IceHouse Portable AC Reviews 2022: is IceHouse AC Legit or Scam?

IceHouse Portable AC Reviews 2022: is IceHouse AC Legit or Scam?

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Some things are not under our control. For such things, we can only prepare ourselves. The weather is one such thing. Just after the cold and snow of the winter, comes the warm winter that can be stiflingly hot.

There are many ways you can prepare for summer this year (you actually should, as you may have to spend a lot of time inside). Regular air conditioning systems and fans may help but they may not be efficient, or sufficient.

The cost of powering an air conditioning system is such a huge turn-off that makes many people explore other options. In addition, fans may also be insufficient as they can only circulate the air around (which is usually hot during summer).

However, many thanks to technology that meets up with the needs of the common man, there is an available product that can keep your space or house as cool as you like it and would not cost you a lot! This product is no other than IceHouse Portable AC.

What is IceHouse Portable AC? (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

IceHouse Portable AC is the new cheat way to keep yourself and your family cool during the cold. IceHouse ac is a power-efficient air conditioning system that is very portable and easy to use. Due to its primary advantage of being very economical on power, IceHouse ac is a device they do not want you to have.

However, if you are looking to keep your air space, cool and comfy and you do not want to pay heavily when the light bills come, then IceHouse Portable AC is a good option to consider.

IceHouse Portable AC is very portable and can be moved from one room to another. You can even take it to your workplace and bring it back when the day’s job is done. Alternatively, you can take it to your children’s room if you do not want them sweating heavily at night.

IceHouse AC are dual function and can create a cool breeze or you can use them as a regular fan. This feature leaves you in control and you can decide what works for you at any time.  

In addition, IceHouse AC can also condition dry air. This is because it can also serve you as a humidifier. If you stay in places where the weather makes the air very dry, then you can use your IceHouse ac to keep things going easy for you.

Specifications of IceHouse Portable AC (Ice House AC reviews)

Here are some cool specifications of Ice House AC:

  • Wide angle air flow
  • Atomizing humidifier
  • Rapid cooling
  • Built-in water tank
  • 7 light color options
  • Touch screen display amd panel

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Key features of IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse AC reviews)

Here are some of the key features of IceHouse Portable AC:

  • Portable and rechargeable: icehouse comes with a USB that fits on any desktop, countertop, nightstand, workstation or even your car!
  • Customizable settings: 2 cooling settings, 5 fan speeds & moveable directional vent you can optimize icehouse to your personal preference.
  • Leak proof design: top fill water tank comes with a funnel to prevent spillage & the whole unit is leak proof so once water is in, it stays in.
  • Innovative filter: water curtain design prevents mold & keeps air & water moving through keeping it fresh at all times, all day long.
  • Multiple uses: unlike regular mini air conditioners, IceHouse Portable AC can be used for several things. It wouldn’t matter if you are looking to escape the irritating heat of summer, or humidify the harsh dry wind of winter, IceHouse ac got you covered with its tri-technology system. In addition, IceHouse Portable AC purifies the air around your space and leaves you the very best you can get.
  • Adjustable : Ice House Portable AC allows you to take control of your air space and adjust it to your liking. The devices come with adjustable fan speeds and adjustable louvers that put in control of your space.
  • Safe to use: unlike some unhealthy options out there, IceHouse Portable AC does not use any chemicals. It contains no harmful substances that can be inhaled by users. IceHouse ac’s design is technically safe and can be used by all and sundry without the fear of electrical injuries or other forms of harm.
  • Lightweight: yes, all the features listed here and more are for the device as little as you can see in the images in this article. IceHouse Portable AC comes in as a very portable and light-weighted option that you should consider having. This device is not some massive device that alters your interior decoration.
  • Noiseless: if you really wanted an air conditioner that does not have to make so much noise, then you can have one. IceHouse Portable AC is noiseless while in operation. If you like your AC on while you sleep but you do not do that because you are a light sleeper and the AC keep you awake, then this is an option you should definitely try out.
  • Easy to use: despite the amazing technology that powers IceHouse Portable AC, it is easy to use. You do not need to pay for installations or be a tech pro to use IceHouse ac. It comes with a few intuitive button controls that make its use possible for everyone.

