Gem Bottle Reviews – Hidden Secret Revealed About this Crystal Water Bottle!

Gem Bottle Reviews – Hidden Secret Revealed About this Crystal Water Bottle!

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Gem Bottle Reviews – Gem Bottle for special hydration is a high-quality and unique, from the BPA-free high borosilicate glass bottle that will provide amazing health benefits.

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What is Exactly Gem Bottle?

Unlike any other water bottle, Gem Bottle provides amazing health benefits by adding healing properties to the water you drink. Gem Bottle is BPA-free and can hold cold and hot liquids which makes it perfect to use for traveling. 

When purchasing Gem Bottle, it uses a certain gemstone that contains a distinctive feature. You are free to choose which gemstone to add to your Gem Bottle. 

Other people may choose their gems depending on the color but most people who have Gem Bottle have chosen their gems based on the amazing health benefits and properties they can provide. The bottle of Gem Bottle can hold up to 16 oz of water. 

Gem Bottle uses a glass container, stainless steel for the cover, a wrist-strap, and the most important feature of Gem Bottle, the gem

You don’t have to worry about the gem moving around or touching your face when drinking because there is a circular stand inside the bottle that firmly holds your gem in a tight, upward position. 

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How does Gem Bottle work?

Americans drink tap water. However, a normal thing to do doesn’t mean it’s healthy. 

Drinking tap water might be what everyone is doing but it doesn’t mean it provides the needed nutrients for your body. It simply is drunk because it quenches thirst.

Gem Bottle aims to transform your tap water into a healthy drink. When you fill-up the Gem Bottle with water, it immediately absorbs the energy from the crystals and harnesses the healthy properties it can provide for your body. 

It works to effectively transfer medicinal properties when water is poured into it. Gem Bottle changes that water’s energy components in a natural manner and when you drink from Gem Bottle, you get to enjoy those health benefits. 

When using Gem Bottle, allow 10 minutes of your freshly poured water in the bottle to absorb the energy and provide health benefits to the water inside the bottle. After 10 minutes, you can drink the water and enjoy its benefits.

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Types of Gems

As mentioned earlier, Gem Bottle allows you to choose among 5 different gems that offer different kinds of healing and health benefits. 

It is best to choose the best type of gem that is beneficial for your health rather than choosing the gem that is your favorite color.

Here are the different kinds of gems:

Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is known to promote a life of love and compassion. It influences positive energy and is a good healing symbol for the body. 

This is also known as the stone of life that can restore trust and harmony in your relationships. 

People who purchase Gem Bottle tend to choose rose quartz as their crystal because it promotes calmness, self-love, and profound inner healing.


This is the purple crystal in Gem Bottle. It is famous for its natural tranquilizing effects. Amethyst influences your mood and helps you calm down. 

It gives you peace of mind. The crystal works to manage anger and negative emotions. 

This crystal is perfect to be used in Gem Bottle when you are dealing with mental problems or if you are constantly stressed because of your career or other activities.


The crystal that stabilizes and cleanses your aura. Negative energy is blocked by flourite and it focuses on letting you balance your energy. 

It allows you to achieve mental equilibrium and coordination. Flourite is perfect for supporting a healthy immune system and enhancing cell regeneration. 

It is known to be helpful to people suffering from arthritis, spinal injuries, rheumatism, and other injuries in the bone tissue.

Clear Quartz:

The “master healer” of all the 5 crystal selections of Gem Bottle, the clear quartz is perfect for amplifying energy to strengthen the organs of your body. 

It can improve both physical and mental health. Gem Bottle uses clear quartz as the ultimate soul-cleansing crystal. 

It improves your memory, supports a healthy immune system, and fully restores the equilibrium of your body. 

Smokey Quartz:

This crystal can absorb the negative vibrations in your body. It relieves the pressure, stress, anxiety, and tension you feel. 

This can promote mental tranquility and positive thinking. Smokey Quartz can also improve the psychological health of the Gem Bottle user.

The crystal vibrations in Gem Bottle are capable of influencing the energy around you and also allow you to enjoy a positive aura. 

Carefully select the crystal for your Gem Bottle that perfectly suits what your body needs.

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Advantages of Gem Bottle

Gem Bottle guarantees to provide amazing health benefits and can also improve your overall health and well-being

The bottle can provide various advantages, depending on which crystal you choose.

  • Hydration – Gem Bottle can keep your body hydrated. Water is very important to the body as it provides numerous health benefits and can support the healing of your body. The Gem Bottle can motivate you to keep hydrating yourself by drinking lots of water.

  • Stress relief – The Gem Bottle can relieve your stress and manage the negative emotions you are feeling. It relieves your anxiety and depression. It even influences your environment and prevents stress around you.

  • Safe – Everything in Gem Bottle is safe. The bottle itself is BPA-free and the crystals do the opposite of harming your health.

  • Convenient – Gem Bottle can be used for both cold and hot liquids. There is also an insulated sleeve to keep your preserve the temperature of your drink. In addition, there is a wrist strap for you to conveniently hold the Gem Bottle.

  • Easy to clean – The bottle is easily disassembled and you can easily clean the top and bottom covers. You can also detach the gem to be able to clean it thoroughly.

  • Other benefits – These other benefits mean the specific health benefits you can get based on the crystal you choose. Gem Bottle guarantees that these crystals can improve your mental, physical and emotional health. This is the powerful effect of using Gem Bottle.

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How to clean Gem Bottle?

Gem Bottle is easy to clean. You can easily disassemble the top cap, removing the cover of the bottle. The same thing can be done at the bottom cap. 

The bottom cap of the Gem Bottle holds the gem so be careful in removing it and avoid it from bumping into the edges of the glass Gem Bottle. 

You can also clean the crystal by unscrewing the gem pod and removing the bottom cap’s silicone rubber seal. It is that easy to clean your Gem Bottle

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What is the Price of Gem Bottle?

It might be hard to find the product sold in physical stores which is why Gem Bottle recommends you to purchase the product on their official website. 

Some resellers online might be selling fake crystals or low-quality glass bottles. To trust your purchase, visit the official website of Gem Bottle and choose the best crystal for you now.

  • The price of 1 packaged Gem Bottle is $99.97. Free shipping is offered.

When we say package, your Gem Bottle already comes with 1 gem of your choice, 1 insulating sleeve, and 1 glass container with a stainless cover and a wrist strap.

When you purchase more than 1 bottle of Gem Bottle, you can enjoy an extra discount of up to 20% on your purchase. No coupon or discount code is necessary.

For a risk-free experience, Gem Bottle also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return the bottle and get a full refund of your purchase.

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Gem Bottle Reviews – Conclusion

Gem Bottle is a revolutionary product that can help support your overall health. With the help of its therapeutic ingredients and energies, you can enjoy a stress-free life. 

Gem Bottle works to keep you hydrated and even increases the healing effects for your body. There are energy-promoting abilities added to the crystals of Gem Bottle.

This product can surely help you improve your health. It is an amazing gift you can give to your friends and family too. 

The bottle is easy to wash, convenient to carry, and can store both hot and cold liquids. 

The Gem Bottle stands out from the rest of its water bottles in the market because it offers what no other water bottles can, life-improving effects. 

You can enjoy positive changes in your mental, emotional and physical health all because of the amazing benefits offered by Gem Bottle.

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