What is Garage Door Insulation?

What is Garage Door Insulation?

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Do you think your garage door makes your electric bill so high? Well, installing an insulated garage door might help you.

If you want to reduce the power consumption of your garage door, you should include an insulated garage door in your plans. This type of garage door can maintain the cold or hot temperature in your home through insulation, so it can lessen your electric bill because your HVAC equipment doesn’t need to work hard.

However, if you want to install a door independently, we’re warning you that it’s not easy to mount a garage door, and it comes with the correct process. Also, it requires technical knowledge, accuracy, and details to correctly and adequately install one. It is wiser to contact a professional garage door installation company.

Check below for more details about the benefits and types of insulated garage doors.

What Is Insulation In Garage Doors?

Typically, the main entrance to a property is through the garage door. If your living space is beside or above your garage, it’s necessary to keep and maintain the temperature inside your garage as much as possible. An insulated garage door that has insulated walls can remarkably contain the temperature of your garage space.

A garage door insulation comprises a foam layer with the door that avoids the heat or cold air from escaping. This will help maintain the cool temperature on your garage door during hot or summer periods and locks the warm air inside your property during winter. In this way, this will make your garage door lessen the energy costs and become more energy-efficient.

Insulated Garage Door

Usually, an insulated garage door uses technology such as insulation inside your garage door’s framework to act as a buffer between indoor and outdoor temperatures. During the construction process of your garage, the maintenance specialists will add insulation to the door made up of fiberglass.

This type of glass will create an airtight seal so that the temperature will not escape or get through the door. In this way, the interior part of your home will not be affected by the harsh weather outside of your property. As a result, you can save a lot of money in the long run and keep you comfortable inside your home.

Insulated Garage Door Benefits

Here are the benefits of insulated garage doors:


Most insulated garage doors that are made today are created with aluminum or steel frames. This type of frame is full of solid core insulation between dual or single steel panels. This kind of construction makes an energy-efficient and lightweight type of door that has less chance of a dent compared to old models.


If you notice that your garage door makes a lot of noisy sounds, it’s time to consider changing your current garage door to an insulated type. That being said, an insulated garage door dampens the irritating noise from the outside of your garage door.

Insulated garage doors tend to create less sound because they’re more tightly built than the old garage doors. Because of the extra layers between the panels, there’s less chance that the material will make noise. Furthermore, this door type is often heavier than the uninsulated ones, so they are less likely to vibrate or jolt on the track.

If you’re looking for an insulated garage door, you can contact a local garage door repair company in your area. A lot of garage door companies in Maryland install insulated garage doors.


The R-value measures the resistance to a heat flow through the given extent of a component. That’s why if you have a door that has a higher R-value, the more thermal resistance the part has. As a result, it has better insulating characteristics.

Insulated types of garage doors are more convenient and beneficial to you if you keep having an increase in your power bill. If you want to change your old door to an insulated garage door, it comes with a higher cost. However, with the said benefits, having an insulated door is worth the price.

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