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Joolo Media is a professional photo editing service provider company based out of Toronto, Canada with an offshore production studio. Working with Joolo Media, you get high end professional photo editing service, local support and offshore cost.

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Professional Photo Editing Services by Joolo Media

Joolo Media has been providing high end professional photo editing services since 2014. Their client base includes high end commercial product photographers, advertising agencies and eCommerce companies. Working with them, you get professional services and support, high end photo editing service, timely delivery and offshore cost.

How many photo editing service providers are out there today is beyond anyone’s guess. It seems like these professional photo editing companies, also known as clipping path company, are popping up every day. All of them claim to be the leading clipping path company or photo editing services company. Fact is, most of those so-called clipping path companies are one man show. aspiring entrepreneurs, often in their teens, starting a business form their parent’s balcony or attic. Nothing wrong with that by the way. Problem is, when it comes to timely delivery in a time sensitive project, these so called leading clipping path service providers fail to deliver.

How to Select a Professional Photo Editing Service Provider

If you are in need of high-end photo editing or retouching service in a timely manner, you must select a professional structured company to work with. This professional company will need to have enough manpower to handle your job in a timely manner.

You also need to be able to communicate with them efficiently. If you deal with a company in India to outsource your post production photo editing work, you need to take the time difference into consideration. When it is the workday in the North America for example, it is midnight in India or any other Asian countries. You cannot expect to hear back from these people in a timely manner.

There will be no phone support when you work with an offshore company. You send them an email and wit to hear back from them. Which is often the following day. Getting back and forth with your project and finally to get the work started takes a day or two. If anything goes wrong, you don’t have the time to get them corrected in due time. It is therefore imperative to work with a company who is responsive and works around your normal business hours.

Joolo media is a Toronto, Canada based company and you can reach them during your normal business hours by phone. They can get your work started within the same day and deliver within hours. Free trial, timely delivery, responsive communication, offshore cost makes Joolo Media your prime choice for your professional photo editing service needs.

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Clipping Path Company vs Professional Photo Editing Service Provider

Let’s look at how service providers are promoting their services and presenting their company to the clients.

You will see many of these professional photo editing service providers presenting them as clipping path companies. When you look at their website, domain name will often say clipping path this, clipping path that, xyz clipping path, etc. Their entire business is focused on clipping path service. This tells us that they are mainly a clipping path service provider. When it comes to editing high end photo or do complex photo retouching, they will miserably fail as they lack the skill.

If your business requires high end photo editing or retouching, masking of highly complex items such as fur coat or Christmas trees, you will need to work with a professional photo editing service provider. Working with these complex items require time and attention to details. If a clipping path company offers $0.49 clipping or even less, you know there is no way you can get quality editing from those people.

Long story short, a clipping path company or a company that promotes them to be a clipping path company will manly offer clipping path services. If they offer their services for pennies, then you need to be worries. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

A professional photo editing service provider on the other hand is a professional company offering wide range of post-production services in a productive and most efficient way. This includes clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, ghost mannequin editing, background removal and many more.

Services Offered by Professional Photo Editing Service Providers

Professional photo editing services offer wide range of photo editing and retouching services. Some of the services are outlined below.

Clipping Path Services: this is one of the most common commercial photo editing services. Most eCommerce photography project will require the use of clipping path service. Any product photo will have a background. Whether it is a picture of a nail polish or a fancy car, backgrounds from the pictures will need to be removed or the image needs to be clipped using photoshop clipping path as a part of post-production image editing. It is important to remove the unwanted background from the image so that the actual product image can be published on the eCommerce website or on print media. A clipping path company or a professional photo editing service provider is needed to get those editing done. Since this job often done in a bulk volume, it is most productive and cost efficient to outsource the clipping path service.

Image Masking Service: Masking of an image does pretty much the same thing as clipping path does. While some product images will require clipping path editing, others will require masking. Some images can use either one. It just depends on the final use. Whether an image will need image masking service or clipping path service will depend on whether the final output will have sharp outline or smooth outline. Usually, masking is needed while working with complex images that doesn’t have straight outline. For example: a fur coat or model hair.

Image Background Removal Service: most eCommerce product images will require this image background removal service. By taking out the background from the image, publishers or brand owners can publish the images on varieties of platforms. Edited images can easily blend into any background when they don’t have any background of their own.

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Editing Service: Ghost mannequin editing service is widely used in the clothing industry. Ghost mannequin photography is a cost effective and efficient way of showcasing clothing images on eCommerce platforms. With the use of ghost mannequin editing service, professional photo editing service providers edit the clothing images in a way to produce a 3D ghost looking output. It looks like a ghost or an invisible person is wearing the clothing item. This is also known as invisible mannequin photography editing.

Color Correction Service: Sometimes color correction service is required for varieties of products. For example, a clothing brand owner has a specific item in 10 different colors. Having a professional photographer shoot all 10 of those items and edit each item can get very expensive. It is also not the most efficient way of doing it. Most efficient and cost-effective way of coming up with publish ready images for all 10 colors is to shoot one color and edit it to produce 10 items. A professional photo editing service provider will take one item and edit it to match all 10 colors. Brand owners will need to send the color code of each item or high-resolution images of the colors.

Above photo editing services are most commonly used editing for most eCommerce product images. A professional photo editing service provider can edit pretty much anything on the planet. If you have unique editing needs, talk to your service provider and let them do a trial edit for you.

Outsourcing to Professional Photo editing Service Provider vs Keeping it Inhouse

It is a no brainer really! No one even wonder about this anymore. It is a well-known fact that outsourcing costs less and saves the company a lot of money each year. A North-American company hiring their own inhouse graphic designer will find that total cost of hiring and keeping an employee is way more than the actual salary. Real estate for workstation and parking, employee benefits, sick days and vacations, company outings, etc. can end up costing the company a great deal of money. Salary in USA or Canada is way higher than that of India or Bangladesh. If you have large volume photo editing needs, you will need to hire a whole team of graphic designers. You will also need people to manage them so there will be management salary and benefits as well. Per image editing therefore will go up really high at the end. Professional photo editing service providers that operate form offshore locations is therefore the best choice. You get same quality editing at a very lower cost. Only thing you need to keep in mind is that, selecting the right company to work with is important. If you hire a cheap company who cannot deliver a time sensitive project, or someone you cannot depend on, your entire business can be jeopardized.

Process of Working with a Professional Photo Editing Company

If you are staring fresh with a service provider, make sure you get a trial edit done first. This way you get a sense of their edit quality. You will also have an idea about their delivery time as well as on their communication skills. Find out how many people they have in their company, how long it takes to deliver the edited images, etc. If you need your images edited and delivered within 12 – 24 hours, make sure the company in question is capable of handling it.

Joolo Media is a 65 people company capable of delivering your job within 12 to 24 hours without fail. They assign dedicated team members to high volume clients so that client projects get done in a timely manner. If you need professional photo editing services, you can contact them to get your trial edit.

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