Tea Burn Reviews – Tea To Lose Weight Does It Work?

Tea Burn Reviews – Tea To Lose Weight Does It Work?

People have been drinking tea for its health benefits from as early as the second millennium BC and the first medical reference to tea appeared in the 3rd century AD. But can drinking tea help you lose weight? It is the particular caffeine in the tea leaves and EGCG, the polyphenol of black tea, studies, may help reduce weight (1,2). But ever wondered how calorie-burning a.k.a, weight loss teas work? One such hyped product is Tea Burn, and in this review on Tea Burn, you’ll know A to Z if this calorie-burning tea is worth the hype.

Product Name Tea Burn
Type Powder-based weight loss tea booster
Purpose Helps supercharge metabolism
Ingredients Green tea leaf extract, green coffee bean extract, L-carnitine, L-theanine.
Side effects Non reported
Suggested Usage Stir in the powder into hot or cold tea and drink.
Price $59 (Each pouch containing 30 sticks).
Where to buy Tea Burn official website >>
Manufacturer Adonis Lifestyle

A Brief Overview: What Is Tea Burn?

Tea Burn by John Barban and Adonis Lifestyle is a special weight-loss blend of micronutrients formulated to turn a regular cup of tea into a super tea. Each serving of Tea Burn contains 2.3 grams of immunity-boosting and EGCG fat-burning powder that you mix into tea, coffee, and smoothie – just as you like and consume. This allows your body to kickstart its natural fat-burning process.

TeaBurn’s unique blend is designed to neutralize the downsides of tea (like teeth staining) and simultaneously maximize tea’s health benefits. Simply put, Tea Burn is a powder-based weight loss formula. And as a bonus, you also get to keep your teeth sparkly white – one of the many benefits of the Tea Burn’s proprietary blend.

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The List Of Ingredients: What’s Inside The Tea Burn Formula?

Each serving of TeaBurn contains a unique blend of 2.3 grams of immunity-boosting micronutrients and botanical extracts as follows:

  • 50 mg of Vitamin C: The recommended (3) daily intake of vitamin C is 75 – 90 mg for adults over 19 years. Each serving of the Tea Burn packet carries 50 mg of vitamin C. The most up-to-date research (4) on Vitamin C has shown that this is an adequate amount beneficial for adults weighing more than 80 kg.
  • 20 mcg of Vitamin D: In simple terms, it is an essential micronutrient for keeping teeth and bones healthy. The recommended (5) dosage of Vitamin D is 10 mcg daily for adults and children over 4 years old. That’s the safest and healthiest vitamin D level, and taking more than 100 mcg of it could be harmful.
  • 1 mg of Vitamin B6: This micronutrient is essential for improving mood swings and also for normal brain function. However, too much of it can cause adverse effects and become toxic. The recommended (6) daily intake of vitamin B6 is 1 – 1.7 mg per day for adults for safe metabolism and brain health.
  • 5 mcg of Vitamin B12: Several studies have shown that B12 deficiency is linked to weight gain. Hence, it is important to have enough of it to ease your weight loss journey. But, most importantly, 5 mg of vitamin B12 comes with health benefits for those struggling with blood sugar imbalances. A study (7) revealed that 5 mg of vitamin B12 is effective in reducing 32% of fasting plasma among pre-diabetes and diabetes.
  • 20 mcg of Chromium: Each Tea Burn packet contains 20 mcg of Chromium each serving which helps your body process fats and carbohydrates easily. Some research and studies (8)also established Chromium can help suppress appetite and hunger, which in turn enhances weight loss.

The 400 mg proprietary blend of Tea Burn consists of the following:

  • L-Carnitine: The most recent clinical trial (9) on L-carnitine for weight loss shows that it boosts metabolism, which in turn helps you feel more energetic and lose weight.
  • L-Theanine: The proprietary blend of Tea Burn also contains L-theanine, the particular amino acid from black and green tea, with tons of health benefits.
  • Green tea leaf extract: The powder content of Tea Burn is infused with the natural stimulant EGCG derived from green tea leaf extract. It is loaded with antioxidants, and the anticancer effects of green tea are well-documented in several studies.
  • Green coffee bean extract: This supper immunity-boosting tea blend also contains the chlorogenic acids derived from green coffee beans. Some of the evidence-based studies and in-depth reviews (10) show it may be effective for regulating blood sugar and losing weight.

