing internal body heat in order to cope with hot climate conditions.

Some examples of such cooling devices and systems include fans, air conditioners, air coolers and heat pumps. Although these devices help to reduce heat for a certain period, their use is not favorable in the long run mainly due to inefficiency and high electricity cost.

Arctos Portable AC:

A group of experts at Arctos have introduced a simple yet scientifically sound personal space cooler called “Arctos Portable AC” to beat the summer heat. Compared to the other competitive devices of similar nature, the high energy efficiency of Arctos Portable AC is well proven by the several stages of product testing. According to its significant functionalities, Arctos AC does not solely operate just as an AIR CONDITIONER rather it plays three distinguished roles. Therefore, it is important to note that Arctos Portable AC is NOT an air conditioner. Astonishingly, it works as AIR COOLER, HUMIDIFIER as well as REGULAR FAN. Due to its multifunctional features, Arctos Portable AC can possibly be used throughout the year not only limited to the HOT SUMMER season. The key to its success lies in the cooling technology used in this novel innovation. Arctos AC makes use of the “evaporative cooling technology.” In such a cooling system, hot air in the external environment is directed through wet cooling filters placed inside the device by a motor-driven fan in order to reduce heat aiding the cooling effect. The filters are moistened continually by providing water from the water tank. In addition to outstanding evaporative cooling technology, there are numerous unique features that come with the Arctos Portable AC.

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Key Specifications of Arctos Portable AC:

This incredibly sleek and stylish product is able to provide rapid cooling with three different fan speeds namely, breeze, cool and chill modes. These adjustable fan strengths allow people to experience a wide range of cooling effects as they can control the speed of the air circulation well as the number of air particles flown at a time. Besides, three distinct fan speeds give people more choice to select the ideal speed that suits their body depending on the temperature in the external environment. In contrast, conventional air conditioners often have two fan speeds, such as low and high. It is well proven that adjustable fan speeds in Arctos AC aid in rapid cooling in 30 seconds turning any unbearable environment to comfort. Despite the controllable fan speeds, Arctos Portable ACs make relatively low noise compared to many other commercially available air conditioners, fans and air coolers to date.

Unlike many other conventional room air conditioners, Arctos Portable AC also has an adjustable vent to direct the airflow. As a result, people can change the direction of airflow towards themselves with the use of a vent adjustable Arctos AC unit without changing their positions. This characteristic is not embedded in old-fashioned air conditions. With the use of traditional types, people have to stay in the direction of airflow in order to experience a cooling sensation. The capacity of the water tank is also comparably high in Arctos Portable AC having a 450 ml capacity. Therefore, it does not require filling up the water tank frequently but provides you with the COOLEST air as much as possible to combat the summer heat.

Being portable and lightweight also makes Arctos Portable AC stand out among many other conventional and traditional air conditioners. However, it is important to take note that this device is NOT CORDLESS. It does not have batteries and researchable capacity as well. It is powered by a DC 5V plug and input voltage requires AC100 – 120V, DC 5V and 1.5 – 2.0A. Yet it is PORTABLE within INDOORS and has the ability to take it with you wherever you go, let it be your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, yoga room or even your garage. Compared to the immovable and huge air conditioners, Arctos Portable AC is a small electronic gadget and occupies a very small space allowing easy transportation in cars or any vehicle. It can be taken to your workplace too. Arctos Portable AC dimensions are 145 mm in length, 165 mm in width and 165 mm in height. Surprisingly, regardless of the place of use in house or office, it has shown its proven potential to boost up hot climate with COOLEST air particles.

Another innovative feature that comes with Arctos AC is its LED night light inside the water curtain chamber. These LED lights have a wide range of colors and mainly children appear to be getting attracted to this feature. Besides sustaining the perfect temperate, lights also add value to this device and make it discrete from other available air coolers.

Arctos Portable AC has a replaceable filter. The device can be used over and over again by replacing the filter making it more environmentally friendly. Being the remarkable part of this device, the wet cooling filter initiates the cooling function of Arctos Portable AC allowing people to CHILL OUT limitlessly wherever they go. This replaceable filter of Arctos AC permits the moisture to evaporate and thereby increases the cool aiding comfort.  Placing a wet filter in a freezer until it is frozen is also possible if anyone intends to go for MORE cooling effects. Based on the usage, replacement of the filter is recommended once every 3 – 6 months. It is recommended to let the filter dry and make the unit empty before storing it if you do not use this unit for a relatively long period of time.

