Best Online Psychic Reading Sites In 2022 – Top 5 Online Psychic Mediums For Best Fortune Teller 

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites In 2022 – Top 5 Online Psychic Mediums For Best Fortune Teller 

Whether you need guidance to make decisions regarding your love life, have questions about your career, or seek answers and clarity when it comes to various significant life situations, searching for an online reading psychic site might provide you with what you are looking for. 

As we live in times of uncertainty, many people want to know what the future has in store for them. However, finding a reliable psychic reader and an authentic site when looking for guidance to make tough life decisions is very challenging. This article presents you with our top picks for best online psychic reading sites offering affordable prices and authentic readings. 

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Horoscope In 2022

  • Purple Garden – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Site For Love Readings
  • Kasamba – Top Psychic Medium For Best Psychic Reading On Life Questions
  • Mystic Sense – Top Psychic Source For Dream Analysis And Life Decisions
  • KeenMost Popular Psychic Reader For Daily Horoscope
  • Psychic Oz Accurate Psychic Readings For Spiritual Guidance 

#1. Purple Garden– Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Site For Love Readings

Purple Garden is one of the most popular reading sites that provide exceptional services for all of its clients. The main goal of this reading site is to help you gain the clarity that you need in order to live a fulfilling life. 

Purple Garden is on the top of the game when it comes to accessibility, a wide range of psychic readers, different types of readings, and reasonable price rates. With thousands of satisfied clients, Purple Garden’s services are highly praised, so there is no surprise that this platform is a top pick for us. 


  • A variety of psychic advisors

Once you visit Purple Garden’s site, you will find plenty of psychic advisors ready to give you insights, enlighten and inspire you and provide you with the advice and guidance you are looking for. You can choose from trending psychic readers, staff pick, or top-rated psychic experts recommended for you. Each psychic advisor has a profile that you can visit to know more about the services and specialties when they are busy and available, as well as read reviews from other users. 

  • Method of communication and reading services

What is excellent about Purple Garden is that the platform enables communication with psychic advisors through chat, voice calls, and video calls. This is significant as everyone has a preferred communication method that makes them comfortable, which is crucial for an accurate reading. Aside from psychic reading, on Purple Garden, you can also opt for tarot readings, palm readings, love readings, oracle guidance, dream analysis, astrology and horoscopes, and many others. 

  • Special offers

To enable a real-time reading experience and insight into the reader’s services, Purple Garden offers free initial minutes for all clients. You can get a psychic reader for a price as low as $0.99 up to $14.99 per minute on this platform. Besides contacting a psychic reader with just one click, on Purple Garden, you can get a free five-minute consultation with an ‘elite’ psychic reader. 

Moreover, the platform allows the users to check the reader’s weekly schedule to see when they are available. Purple Garden has advanced filtering options and provides the user’s educational blog, videos on readings, and horoscopes. 


  • You can contact psychic readers via chat, call, and video call
  • Purple Garden has a mobile app on which you can get readings
  • Provides numerous gifted and experienced psychic readers
  • The clients get free initial minutes and affordable price rates
  • Reliable and highly-rated online psychic reading site


  • There is no option for a refund 

Customer reviews

According to the reviews, Purple Garden’s expert readers provide accurate readings for reasonable prices. We found many comments from clients stating that the readings have changed their lives and provided them with the clarity they sought. The clients like the platform offer a variety of psychic readers and several methods of getting in contact with them. 

#2. Kasamba – Top Psychic Medium For Best Psychic Reading On Life Questions

Kasamba is one of the oldest online psychic reading sites – established in 1999. The platform has one of the most experienced psychic readers and has successfully provided accurate readings to millions of clients. 

The top-rated psychic reading site has been praised by numerous users. It has established a stellar reputation which speaks volumes about Kasamba’s credibility and the quality of services it provides. Kasamba has an extensive range of professional psychic readers who are dedicated to guiding you to find the answers you need. 


  • A variety of readings 

No matter what type of psychic reading you are looking for, Kasamba has you covered. This platform provides psychic readers specializing in different types of psychic readings such as aura readings, crystal readings, remote viewing, and rune casting. Moreover, you can also find pet psychics, UK psychics, and psychic mediums. 

