Best Portable Air Coolers Review: Are Portable AC’s Any Good?

Best Portable Air Coolers Review: Are Portable AC’s Any Good?

If I am curious a little, I’ll find you’re already shopping for this year’s summer. Searching for Best Portable Air Coolers, Getting sunscreens, beach sandals, beach throw towels, straw hats, home ice cream makers and grills if you don’t have one already, etc. These are great investments but what is your plan for the heat?

Recent predictions have it that some parts of the United States and Europe are in for a hotter and drier summer this year. It will be nothing like what you have experienced. You need a suitable option to cope fine under this condition seeing how dire the consequences of excessive heat are.

Getting and running an air conditioning unit if you are able to afford one sure sounds like a solid plan. Practically, it is not as solid as it may sound. The outrageous light bill for the month is all you need to set you right. These units also dry the skin out. As if the heat isn’t doing a lot of that already.

What you need to beat this coming summer heat and stay cool all through is an efficient and reliable portable air cooler. This will also double as a humidifier to help combat the attending dryness. You get to stay cool with supple skin, lush lips and breath in fresh, pure air.

On this Best Portable Air Cooler Review, I will introduce you to the top portable air coolers available in the market.

There are plenty in the market. It becomes hard to choose the best for yourself. These air coolers  are tested and trusted. The prices are also fair and their power consumption minimal. Read through to discover these summer heroes without capes. You will make a better choice after now.

What Are Portable Air Coolers?

Simply, they are air coolers you can move from place to place. They are designed for room and desk cooling. The reliable summer companions you are about to meet. Mostly, they work through evaporative cooling. A stream of hot air flows through an inlet, gets cooled down by vapor and channeled out as cool air through a louver. At the same time, they introduce vapor into the air. This effect moisturizes the air to reduce dryness.

The working is neat, the design sleek and power consumption low. Your light bills won’t see a significant increase. The materials used in fabrication are lightweight and durable. Devices are made compact to support portability and avoid taking up a lot of space.

You need to see these wonderful contraptions.

Benefits of Portable Air Coolers

Portable air coolers come in handy when dealing with heat in summer. The temperature can go so high, it makes life a living hell. It can negatively impact your sleep quality, productivity and ruin the mood. These devices can help out by doing the following:

  • Create a comfortable environment for adequate sleep and relaxation.
  • Set the right tone for maximum productivity as you execute tasks.
  • Lighten the mood to encourage intimacy.
  • Encourage savings by limiting power expenditure.

Best portable Air Coolers Review  in 2022

To make your decision easy, I will discuss five outstanding portable air coolers that are making waves in the market. They have gained popularity among users owing to their stellar performance. They have checked every box as long as efficacy, reliability, efficiency, durability, portability and cost effectiveness are concerned.

ChillWell Portable Air Cooler

ChillWell Portable AC  has a place among the league of best air coolers. It has garnered quite a popularity among users. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Its cutting edge evaporative cooling technology is fast and supported for longer duration by a 550ml capacity water tank and 2000mAH rechargeable battery.

It serves as a personal cooler, a fan and a humidifier at the same time. Put the power in your hand by offering three different fan speeds from which you can regulate how you get your cool air.  In addition, there is warm mood lighting that sets the tone for a more relaxing moment. It also generates very little noise.

Getting one won’t leave you broke. The manufacturers made the price mouth-watering with 35-55% discount rate and offers that lets you buy more while paying less. To learn more About ChillWell Portable AC,  including where to buy, visit the ‘learn more’ link.

Williston Force Portable Air Cooler

Williston force is a must have for the summer. If you are looking for a reliable companion to get through the summer with then look no more.  Williston Force guarantees instant cooling within 30 seconds of turning it on. It has a multi-fan speed option and its built-in water tank can hold and supply 200ml of water to keep evaporative cooling running. The vents are adjustable to direct the cool air blast and the water curtains (vaporizes water) are easy to replace. It is as lightweight as ever and compact. Move it to wherever you want without breaking your back.

With juicy prices, 35-55% discount and a solid return policy, this device is a worthwhile investment. Find out more about Williston Force Portable AC here.

CoolMe Pro

Another way to stay cool this summer is with CoolMe Pro. This device cools air, purifies and moisturizes it. It is super-fast with angle rotation and will have you feeling cool in a finger’s snap. There is a fan speed regulator that lets you choose how fast the cool air blast gets to you. The weight is light and it produces very low noise when working. At night, it produces colorful lights to aid relaxation and create the perfect ambience for getting intimate. CoolMe Pro is also safe and non-toxic. It is made Freon free.

Purchase is at customer friendly prices. A 50% discount is applied across every unit and if you buy more units the price per unit drops further.  Isn’t that insane?

More on CoolMe Pro is available here.


CoolEdge takes the edge off summer. Enjoy restful night sleeps and a tolerable indoor ambience with this award winning air cooling technology. Fitted with a large-capacity rechargeable battery, it will go for hours meeting your cool air needs. This battery doesn’t take long to get fully charged, consumes little power when charging  and contributes to its portability.

Noise is not an issue with CoolEdge. It functions in a super silent manner and won’t interfere with your activity or disturb your sleep.

Price is relatively affordable with a 50% discount applied to each unit. Every order attracts free shipping. CoolEdge has a wonderful customer satisfaction policy and provides 24/7 online support. Discover more on this product here.

Arctic Air Pure Chill

Arctic Air Pure Chill assures you of a cool blast of air in a few seconds of turning it on. The process is supported by a 450ml capacity water tank.. The filters are replaceable and its vents can be adjusted to direct air flow. There are three fan speed options to choose from. The design is also from lightweight materials and it is not bulky. Can be readily moved around. Its design poses no aesthetic concern as it will blend perfectly with your interior decoration. What’s more? It is super affordable.

Conclusion on Best Portable Air Cooler Review

The predictions for the coming summer heat aren’t nice at all.  One good thing you can do for yourself is include an air cooler In your summer shopping list.

It’s understandable that with a vast array of air coolers out there, the task of choosing the right one can be a lot.

So, on this best portable air cooler review, I have narrowed your choice down by introducing you to the top portable air coolers in 2022.

They all have unique properties that have made them stand out among rival brands. Tested and trusted is the best way to describe them. Feel free to select any that suits your taste and matches your buying power.

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