Similar to many other air conditioner types, Arctos Portable AC also comes with an instruction manual. This manual is comparatively advantageous over multiple conventional manuals which have very lengthy texts. For instance, simple language, clear diagrams and flow charts make it easy for everyone to follow regardless of their age or technical knowledge. Usually, it takes time to get familiar with a new electronic device and the initial phase of getting used to such equipment is often associated with a lot of doubts, questions and concerns. Some frequently asked questions/concerns with regards to the use of Arctos Portable AC are well illustrated in the manual with clear diagrams and simple language. Therefore, a straightforward manual makes troubleshooting much easier with Arctos AC inventor.

Use of Arctos Portable AC is very EASY and SIMPLE!

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How to Use Arctos Portable AC:

You only have to follow three simple steps to experience refreshing COOL BREEZE.

Step 01:

Keep the Arctos AC unit on a flat surface and attached one end of the power adapter to the port of the device and plug the other end with power plug on the wall.

Step 02:

Take out the replaceable wet cooling filter from the drawer and soak it in water and insert it back into the device.

Step 03:

Upon filling the water tank with water, set the settings (such as fan speed) of the device accordingly to your preference and ENJOY the refreshing cool air.

Advantages of Arctos Portable AC:

The benefits of Arctos Portable ACs are diverse when compared to conventional and traditional air conditioners and coolers.

First and foremost, Arctos Portable AC drastically slashes high electricity bills that are usually associated with traditional air conditioners, particularly with frequent use in the summer. During product testing, the high energy efficiency of Arctos Portable AC is well proven repetitively. Accordingly, it reduces the unnecessary and hidden electricity charges compared to inefficient air conditioners.

Being inefficient and nonoptimal makes high electricity consumption and frequent use of such devices significantly increases electricity bills. Simply, the higher the inefficiency higher the electricity usage. Conversely, Arctos AC works the other way around despite usage due to its high energy efficiency. Therefore, it gives people zero worrying when it comes to paying their electricity bills in the summer months. In turn, it cut down the huge electricity cost associated with conventional brands and saves a huge sum of money.

Compared to the existing devices of similar nature, Arctos AC inventor is able to provide cooling effects within seconds with three fan speeds. In particular, it aids a cool breeze just in 30 seconds during hot summer. It has been identified that heat illnesses like heat stroke can occur suddenly with exposure to extreme heat. In such circumstances, Arctos Portable AC potentially could work as a protector or life saver as it reduces the likelihood of developing heat-related adverse health conditions by providing rapid cooling.

Importantly, the cooling effect of Arctos Portable AC is not limited to one place like many other room air conditioners. Indoor portability enhances the cooling experience much better with Arctos AC. If you are using a traditional room air conditioner, it is not at all practical to take it with you everywhere go inside your house, whether it be a bedroom, living room, kitchen or dining room. However, this personal space cooler makes it possible with its portability and lightweight making life easy and comfortable. It is even convenient to take it with you in the car to aid cooling sensation in your office too.

Multi-functionality as an air cooler, regular fan and humidifier also save money as all of these functions are available with this device. As a result, Arctos Portable AC cut down the money required to buy multiple devices that are capable of providing the above functions separately. Being multifunctional not only limits its potential in summer but also allows the use of this product throughout the year for any season.

Being a “simple-to-use” kind of device, there are no hard science or precautions you may have to worry about. You just need to fill the water tank and plug in the device to wall plug for pleasant and cool air.

Relatively low noise generated by Arctos Portable AC makes people have comfortable and sound sleep throughout the night with NO sweat and heat.

Arctos AC’s water filter potentially traps tiny dust particles before cool air is released into the atmosphere.

Finally, yet importantly, Arctos Portable AC is relatively cheap and affordable. Bulk buying of the product is often associated with remarkable discounts.