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More about IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

IceHouse Portable AC is a fast option when it comes to cooling the air around you. You get to notice commendable results in no time and have your space conditioned to your liking.

It is created with innovative technology that leaves it noiseless (unlike some other options), easy to use, and friendly on budget. It comes with so many features that ensure you get the best out of your product. The adjustable louvers, lightweight, sleek design, adjustable fan strength, etc. Are just a few of them.

The Ice House AC provides rapid cooling and helps you maintain a cool environment for the most comfortable living and working conditions.

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What IceHouse Portable AC does (IceHouse Portable AC reviews) 

Here are some listed utilities of this product

  • help circulate air (when used as a common fan)
  • cooling your space (when you use it as an air conditioner)
  • humidify dry air
  • minimize dust particles in your space

How what IceHouse Portable AC works (IceHouse Portable AC reviews) 

The utility of this product is powered by three amazing and power-efficient technologies combined into one device. These technologies are the:

  • Ice tray: if you require space as cold as ice, you can simply fill in the ice tray, power your device, and switch into ice mode.
  • Water curtain: this technology is responsible for humidifying your space. Regular air conditioning can leave your skin/sinuses dehydrated. This is kept in check by the water curtain. This way, you do not only have control over temperature, but you also have control over humidity.
  • Misting device: this is used to keep your space moist and cool. This is definitely a plus for your sinuses and skin.

All of these are incorporated into your air space by powerful fan blades that have adjustable speeds. This way, IceHouse Portable AC uses natural and creative technology to get you ready for summer, or whatever time of the year!

How to use IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

As earlier stated, IceHouse Portable AC is easy to use. To get instant relief from air space problems, all you have to do is to:

  • Add water. Simply pour it directly into the top of the unit.
  • Insert the replaceable water curtain. Each one lasts approximately 6-8 months
  • Turn it on. You won’t have to wait long for refreshing relief.

What problem is solved/what niche does the product cover

Staying or working in stifling weather conditions can be frustrating. Nevertheless, the weather keeps changing. Being excessively hot can reduce productivity levels and increase irritability.

In addition, excessively dry air is not good for your skin and sinuses, and dusty air conditions are not good for your respiratory system.

This product gives you a chance to keep all of these under control for an affordable price. Again, you will be paying less to keep it running as it is power-efficient and does not require periodic filling with chemicals.

Is IceHouse Portable AC worth buying? (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

 years ago, man had no chance against the weather. Now, man still has little he can do about it.

However, with technology, you can do something about your space.

This is a very rational decision because it gives you the opportunity to control your immediate space at an affordable price.

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Who should use IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

The opportunity to own and use this device is open for everyone who has need it, and also for those who have people that have need it. This list should include

  • those experiencing summer now or soon
  • those who live in hot climatic conditions
  • people living in dry air conditions
  • those living in dusty areas

Benefits of IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

The benefits of IceHouse Portable AC are numerous. Some of them include:

  • Power efficient and environment-friendly: IceHouse Portable AC is a power efficient option when it comes to consumption. With the product, you save up more power and cause less harm to the environment. IceHouse Portable AC use natural substances and zero chemicals.
  • Affordable: IceHouse Portable AC is not some device you have to break the bank to afford. With the current price discounts, you can take the advantage and get a cool cooling device for yourself.
  • Easy to use: enjoy your use of a product that is easy to use. Feel free to buy for young and old. Suffer no stress when you have to replace a part such as the water curtain or refill either the water or ice.
  • Durable: with IceHouse Portable ACs, you can enjoy your products for a long. Even changeable parts like the water content can last up to six months and are easily replaced.
  • Portable: maximize your use of this device. You can switch in different rooms in your house, take it with you to work, camping, etc. You can stay fresh all summer long. IceHouse Portable AC are portable and you do not have to worry about carrying them because they are also lightweight.
  • Efficient: the technology system of IceHouse Portable AC is amazing. It delivers well and tunes your space to your liking. Plus it does it really fast.
  • Sleek design: the design is sleek and fashionable, there are different colors to select from. It is cool. You do not have to scatter your interior decorations because you just got a new device.
  • Safe: breath in fresh clean and humidified air that is free from harmful chemicals. IceHouse Portable AC is also easy to use and has fewer risks of fire or electrical accidents.
  • Economic: you can save more money by going for options that consume less power. This means you will be paying lesser when the next bill comes. Also, IceHouse Portable AC does not require installation costs, high cost of maintenance, etc. Its initial cost is also very considerable.

