Osta 2866 Review: Is Ostarine MK2866 SARM Substitute Safe? Read Crazy Bulk Facts

Osta 2866 Review: Is Ostarine MK2866 SARM Substitute Safe? Read Crazy Bulk Facts

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Humans crave a strong and physically fit body. It may be the result of millions of years of evolution. As time went on, humanity kept evolving. Soon, people did not need to survive in the wild and began developing stable societies. But they still needed to be physically fit and active. Life in ancient and medieval times was not easy and had its own challenges.

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But the march of technological advancement has not stopped even now. People have started leading fairly relaxed lives, at least in the physical sense. Nowadays, hardly anyone beyond professional athletes spends time on their physical attributes. But there is tremendous competition in the world of professional athletes. This cutthroat competition often pushes athletes towards drugs that enhance their performance. Ostarine, or MK2866, is a common performance enhancing substance.

Nowadays, all regulatory authorities have banned the use of such substances. Crazy Bulk is a dietary and fitness supplements company. It produces many natural fitness supplements. This review is about its 100% legal substitute for Ostarine. It is called Osta 2866.

Osta 2866 Overview

Men and women crave a physically fit and attractive body. Folks spend hours at the gym training hard and getting into shape. This obsession with physical fitness may be a cultural niche for some people. But society in general does love peak physical performance. It is the reason behind the success enjoyed by so many professional athletes. These men and women push their bodies seemingly beyond normal limits on the regular.

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But becoming a professional athlete is not a walk in the park. Their entire careers are hinged on how far they can push their bodies. Athletes soon discovered that their bodies had hard limits. Scientists meanwhile discovered synthetic anabolic steroids. Athletes who used these drugs discovered new levels of physical prowess. Pretty soon, steroids became a household word for many. But it would not remain a miracle drug for long.

The first concern many had was about the enhanced performance. Athletes wound up getting a serious unfair advantage over others by using steroids. But studies showed that steroid abuse could cause major medical problems. It was linked to mental problems, heart trouble, and even cancer. This evidence caused a major stir in the world of sports.

There soon was a demand for other synthetic substances. One such chemical is called Ostarine, or MK2866. It is also known as Enobosarm. Such drugs claim to give the same performance enhancement as steroids. They also claim to have no side effects. Ostarine is banned by the WADA and has not received regulatory approval for human use. Crazy Bulk has a completely legal substitute called Osta 2866. It is made from a fully natural and organic recipe.

Osta 2866 Ingredients

Crazy Bulk has created Osta 2866 as a 100% legal substitute for Ostarine. Osta 2866 is made using fully natural and organic ingredients. The minerals, herbs, and plants used in the recipe are very potent. Crazy Bulk identified special strains of raw materials for their strength. Osta 2866 is produced using the latest and cutting-edge technologies. The all-natural recipe does not contain any preservatives or additives. Regular users have reported higher levels of energy.

These are the ingredients used in Osta 2866:

  • Magnesium Oxide: It is a source of Magnesium for the body. Some studies indicate it may influence metabolic activity. Some evidence suggests that Magnesium helps promote healthy bowel movements. It may help the body gain more energy and perform better. The recipe has 375 mg of Magnesium oxide.
  • Zinc Citrate: It is a source of Zinc for the body. Zinc performs many crucial roles in the human body. Zinc plays a huge role in the production of testosterone. Low levels of Zinc are linked with lower testosterone levels in the body. Such deficiencies can cause problems in both men and women. The recipe has 10 mg of Zinc citrate.
  • Salacia reticulata: It is a flowering shrub from South Asia. It is common in Sri Lanka and parts of the Andaman Islands. It is quite commonly used in several local herbal mixes. It may help boost energy levels in the body. It can help build muscle mass. The recipe has 600 mg of Salacia reticulata.
  • Gynostemma pentaphyllum: It is also called Southern ginseng. It grows in China and other parts of Asia. It is commonly used in various herbal remedies. Some evidence suggests it can improve heart health. It may also help manage cholesterol and blood sugar. The recipe contains 550 mg of Southern ginseng extract.
  • Fennel: It is very common in various parts of the world. It has many reported healthy benefits. It has several useful vitamins and other substances. Some research shows fennel extract can help the body gain energy. The recipe has 400 mg of 4:1 fennel extract.
  • Cinnamon: It is a spice that is native to South Asia. It is found quite commonly in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. It has many helpful medicinal properties. Some studies indicate it may help control blood sugar. It may also help manage cholesterol levels. The recipe has 400 mg of 30:1 cinnamon extract.
  • Reishi Mushroom: It is a mushroom species found in Asia. It is native to China, Japan, and other Asian countries. It is very commonly used in ancient herbal medicine. It contains polysaccharides that resemble steroids in their structure. The recipe contains 200 mg of reishi mushroom extract.