Due to its large array of benefits, usage of this innovation rises worldwide as it makes life BETTER in irritating hot summer.

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Arctos Portable AC Canada:

Like people in many other countries, Canadians also find it hard to tolerate extreme heat in summer. Being one of the coldest countries, Canadians are mostly adaptive to cold when compared to the heat. Thus, heat withstand is often hard for them and extreme heat may cause heat rash and other heat illnesses among populations. As a result, Arctos Portable AC comes as an affordable solution for Canadians as well as people in other cold countries.

In their reviews, users around the world have revealed Arctos AC’s LIMITLESS potential as the COOLEST air cooler!

Arctos Portable AC USA:

Like people in many other countries, Americans also find it hard to tolerate extreme heat in summer. Being one of the coldest countries, Americans are mostly adaptive to cold when compared to the heat. Thus, heat withstand is often hard for them and extreme heat may cause heat rash and other heat illnesses among populations. As a result, Arctos Portable AC comes as an affordable solution for Americans as well as people in other cold countries.

Arctos Portable AC Reviews:

Over 5000 reviewers have given the best ratings for this innovation illustrating its absolutely wonderful cooling potential in hot climates. Consumer reports of Arctos AC revealed its versatile properties as an air cooler, fan and humidifier. Many reviewers have commented on it as an “all-in-one cooling device” due to its multiple functions. Many Arctos Portable AC reviews recommended it as a “must-have product” in summer.

Even people who love hot weather claim that it is essential to have such a smart cooling partner as Arctos AC to cope with the extremely hot days of summer. Arctos AC Unit review further demonstrates the form of comfort people get after using this product. As proven by the testing stages, many reviewers have stated its ability to reduce SKY-HIGH electricity bills with high energy efficiency. Accordingly, most reviews of Arctos AC illustrate that relatively low electricity charges eliminate their fear of being bankrupt in summer with the continuous use of the device.

People who have tried several other similar alternatives, yet who are unable to experience comfort, ranked Arctos Portable AC as the #1 AIR COOLER!

Have you ever worried “does Arctos AC really work” or “is Arctos AC any good?” The answer itself would be clear to you by now.

But, do you still think this product is affordable for anyone?

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Arctos Portable AC Price:

Even though Arctos AC is outstanding and one-of-a-kind product, Arctos Portable AC’s price is affordable. Timely discounts and significant price reductions for bulk buying are always associated with this product. The price of one Arctos personal space cooler is about $ 89.99. If you buy two Arctos Portable ACs, it only costs $ 179.98. Buying three devices is considered the recommended deal and it cost about $ 201.99. The purchase of four Arctos AC units cost $ 246.99. In addition, charges for shipping and tax could be added upon checkout confirmation.

In a case where people are not satisfied with this product and if they want to know about “how to return Arctos AC?”, RETURNING is POSSIBLE with this product. Further, 60 days of money back is guaranteed with items returned within 60 days of purchase. In this case, the full amount will be refunded to the buyer.

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How to Order:

Finally, one could probably question “where to buy Arctos Portable AC?” Arctos ACs are only available online. Ordering your OWN Arctos Portable AC is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply visit the official website of the product to place an order. Instructions for placing orders are clearly given on the official website. Also, if you have any concerns, kindly feel free to contact the product owner. Ordering is just a fingertip away and follows four simple steps given below to make an order right away.

  1. Choose the number of units you intend to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
  2. Choose the payment method and enter card details.
  3. Complete shipping information, such as your name, email address, phone number, home address, city, country, etc.
  4. Take timely offers available at the time of order and confirm the order!

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Please also bear in mind that there could be several duplicate products of this nature available online on different websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay or any other retail store. However, genuine purchases are only guaranteed through the official website of the product. Googling “Arctos AC near me” allows you to find out official dealers of the product as well.

Arctos Portable AC Reddit:

Arctos AC reddit has a positive insight on its use as an efficient air cooler. Consumers who use this product share their feedback on various online platforms. It is interesting that several positive feedbacks shared on Arctos AC reddit influenced others to try this absolutely excellent innovative solution to beat the heat in summer.


In conclusion, Arctos Portable AC is an excellent alternative to provide cool air in hot summer.

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