How to Store Tulip Bulbs Over Summer?

How to Store Tulip Bulbs Over Summer?

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In peak season, you probably bought several bags of tulip bulbs. You can expect to see them again in the same number next spring. How do you keep them over until then? In this post, we explain how to store tulip bulbs in summer so that you can have fresh flowers in your home when everything is green once again. You likely know that storing the bulbs in a cool, dark place is advised, but how to achieve that? These tips and tricks will help you be ready when they sprout again. Read on to learn more!

Check the condition of your bulbs

This should be the first step in any tulip bulbs storage method, especially if you decide to buy tulip bulbs online. If your tulip bulbs are damaged, they won’t sprout again. Bulb condition is crucial because they contain a natural dormancy process. When you store bulbs, you interrupt that process. A bulb that is not in proper condition cannot be used for storage. Damaged bulbs can be caused by a few factors.

  • This is an early process, where the bulb is still firm but has shriveled a bit. This can be caused by storing bulbs in temperatures that are too warm.
  • This goes further than withering, and if the entire bulb is rotten, it should be discarded. Rot can come from too much moisture or pests.

Tulip bulbs should look firm, healthy, and have no signs of mold or rot. If your bulbs are soft or have visible damage, then it’s best to discard them.

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Proper storage conditions

If the bulbs are in good condition, you can focus on proper storage conditions. The best place to store tulip bulbs is a cool, dry place with absolutely no exposure to light. The best place for storing tulip bulbs is in a basement or a garage that has been cleared of any other items. The basement or garage should maintain a temperature of between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice that the temperature of your storage area fluctuates, it may be a good idea to place a thermometer where the tulip bulbs are being stored.

Store in a dry place with no exposure to light

Excessive light can cause the bulb to break dormancy, and it will sprout much too early. If there is light, it can also cause the bulb to prematurely break down, which means it will not be able to sprout at all. If you can find an absolutely dark place, you’re halfway there.

You’ll also want to make sure it is not too humid to keep them at the right level of dryness. Some people store their bulbs in a paper bag but with a piece of cardboard at the bottom to keep the bag from resting on the ground. Others store them in a cardboard box in a dry, dark place.

Use newspaper to keep them in a dark place

Some gardeners swear by storing bulbs in newspapers. If you don’t have a dark place to store them, you can use this method. Simply place your bulbs between the pages of an old newspaper and put them in a cardboard box or bag. They also need to be kept separate. This will not only keep them fresh and moist but will also keep pests away.

Use sand to store your tulip bulbs

Sand is a great option for storing because it doesn’t touch the bulbs. You can use a layer of sand to cover the floor of the storage area, and then place the bulbs on the sand so that they do not come into contact with the wooden shelves. Remember that the sand is clean and has no debris or pests.

What to do with tulip bulbs after their flowering period?

How to store tulip bulbs after blooming? After the tulip blooms, cut off the flower and leave the bulb in the ground. The bulb will then grow another sprout that will flower next spring. You can also store tulip bulbs after flowering to ensure that you have them on hand for next year. Store the bulbs in a dark, dry place until spring. When you are ready to plant them again, you can either place them in the ground or repot them. If you are repotting your tulip bulbs, make sure that you place them in loose, sandy soil that does not retain too much moisture. You can also add peat moss or sand to the soil to help improve the drainage.

How long can you store tulip bulbs?

Like most flower bulbs, tulip bulbs can be stored for around a year if they are cared for properly.

Wrap up

Tulip bulbs are a wonderful gift and decoration for your home. The best way to keep bulbs fresh until next year is to store them properly. You can use sand to keep them separated from each other, or newspapers to keep them in a dark place. Regardless of what method you choose, don’t forget to keep them dry and out of the light until you are ready to plant them again.

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