Click here to purchase IceHouse Portable AC  from the official website

What you get when you purchase IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

For every purchase you make, you get the following:

  • IceHouse AC
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual

How to get the best of IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

  • buying this product from the manufacturer’s official website to ensure you get the original IceHouse Portable AC
  • to get the best of this product, you should consider the following
  • keeping the product where it has less chance of falling and damaging
  • replacing component parts from the company when they fade out (like the water curtain)

Things to note while using IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

Though IceHouse Portable AC can work anywhere, it performs better in small closed spaces.

Where to get IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

To get your IceHouse Portable AC, click on the link in this article to be redirected to the company’s official website where you can make the purchase and pay through secure means.

Buying from the official website is your only guarantee you are getting the original IceHouse ac, as it is not sold offline. In addition, buying from the original website qualifies you for the price discount, guarantee, and safe payments method.

Click the link below to seize your opportunity.

Pricing of IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse AC reviews)

Here are the different prices of this device:

  • 3 IceHouse Portable AC (Family Ice Pack) Save 50%  now $66.66/ea
  • 4 IceHouse Portable AC (Full House Ice Pack) Save 55% now $56.24/ea
  • 2 IceHouse Portable AC (Igloo Pack) Save 40% now $74.99/ea
  • 1 IceHouse Portable AC (Solo Ice Pack) Save 35% now $79.99/ea

Click here to purchase IceHouse Portable AC  from the official website

How long do the stock and offer last? (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

We cannot say for sure. However, the stock and offer are available right now and sales are threatening to change that.

When is the best time to buy IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

If you are looking to own this product, it is in your best interest to buy now while stock lasts and discounts apply.

Guarantee policy of IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

Below is a copy of the company’s unedited guarantee policy: 

30-day guarantee: IceHouse AC offers you a 30-day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a full refund or replacement, less s&h.

Frequently asked questions about IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse Portable AC reviews)

Is it necessary to replace the water curtain regularly?

Depending on usage, the water curtain should be replaced every 3-6 months.

How do i set up the IceHouse portable air conditioner?

It’s simple to use; all you have to do is plug it in.

Every IceHouse AC comes with an easy-to-follow user guide and maintenance instructions.

How many persons can the IceHouse portable air conditioner cool?

We recommend placing a single unit near each person’s place of employment or recreation.

Question: where should i put my IceHouse portable air conditioner?

For optimal performance, we recommend placing your unit near an open window on a level surface.

Customers review on IceHouse Portable AC (IceHouse AC reviews)

Sarasota, florida — daniel e.

“i have a similar one with the same water evaporation before.” that was amazing, but this device has an ice tray that makes the air even colder. That one was good, but this one is fantastic.”

Montreal, qc – alex i.

“i have a strong air conditioner installed in my home, but the cost of running it was ridiculous.” at an office gift exchange, i received a IceHouse AC from a buddy, and because it worked so nicely on my desk, i bought a few more to keep about the house. So much money has been saved. “thank you, IceHouse.”

San diego, ca — jessica a.

“i’m terrible with electronics, but this was a breeze to use compared to ac units with billions of buttons. I simply filled up the water tank and on really hot days added ice and i got cool in seconds. My husband keeps stealing mine so i might just get another one.


Being at the mercy of the weather is not a very pleasant place to be. However, it is not in our hands yet to decide the weather, but we can now regulate our immediate environment to suit us.

Previously, twitching our immediate environment has been both expensive and power draining. In addition, the options that existed in time past were not portable or lightweight. However, all these limitations are erased by the production of mini ac.

If you are considering going for mini ac, then you should consider going for an efficient and durable option. IceHouse Portable AC stand out for obvious reasons. The numerous cool features and functionality of the product sponsor the market rush for the product.

What is keeping you? Hurry while stock lasts and the current discount applies!

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