Three additional ingredients of Tea Burn listed on the label in fine prints, outside the supplement facts, and often missed in several of the Tea Burn independent reviews are:

  • Maltodextrin: Maltodextrin or MDX is used in many instant food products and dietary supplements as an additive. A recent study (11) published found that long-term consumption of MDX might cause inflammatory or IBS diseases like diarrhea, constipation, or bloating. This is one of the drawbacks of the TeaBurn that I came across. They should have listed the amount used in their formula, but they didn’t.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate: It is one of the key ingredients in Tea Burn that helps remove tea stains from your tea and keep your teeth shiny. Sodium bicarbonate is commonly found in edible baking soda.
  • Calcium Silicate: It is an additive used in Tea Burn, and more research needs to be published on the health benefits and side effects of calcium silicate in dietary supplements.

Most Tea Burn reviews overlook informing consumers about the three other important ingredients listed on the product’s label.

The Science & Mechanism: How Does Tea Burn Work Actually?

So how can Tea Burn help you lose weight? Aside from the special micronutrients, which we already discussed, Tea Burn contains L-carnitine, green coffee bean extracts, and green tea extracts, which help boost your metabolism. That’s why it turns your regular cup of tea into a special metabolism booster, and that’s how you get to lose weight.

It also begs the question, how does Tea Burn help whiten your teeth as that’s one of the many benefits. Thanks to sodium bicarbonate, one of the many ingredients inside the formula that helps prevent tea stains from staining your teeth. Gastrointestinal distress tea may cause.

The Benefits: Why Choose Tea Burn?

Tea Burn will help you achieve the maximum health benefits of your tea. Best of all, Tea Burn’s ingredients help enhance your body’s natural metabolism. This means your body will get to process fat faster and convert it into energy, which will help you feel more energetic.

Aside from healthy weight loss, Tea Burn will help prevent tea stains from staining your teeth! Finally, you would want to choose Tea Burn if you are leading an active or busy lifestyle and struggling to lose weight. Using it is very easy and offers a great way to reach your weight loss goals.

The Side Effects: Is Tea Burn Safe For Your Health?

The makers of Tea Burn take great pride in the safety and purity of the ingredients used in the formula. Most importantly, there are no reported side effects faced by the users. But wait!

There might be some potential side effects of drinking Tea Burn. If you use Tea Burn more than the recommended and suggested usage, you may expect adverse effects such as the following:

A spike in blood sugar levels. Tea Burn contains maltodextrin, a type of food additive. Although maltodextrin is approved to be safe by the FDA and also gluten-free, it is certainly not safe for diabetes. It is also known as MDX and is linked to inflammatory bowel disease.

If you have diabetes or struggling with gluten sensitivity, you would want to limit intaking dietary supplements and foods containing maltodextrin. Maltodextrin has a higher glycemic index (GI) than regular table sugar.

That said, maltodextrin is also one of the most popular ingredients in sports nutrition and diet drinks, used in a very limited quantity as an additive.

The Suggested Usage: How To Use Tea Burn The Right Way?

The official recommendation, as stated on the product’s website, the label, and the manufacturer, states that you should use only 1 stick a day. It is better to stick to this recommendation to avoid any adverse effects.

Tea Burn’s Directions for use:

  • Take out one stick from the air-tight pouch and strip.
  • Add the powder content into tea (hot or cold).
  • Stir the powder content, and it dissolves almost instantly.
  • Drink and enjoy your immunity-boosting calorie-burning tea!

The Comparison: How Does Tea Burn Compare To Other Tea-Based Weight Loss Products?

There are slimming teas, and lately, there are also some products like keto burn and detox tea! These products are not competitors but rather come next to the mind when thinking about Tea Burn.

Compared to regular fat burner teas, Tea Burn is a one-of-a-kind product in the monopoly market of people who wants to avoid excess caffeine and prefers keeping things simple with their plain cup of tea.

Also, compared to regular fat burner teas, it is pretty easy to use Tea Burn. You don’t need to let the ingredients steep into your tea for hours to achieve the full potency.

The formula works as an instant immunity booster tea. Plus, Tea Burn is a lot less messy. You simply strip one stick and add the powder to your tea. Stir it in, drink, get the benefits of the antioxidants, and achieve your weight loss goals easily.