Aside from psychic readings, Kasamba features tarot readings, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecasts, past life readings, financial outlook, picture readings, and many more. Kasamba’s psychic readers use their gift along with special tools to give you insights and clarity.

  • Experienced psychic readers

To be able to get accurate  psychic readings online, it is necessary to match with the right reader and establish a spiritual connection. Since Kasamba has so many psychic advisors to choose from, you can open each of their profiles to find out more about services, experience, and qualifications, as well as read reviews from others. Kasamba gives you access to numerous professional advisors from around the world that are available 24/7 via text or call. 

  • Reasonable prices

With so many services Kasamba offers, you are probably expecting high prices. However, on Kasamba, you can find online psychic reading for as low as $1.99 per minute. What is more, you get three free minutes with your chosen psychic, followed by a discount. You can register on Kasamba for free, but you need to add funds to start chatting with a psychic advisor. During the free trial, you can determine whether the psychic advisor is right for you and whether you prefer to contact them via text or call.


  • A reliable platform with two decades of experience
  • Offers Free Psychic Reading For First Three Minutes
  • Different types of readings available from Kasamba’s advisors 
  • Kasamba has a mobile app and a blog section with numerous articles
  • All Kasamba’s psychic readers go through a strict vetting process


  • The prices for a session with a more experienced advisor can be high for some users

Customer reviews

By reading the reviews from many customers, we determined that Kasamba is one of the most reliable online psychic reading sites, which is also cost-effective. We were able to find numerous positive comments stating that Kasamba’s advisors provide accurate readings. Others appreciate that Kasamba gives a free trial and provides detailed advisors’ profiles that can help you make the right decision. 

#3. MysticSense –  Top Psychic Source For Dream Analysis And Life Decisions

As you visit MysticSense, you will notice a well-designed and user-friendly website on which you can select a psychic reader by using advanced filtering options. Even though the platform offers affordable prices, the quality of services that MysticSense’s advisors provide for many users is unmatched. 

What is also great about MysticSense is that the psychic readings are tailored to your needs, whether you need insights about a particular event, clarity about your relationship or career path, or you need guidance to make the right life decision. To ensure their psychic advisors are experienced and professional, MysticSense requires them to undergo a rigorous checking process and adhere to industry standards. 


  • A variety of psychics and specialties

MysticSense values their client’s experience, so they are very flexible in terms of the psychic advisors they offer. You can select from plenty of gifted and experienced psychics by searching by the date they created their profile, name, price, status availability, special tags, specialties, tools they use, and reading styles. 

On MysticSense, you can seek guidance on topics such as breakup and divorce, family issues, friends and social life, life path and destiny, and many more. On top of that, MysticSense’s advisors use different tools during their sessions, such as crystal balls, crystals, runes, pendulums, chakras, and many others.

  • Ways to get a reading

Although MysticSense is fairly new as opposed to the other online psychic reading sites, its services are among the leading ones in the industry. On this platform, aside from the usual methods of communication with a psychic advisor such as text, call, and email, you can also opt for a video call session for a more personal experience. 

To contact the advisor of your choice, you can visit their profile, find out more about their specialties and experience, and schedule a session that works for you and the psychic advisor. 

  • Special offers

The prices for a reading session on MysticSense vary from one advisor to another, starting from $0.99 to $10 per minute. Once you register an account and make a minimum deposit of $10, you will receive free five minutes of your first session. Moreover, if you are unsatisfied with your initial reading, MysticSense will give your time back in the form of recredit that you can use to talk to another psychic.


  • You can select a psychic based on a variety of categories 
  • The psychics are available 24/7 and provide affordable prices
  • You can contact the advisors via call, chat, or video call 
  • MysticSense offers personalized horoscope readings 
  • You can find plenty of articles on various spiritual topics


  •  There is no MysticSense mobile app so far

Customer reviews

There are many comments from clients stating that MysticSense’s advisors have helped them gain the support and guidance they needed and the answers they sought at some point in their life. Many appreciate the reasonable prices the platform offers and the variety of specialties they can find on this online psychic reading site. There are also positive comments about the variety of tools the advisors use, the useful articles, and the refund policy.

#4. Keen – Most Popular Psychic Reader For Daily Horoscope

Keen has been successfully in the business for over 20 years providing accurate readings for numerous clients. It is one of the most trusted online psychic reading sites on which you can find the best psychic reader based on your needs in a matter of minutes. 

