Is Golf an Inclusive Sport?

Is Golf an Inclusive Sport?

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In today’s society, it can be important to find social activities where you will feel welcomed and included, no matter your background. Therefore, you might want to do some research to figure out if your chosen sport is suitable. Golfing can be an incredibly inclusive activity that a variety of different people can enjoy. You may want to consider your own identity, and needs, before taking up any new activity. In doing so, you may be able to figure out what could be required for a sport to become more inclusive. Thankfully, the golfing community can be quite innovative when it comes to inclusion.

One of the simplest things that can stop you from playing a sport, or engaging in an activity, can be whether you are right or left-handed. Something so minute could have already had a big effect on your life, from mockery while writing, to being unable to use scissors or other tools that were specifically designed for right-handed people.

When playing golf, you’ll want to use equipment that is easy for you to hold. This is why buying left handed golf club sets can be a great idea. The grooves and ridges, as well as the positioning of the wedge itself, could be altered to suit you. Rather than you needing to try to conform to a right-handed means of holding the club, you may then be able to be that much more comfortable.

Another relief for many people can be that there is no specific dress code required for playing golf. While you may want to opt for something semi-smart-looking, the real decision is down to the club itself. When money is an issue, you could speak to the club to see what they suggest, or even to have allowances made.

Some people may be put off certain activities as they feel that poverty could be a significant barrier. However, considering the ways you can cut costs, such as by avoiding paying for specific clothing, this could make it more achievable.

Due to the terrain found on golf courses, this can be rather disconcerting for wheelchair users. In addition to this, the standard rules of golf may make it difficult for the less able-bodied to take part. Yet, those rules may not apply to someone with a physical disability.

You might want to refer to a list of golfing rules for wheelchair users to see how the game might be adapted to meet your needs. Alternatively, if moving about a course is entirely out of the question for you, you could still visit a driving range that can allow you to swing and hit the balls from a single location.

For many people in difficult situations, or whose identity differs from what might be deemed as normal, it can be a struggle to partake in activities. Knowing that golfing can be rather inclusive, for a number of different people, can be quite reassuring. This might allow you to celebrate those differences and still gain a new hobby.


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