Plus, it is tasteless, meaning it won’t change your favorite drink’s taste. Tea Burn also works and helps to kickstart your metabolism even if you drink it iced cold or warm – just as you like it!

The Pros And Cons: What Are The Positives And Drawbacks Of Tea Burn?

The Pros:

  • All-natural: The formula contains only organic and gluten-free ingredients and is free from chemicals.
  • Loaded with antioxidants: Tea Burn turns your regular drink into a super antioxidant drink.
  • Faster metabolism: Mixing Tea Burn into your tea not only amplifies the natural caffeine of tea but also gives a kickstart to your body’s natural metabolism. In turn, you get to lose weight easily!
  • Super convenient: Tea Burn sticks fit easily in pockets and bags, something you would like to carry when you are in a rush and willing to take your tea at the office.
  • Easy to use: It is very easy to use. Simply strip one stick, mix it with tea and drink!
  • Flavorless and tasteless: Tea Burn doesn’t change the flavor or the taste of your tea or smoothie!
  • Great return policy: Yes, you will get your refund if you aren’t satisfied, but that’s for only 2 pouches in which one pouch costs as little as $33!

The Cons:

  • No particular medical study: Tea Burn is effective because it contains clinically studied ingredients. But it would be more helpful if there was a clinical trial done on Tea Burn’s efficacy.

The Buying Guide: Where To Buy Tea Burn?

The only place from where you can purchase Tea Burn is the brand’s official site. We have shared the safe link to the official website of Tea Burn all throughout this review.

Note that the products called Tea Burn sold on Amazon and Walmart are not from Adonis Lifestyle LLC and don’t work the same way.

So if you want to try Tea Burn, get it from the manufacturer’s website, and it costs as little as $59 with the shipping and handling charge included!

The Price: How Much Does Tea Burn Cost?

The retail price of Tea Burn is $33 per pouch. This is the lowest price guaranteed by the manufacturer. The product’s official website gives you three money-saving packages and offers options:

  • The 30 Day Supply (1 Tea Burn pouch containing 30 sticks): $59
  • The 90 Day Supply (3 Tea Burn pouches containing 90 sticks): $117
  • The 180 Day Supply (6 Tea Burn pouches containing 180 sticks): $198, Free US shipping.

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What about shipping? TeaBurn offers you free shipping when you purchase 6 pouches. In addition, you get $197 worth of Java Burn free with a 180-day supply of Tea Burn.

The Refund Policy: How Does Tea Burn Return Policy Work, And How To Send Returns?

Every single purchase of Tea Burn from the website is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee, and that is for 60 days. This is a nice gesture because they allow you to get back a refund if you thought buying Tea Burn wasn’t worth your decision.

That means you can claim your refund anytime within 60 days from the date your purchased Tea Burn. But you know, there’s always a catch!

So what’s the catch of this 100% money-back guarantee from Tea Burn? There isn’t really any catch because the Tea Burn’s return policy is transparent enough, and the producer has clearly stated that they will accept up to 2 empty or partially used Tea Burn pouches.

They will also send the refund for more than 2 pouches, but those need to be sealed and unused. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll have to pay the shipping costs when returning the order, and the refund you’ll receive will not include the S&H.

Getting In Touch: How To Contact The Tea Burn’s Customer Representatives?

In order to send your returns, the first step of action is to get in touch with the Tea Burn customer support.

As clearly mentioned on the Tea Burn official website, you will need to send them an email to support@teaburn.com in order to process and expedite your refund. Next, return the pouches to the following address:

Adonis-Lifestyle LLC.


6000 Pardee Rd.

Taylor, MI 48180


The Consumer Report And In-Depth Analysis Of The Tea Burn Reviews And Complaints

Based on 36 top-ranked trustworthy health and wellness product review sites, Tea Burn works great mostly to lose weight.

Best of all, there aren’t any complaints or any reported side effects. The only adverse effect most talked about is regarding too much weight loss if taken more than the suggested usage.

There’s no point looking for Tea Burn Amazon reviews because it is not sold on eCommerce sites or anywhere else other than their brand’s site.

In fact, on Amazon, the closest legit thing to this product you may find is a Kindle eBook called John Barban Tea Burn Reviews carrying 17 pages of 5 in-depth consumer reviews on Tea Burn.

