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Clipping path is a widely used photo editing service or photoshop service in the eCommerce or commercial marketplace. Out of all different product photo editing services that are utilized, clipping path services is one of the most popular services in the photo editing outsourcing market. Commercial photographers, eCommerce companies and marketing agencies are finding it productive and cost efficient to outsource the clipping path services. It is not only saving them time in production; it is saving them a lot of money each year. Since offshore outsourcing in always cost effective than inhouse production, lot of companies are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Why Should you Outsource your Clipping Path Service Job

There are many reasons why a company would decide to outsource their photo editing jobs. Let’s take a look at few major reasons.

Clipping Path Outsourcing is Cost Efficient: Outsourcing your clipping path job is always cost effective. It costs a lot to hire a skilled graphic designer. If you need to edit fifty, hundred or two hundred plus images per day, you will need to hire a full team of graphic designers. It takes office space to accommodate these people, management personal to oversee these employees, employee salary, benefits, parking space, sick leave and vacations, etc. You get the full picture. When you put all the costs together, it’s a big pill to swallow. If you need ten or twenty plus full-time graphic designers for your clipping path services, you are looking at a huge expense to get your clippings done. Working with a professional photo editing service provider company, you can get things done more efficiently. You save a lot of money in employee salary and benefits as well.

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Clipping Path Outsourcing is More Productive: Not all companies have enough manpower to do their own photo editing. By not having your own graphic designers and not having to oversee this part of the production, you can use your company time more productively.

Save on Employee Hire and Training: New employee hiring and training to get up to speed not only costs money but also takes time. It takes sometimes months for a new graphic designer to build up the speed of photo editing. Clipping path service providers have employees that are highly trained and up to speed with professional photo editing services. They can get image clippings done at a lot faster rate than any traditional company employee. No matter how much time and training are provided, an inhouse employee will never be able to match the speed of editing of a clipping path service provider employee. Might as well save on employee hire and training, invest part of it in outsourcing your work to a clipping path service provider.

Scalability: Businesses have ups and downs. With clipping path outsourcing, you won’t have to worry about cutting down your workforce or hiring more employees. You just outsource whatever work you have without having to worry about your own workforce. Scale up or scale down on demand with outsourcing to an image clipping service provider.

Cost of Clipping Path Services

There is a cost for everything. Clipping path services has its own cost as well. How much you pay for a professional photo editing service depends on the service quality. It also depends on whom you outsource to.

If you only need a few files edited here and there, you can go with an individual freelancer. Cost will be lower this way. Just make sure you work with a reliable freelancer who is committed to deliver quality work in a timely manner. Freelancer cost will often be lower than a structured clipping path company as freelancers do not have many overheads a company has. No office expense, employee expense, business tax or other business-related expense, etc.

A clipping path company will have all business-related expenses therefore cost of clipping path service will be relatively higher than that of a freelancer. However, they will also be able to deliver high volume of files in a timely manner.

Freelancer vs. Clipping Path Company: Which Way to Go

If you need quality editing in a timely manner and in a consistent way, best way to go will be working with a structured clipping path company. A company has a reputation to maintain and has certain business ethics to follow. An individual freelancer on the other hand will not necessarily will be worrying about these things always.

A structured company will have operating hours, proper response time, delivery schedule, etc. If you play in a high pace environment and need to match the delivery schedule with your own company workflow, working with a clipping path company will be your best choice. You get the best clipping path service this way.

Image Clipping Services on the Web

Here is what you can do. Go ahead a do a search on the web for “image clipping service” or “clipping path service” or “best clipping path service provider” or “clipping path company” etc. You will be amazed with the number of search results. There are lots of service providers paying for Google Ads to reach potential clients as well.

Going with the results generated by the ads are not always the best choice. You see their ads on the top because they are paying google to show their ads to you. With all those search results, it can get really overwhelming to select the right image clipping service to work with. You just need to do your due diligence and follow a few standard practices to find the best clipping path service provider.

How to Hire the Best Clipping Path Service Provider Company

It might seem like a daunting task finding the best clipping path service provider company. Just follow a few simple steps to find the right clipping path service company to work with.

Contact the company in question and get a feel for the communication level. You need to be able to communicate with the company effectively. If you are not getting your requirements across, it is not possible to work with that company.

Discuss pricing to make sure it matches your project budget. No matter how good the clipping path service company is, it’s not a good match if the budget and service cost are far apart.

Finally, ask to a free trial. This is most important step. Low cost and friendly people are not gonna cut it at the end of the day. You need quality editing that is required for your photo editing project.  If you are satisfied with the communication, pricing and edit quality, you found the best clipping path service provider to work with.

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