CoolEdge Portable AC Reviews 2022: Is CoolEdge Air Cooler Legit Or Scam?

CoolEdge Portable AC Reviews 2022: Is CoolEdge Air Cooler Legit Or Scam?

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CoolEdge Portable AC reviews: Air conditioning units are very important during hot weather such as summer. Traditional air conditioners are wall and window AC units. These air conditioning units are expensive to operate,  they consume a lot of power, occupy a lot of space, and can’t be moved easily.

Some of these AC units cause a lot of noise when in use and are not very helpful during the summer. If you’re tired of having to be in a room just because it’s the room with the air conditioning unit or you need to be cool and comfortable during the heat in the summer, then CoolEdge is certainly for you.

What is a CoolEdge Portable AC?

CoolEdge AC is a portable smart device that cools the air with the use of water evaporation. This air conditioning unit cools, cleans, moisturizes , and purifies the air around you with the use of water or ice cubes. The water prevents the air from being too dry or hot. This AC unit is very portable and can be moved easily. It can be used in the room, in the office, in the kitchen or even  the park. The AC unit is easy to use. It can be operated by one person and does not require a lot of maintenance.

CoolEdge was developed by two engineers as a result of the increase in air pollution. They were also unsatisfied with the problems associated with regular AC units. The AC unit is designed to be eco-friendly. It does not make use of any chemicals that are harmful or damaging to the individual and the environment. CoolEdge does all these at an affordable price.

CoolEdge AC has an adjustable louvered blade that controls the wind direction either up or down. It also has a  Rapid Cooling Technology that instantly cools the air when the device is switched on. It also contains a 3-speed fan that can be set when working or while sleeping.

CoolEdge can be used as an air cooler, an air filter, and an air humidifier.  As a cooler, this portable AC unit ensures that the air around you is cool,making you comfortable during heat periods. The CoolEdge also has a filter compartment. It filters the dust particles around you, purifies the air and ensures you breathe clean air, free from dust pollen and debris.The humidifier makes the air moist which makes you feel calm and refreshed. You can also add essential oil into the water to enjoy a pleasant scent in the room or office.

It also comes with a led light which can serve as a night light for the room.


Benefits Of CoolEdge Portable AC

Low Power Consumption; CoolEdge portable air conditioning unit is very energy efficient. It doesn’t require freon gas or a compressor. It does not consume a high amount of electricity. CoolEdge portable AC makes use of a USB cable to recharge it.This consumes very little energy and runs without it being connected to power. It comes with an effective battery life which can run for a long period. This air conditioner also does not consume a high amount of electricity, it can last for long hours without being connected to a power source.

Easy To Use; CoolEdge portable AC is easy to use. It is designed to use only water from ice cubes to function.  It contains a water tank where you can put cool water or ice cubes. This can last up to 8 hours without the need to refill. It also does not have installation costs. It also doesn’t require any technical skill for its maintenance. Always remember to clean the filters and put water in the CoolEdge for maximum utilization. It is suitable for kids and adults.

Can Be Used As An Air Filter; CoolEdge not only cools the room but also filters out dust particles and ensures you breathe clean air, It filters about 99% of pathogens and allergies which can result  to respiratory problems, irritating eyes, and sore throat, and can worsen asthma allergies imitating eyes, and sore throat, and make asthma and allergies worse. The filter can be removed, washed and reused.

It Is Affordable And Portable; Unlike the traditional air conditioner, CoolEdge is very affordable and easy to purchase.  It is easy to carry around and can be placed in a position for the user’s convenience.  It does not make noise when in use. It also has 3 fan speeds that can be set to your preference.


Pros And Cons

* Cooledge is affordable

*  Cooledge cools fast

* Cooledge can be moved easily

* Cooledge is easily maintained

* Cooledge is eco friendly

* Cooledge helps save power

* it doesn’t make noise

* It is portable and lightweight

* It is user friendly

* CoolEdge has a 3year warranty

*  CoolEdge comes with free shipping


* It is only sold online

* It is not available in walk-in stores.

Verified Customer Reviews

Customer One: “Great Value for Money It Does What It’s Supposed to… This portable air cooler is exactly what I was looking for. I am amazingly happy with my investment. It is the perfect small humidifier/fan/purifier. While it is small and low in noise, it has a significant effect. Using it all day long and enjoying it. I would surely buy another one for my friend

Customer two: “Cool Breeze on the Hot Summer Days… Buying this product in this blazing and sizzling summer was one of the best choices I have made. It has probably been a top buy for me because I am a person who likes to sleep cold, so having it on my bedside table serves my purpose. It is as perfect as I saw it when ordering. It is cost-efficient and effective. Serves best for me. Thank you!


Where You Can Purchase CoolEdge Portable AC

CoolEdge can only be purchased on their authorized site. This is to guarantee the originality of the product while enjoying the product at the best prices. Buying directly from the company ensures free and fast shipping of the CoolEdge and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

It also comes with a 3 year warranty on the product.Payment can be made via a visa card, master card, and other forms of credit card. These transactions are encrypted. To purchase the CoolEdge portable device,  you select your preferred package and fill in your details for purchasing. And your package will be shipped to you.



If you’ve gotten to this point,you can agree with us that the CoolEdge Air Conditioning unit is the ultimate device you need to deter the scorching heat this summer. This magnificent device is a must-have for everyone because It is easy to use, portable, reduces the cost of electricity, affordable, as well as eco friendly.

It is also very comfortable for children and adults. It serves as a cool relief during summer, in stuffy rooms and it also doesn’t require technical skills to operate. It is also currently sold at a 50% discount on its official site and the offer closes soon .


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