Even though Keen is considered a veteran with its experience and long history, the platform’s site is up to date featuring advanced filtering options, a blog, and useful articles and horoscopes. Keen has been featured in several different popular media outlets and has given accurate readings to millions of clients. 


  • A broad selection of psychic advisors

Keen understands how important it is to find the right psychic reader and establish a deep connection. Therefore, on the platform, you can make a selection between a broad selection of psychic readers. To help you choose, you can use the filtering options and search for a psychic advisor based on the type of reading you require, the method of communication you can use to contact them, and the price rate they have per minute. 

You can also use Keen’s exclusive feature, a ‘psychic match quiz’, which will help you match with a psychic reader suitable for you. 

  • Exclusive offers

As one of the best online psychic reading sites, Keen welcomes its customers within the first three minutes of their reading session. The platform also has a special deal that includes 10 minutes for $1.99. Keen’s advisors’ pricing for a psychic reading ranges from $1.99 to $9.99 and more, depending on their experience. Moreover, Keen has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you are not delighted with your reading session, you have the right to receive a refund.

  • Reading sessions

What differentiates Keen from many other online reading sites is that it offers a wide range of readings. They include psychic readings, relationship readings, tarot readings, spiritual readings, LGBTQ-friendly readings, and unique reading services such as angel card reading and pet psychics. Moreover, they offer Mayan, Vidic, Chinese astrology, and many other readings. You can contact the gifted advisor through chat or call once you visit their profile and determine if they are available. 


  • Hundreds of experienced psychic readers to choose from 
  • The platform has been successfully in business for two decades
  • A 100% money-back guarantee and affordable pricing rates 
  • Keen features a mobile app for readings on the go 
  • The clients can schedule different types of readings 


  • There are no video call psychic sessions 

Customer reviews

The majority of the positive comments from Keen’s clients talk about the competitive prices the platform offers. We were able to find a lot of positive testimonials expressing that Keen has a lot of experienced and gifted advisors that provided them guidance and support they needed. Additionally, the users like Keen because it offers daily horoscopes, FAQs section, blogs and articles, and many other useful resources. 

#5. PsychicOz – Accurate Psychic Readings For Spiritual Guidance 

PsychicOz is an online psychic reading platform that offers a variety of psychic advisors that you can select from to assist you in life matters such as love, relationships, money, and career. This platform is known for providing authentic psychic readings from experienced and talented advisors. The psychic services PsychicOz provides are top-rated, and you have 24/7 access to them which is very convenient. 


  • Wide range of psychic advisors

On PsychicOz, you can look for experienced and gifted psychic readers who go through an extensive screening process before they are allowed on the platform. To help you make a well-informed choice, each psychic advisor has their own profile where you read more about their experience, qualifications, tools they use, abilities, and more. Besides implementing testing, PsychicOz also schedules competitions during which the advisors collect points and earn rewards.

  • Psychic abilities

The psychic advisors that you can choose from on PsychicOz have different psychic abilities. You can choose from clairvoyant psychics, dream analysis, empath psychics, medium psychics, remote viewing psychics, and many more. 

They implement psychic readings on various topics such as love and relationship, carrier money, past life, pet psychics, and many more. They also use tools for tarot cards, crystals, runes, pendulums, and more to give you insights into what the future has in store for you.

  • Special offers

PsychicOz welcomes you with free three minutes of your first session, giving you time to get familiar with the psychic advisor and the whole process. Here, you can find online readings for prices varying from as low as $0.99 a minute. You can contact them via phone, chat, or email, but the platform also supports video call reading sessions. The platform has an excellent introductory offer of $14.99 for 15 minutes, $9.99 for 10 minutes, and $4.99 for an email reading. 


  • All psychic advisors go through an extensive screening process
  • Fantastic introductory offers for all clients and a 3-minute trial
  • A wide range of psychic readers and specialties to select from
  • The website is protected and very informative 
  • The platform has a refund policy for those who are not satisfied


  • There is no alert when your free time is finished

Customer reviews

We found many recommendations for PyshicOz as many customers expressed that its advisors provide affordable but accurate readings. Many users like how informative the website is, so you can easily find psychic advisors to contact. Many clients like that they can vote every week for their favorite psychic, and they like that the advisors specialize in various types of readings. 

Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing An Psychic Source

As we have already mentioned, selecting the right psychic advisor is not an easy task but is necessary so that you can have a comfortable and accurate reading session. Therefore, we have gathered a list of some factors that you can take into consideration to help you make a better decision.

Here are some vital factors that you can consider when selecting an online psychic reading site:

Professional experience

When looking for an online psychic, we recommend visiting online psychic sites with years of experience in providing psychic services. It is also vital for the platform to feature experienced and gifted psychics who have undergone the screening process for authentic and accurate readings.

Method of communication

Everyone has different methods of communication they prefer. Therefore, we suggest looking for a reliable platform that offers various types of communication methods you can use to contact the advisors.

Free minutes

While you are searching for an online psychic reading site, we suggest going for ones that offer free minutes trial so that you have enough time to get familiar with an advisor and their reading style before you get a full session. Moreover, we suggest looking for online reading sites that offer affordable prices and discounts for their clients.

Clients’ feedback

To get more insights about a particular reading site or a psychic advisor, we recommend reading as many reviews from others as possible. This way, you will gain information about a psychic experience through the lens of others, but you can also read the advisor’s profiles to help you make a better decision.

Online Psychic Readings vs. Offline Psychic Readings

Both online and offline psychic readings have their own perks and disadvantages. However, online psychic readings come with more advantages. With that being said, if you look for an online reading service from a reliable platform, you will get a reading from a genuine and experienced professional. 

Moreover, the majority of the reading sites have safety features to protect your personal information. Additionally, you don’t have to travel to look for a psychic reader or tighten your schedule. Instead, you can schedule a session from your home at a convenient time for you. 

Online, you can compare psychic readers and find out more about them before a reading session. You can also compare prices and select a reader that offers psychic reading for a price rate that fits your budget. Furthermore, a lot of reading sites offer exclusive introductory offers and a satisfaction guarantee that you can make use of if you are not satisfied with your psychic reading experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Reading

Q1. What Exactly Is An Online Psychic Reading?

During such a reading session, a psychic advisor, clairvoyant or medium helps you find the answers to your questions. Moreover, they guide you to make the right decisions, give you the clarity and support you need as well as help you get to the root of your fears, hopes, and dreams using the power of perception. 

To be able to get an accurate reading from a top psychic reader , it is then necessary to find the right psychic reader for you and start the process with an open mind, establishing a deep spiritual connection with the psychic reader. Psychics use their skills, gift, and intuition to give you insights and answers you seek for different life situations.

Q2. How To Prepare For Online Psychic Reading?

Online psychic reading works similarly to in-person reading sessions. With that being said, what you can do to prepare for your first reading session is to determine the type of reading that you want and prepare open questions that you would like to ask and which will guide you to find the answers you need. 

It is necessary to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and approach the session with an open mind. You can also take notes about what the advisor is telling you so that you don’t miss crucial details. 

Also, you need to make sure that you have enough time to go through the session, as in-debt online psychic reading sessions help you reach the subconscious and gain more insights about the future.

Q3. What Are The Different Types Of Psychic Readings?

The best psychics with years of experience specializing in different types of readings. Such readings include tarot readings, fortune telling, dream interpretation, love readings, medium readings, astrology and numerology readings, and many more. 

Also, a lot of psychic readers use different tools during the sessions, and they use different methods of communication with their clients. It is important to mention that such a psychic can transform your life with one session, so it is necessary to be prepared and approach the reading session with an open mind so that you can find the guidance you require.

Final Thoughts On Psychic Mediums

Life is very stressful and hectic, and many people are looking for guidance and support during their life. For that reason, psychic reading has been rising in popularity in recent years due to the convenience and advantages it provides. 

Whether you are dealing with emotional or financial struggles, the advisors can clear your uncertainty and use their gift, skills, empathy, and intuition to help you find a solution to your problem and get the closure, support, guidance, or clarity you need. 

However, not all online psychic reading sites are genuine, and unfortunately, many people can be scammed. Therefore, using strict requirements and criteria, we managed to select our top online reading sites with excellent reputations and highly-rated services that you can find online. Few websites offer free psychic reading online.

Hopefully, this article will help you select the best psychic reader for you that will help you see the right path in your life.

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