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Working Principle

There are some differences between male and female bodies. Some differences are quite pronounced while others are subtle. But there is one surprising factor where these two bodies are quite similar. Both male and female bodies contain androgen receptors. Androgens are natural compounds in the body associated with masculine features. Testosterone is an example of an androgen. Although male bodies contain more androgens, female bodies also contain some amounts.

Synthetic anabolic steroids work in many different ways in the body. Some steroids use certain sites called androgen receptors to work. They have a structure similar to some androgens like testosterone. The body believes these steroids to be the respective androgens and performs accordingly. So, using synthetic anabolic steroids may boost certain traditionally masculine features. People using such steroids may develop bigger muscles and a more powerful physique.

However, there are major downsides to steroid abuse as well. Some research indicates that steroid abuse may cause the body to become dependent. So, the body may no longer be able to produce various androgenic substances. It can also lead to extreme mood swings and other mental health issues. Steroids are also linked to increased risk for heart and liver problems. These are the reasons behind the development of SARMs like Ostarine, or MK-2866. This particular compound was made by GTx, Inc. in the USA.

SARMs like Ostarine are quite new and have not been researched properly. Developers claim that these compounds are safe and yet provide anabolic gains. But preliminary evidence suggests similar risk factors to steroids. The WADA has banned SARMs like Ostarine from professional sports.

Crazy Bulk has designed a 100% legal substitute for Ostarine called Osta 2866. It uses several natural ingredients to produce similar results. The organic ingredients used in Osta 2866 stimulate the production of androgen naturally. Therefore, it is a legal substitute for MK2866. The recipe does not have any synthetic additives. People who have used this recipe regularly have seen many benefits.

Correct Dosage

Osta 2866 is a fitness supplement. People should always speak with their trusted physicians before using such supplements. The official website recommends taking four capsules 30 minutes before training. Users may wish to start with a smaller dose and build up.

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  • It is a completely natural and organic recipe. It helps the body naturally get fitter.
  • It naturally promotes healthy weight loss. It can stimulate the loss of body fat in a sustainable manner.
  • It promotes lean muscle growth. Its organic ingredients help the body put on lean muscle mass.
  • It is a legal substitute for Ostarine, or MK2866.

Side Effects

The official website does not list any known or reported side effects. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult with their doctors before use. People with known allergies should review the ingredients properly. This formula is not designed for children under 18. People with chronic conditions should check with their doctor before use.

Osta 2866 Purchase And Price Options

Crazy Bulk sells Osta 2866 only on its official website. This legal substitute for MK2866 is not available anywhere else. Customers should beware of fake products on other websites or in stores.

The price options are:

  • One month’s supply in one bottle for USD 69.99.
  • Three months’ supply in three bottles for USD 109.99.
  • Five months’ supply in five bottles for USD 209.99.

Refund Policy

Dissatisfied customers should return unused bottles to Crazy Bulk within 67 days. Drop an email to support@cb-support.com for more details.

Conclusion: Osta 2866

Osta 2866 is a legal substitute for Ostarine, or MK2866. It is a natural fitness supplement produced by Crazy Bulk. Regular users have reported good results.

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