Yes, it has gained that much popularity. The compilation of Tea Burn Reviews has achieved 4.20 out of 5-star ratings on GoodReads!

Many consumers have read the overwhelmingly positive independent reviews on Tea Burn and ordered it from Amazon, but they always miss out on the information – it is only sold at Teaburn.com and nowhere else.

On Amazon and Walmart, you may find dietary supplements called Tea Burn in pills sold by Ark Labs and manufactured by Lightning Labs. Readers, please don’t confuse the Tea Burn sold on Amazon with the real TeaBurn sold by the Adonis Lifestyle.

Most of the Ark Labs and Lightning Labs products are related to keto diet pills, and they sell these products on Walmart and Amazon. The Tea Burn customer reviews of these products are very disappointing! Upon contacting the company we came to know that they have sent a legal notice to the Amazon sellers selling counterfeit products.

When ordering dietary supplements on Amazon, please at least look at the supplement fact sheet and the brand rather than solely looking at the label.

We hand-picked some of the Tea Burn customer reviews that you can read right from the following:

  • “The Tea Burn is a great product that I’ve been using a lot lately. I’ve been trying to lose weight, and Tea Burn has been helping me with that! It’s really easy to use and it tastes great with my green tea!” Bet.
  • “Yay! I’m so glad that I found Tea Burn because it gives me a boost of energy that lasts throughout the whole day. I love green tea and I drink it on a daily basis but with Tea Burn, it’s like drinking 10 cups of green tea at the same time!” Miranda.
  • “5.0 out of 5 stars. Tea Burn is the best and easiest way for me to quickly shed pounds. Tea Burn does not contain any harmful chemicals or side effects, which makes this product super effective for me!” Hilary.

The Conclusion: Our Final Verdict

Overall, Tea Burn offers an effective and healthy way to get adequate micronutrients, boost metabolism, and lose weight. For sure, we are confident with our Tea Burn review, and you can give it a try and maximize the health benefits of your daily tea.

It’s affordable and easy to use – very convenient indeed for busy workaholics who like to get the best out of their regular cup of joe or morning tea. But dear readers, note that this review was solely on the particular product available from teaburn.com and not on any variants available elsewhere.

Teaburn Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the recommended way of taking Tea Burn?

As per the directions for use as printed on the Tea Burn label, add one stick pack daily to hot or cold tea. Stir until dissolved and drink.

  • When should I drink Tea Burn?

It is best to drink Tea Burn once a day, either in the morning or in the evening.

  • Does Tea Burn help burn fat?

The purpose of using Tea Burn is to ignite your body’s natural metabolism process, and this may, in turn, help you lose weight.

  • How many sticks are there inside a Tea Burn pouch?

Each Tea Burn pouch/package comes with 30 sticks, and this should last a month if you use one stick every day, and that’s what’s recommended officially by the company.

  • Who makes Tea Burn?

The formula is from Joh Barban, the health expert and researcher at a company called Adonis Lifestyle LLC, which owns the TeaBurn trademark. The company manufactures several nutritional products like Java Burn, Okinawa Flat Belly, Lanta Flat Belly Shake, etc.

  • Can I mix Tea Burn with my coffee?

Yes, you can stir the Tea Burn powder into your regular cup of Joe and drink it. According to the Tea Burn reviews, it works the same.

  • Who sells Tea Burn?

The product’s official website sells Tea Burn, and BuyGoods is the only retailer of the product. This means the Tea Burn you see on Amazon is not from authorized sellers.

  • Where is Tea Burn made?

Tea Burn is made in the USA. The Tea Burn label carries the Made In USA logo along with the logo of GMP certified.

  • Does Tea Burn contain caffeine?

We reviewed the Tea Burn supplements fact thoroughly, and it doesn’t show any caffeine content inside the formula. However, the 400 mg proprietary blend consists of green tea and green coffee bean extract, both of which are natural sources of caffeine.

  • Does Tea Burn really work?

Tea Burn contains EGCG and clinically trialed ingredients that are proven to be effective for a range of health benefits, including blood sugar control, better mental health, and easing the weight loss journey. These studies are all published on the product’s official website. Apart from that, it also carries a range of micronutrients, and we have shared an in-depth analysis of those in this Tea Burn review. Evidently, it is a super convenient way to lose weight and maximize your tea’s efficacy.

  • What is the Tea Burn phone number?

The phone number is 1-844-236-6478.

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