Things to Know About Adding Second Story Additions to Your Home

Things to Know About Adding Second Story Additions to Your Home

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It’s always fun to plan the next addition to any home or house structure. Additional rooms and large layout extensions can add functionality and value to properties. Exciting structures can elevate any house aesthetic. Moreover, there is more space and a place for things at home.

One of the most common home projects is adding a second story. Many homes start with a single-story foundation. Over the years, additional renovations become more evident. Homeowners improve and remodel parts of their property. However, these home projects don’t come without proper planning and preparation.

It’s best to know some things before adding a second story to your home. You’re adding another aspect, but there’s also a possibility of subtracting parts from the structural fidelity. Changes are inevitable, no matter how big or small the project is.

Adding a second-floor costs money

Any home remodels or renovation, no matter the size, costs money. The same applies when you want to add a second floor to your property. It’s best to prepare for the costs, so you don’t underestimate the expenses of an additional second floor.

Costs often include the materials, labor, and the service of companies. It’s always better to have a little extra budget in case of changes. After all, you can’t compromise the safety and condition of a top floor on an existing single story.

Budget planning should be part of the entire project planning. Discuss the budget with your contractor to avoid overshooting expenses as much as possible. Contractors aren’t strangers to limited budgets. Various compromises are always present to fit any budget construction but don’t forget to spare the extra cash.

Prepare the garage for additional floor layers

If you want to add a top floor to the garage, it may require different preparation. You’ll need to call a garage door repair company for the task first. There are ideal structure aspects to the garage that can change with the addition of a top floor.

In most cases, the garage still stays as a car space. Adding second floors can change the area of the garage. To avoid any misalignment issues, you should deal with the existing garage door first.

Moreover, it’s best to clear the garage floor first. In this move, you may end up having to move vehicles away first. Clear out items and fixtures for the additional second floor. Prepare the garage door just like you would prepare for the construction.

Prerequisite tasks can include garage door repair

For garage doors that lack the proper maintenance and regular services, it’s a different matter to prep the doors. If the garage doors aren’t in the best condition, there may be issues with any renovation.

Adjustments, movements, and part inspections are necessary. The last thing you want is a weak garage that can compromise the additional floor to your property. Loose mechanisms, missing door parts, or damages can affect the building work of the second floor.

So if you need garage door spring repair, garage door roller repair or any other garage door services, it’s better to contact a local garage door company before.

The same goes for garage door installation works. If it’s part of your plan to add a new garage door and a second floor, incorporate the doors into the plan. Installation, design, size, frame adjustments, and garage foundations are essential aspects you need to consider.

There are standard building codes for every location

Living in neighborhoods and locations can translate to various guidelines. Since you’re living with a community, additional construction requires a lot of things. You can’t renovate homes without the proper permit.

In some cases, you need to ask for permission from community councils to add a second floor. Since aerial areas are often contingent on debate or protest, inquire with localities first. Different additions mean different standards, guidelines, and procedures to follow.

There are also specific building codes to guarantee a standard building foundation. If there are accidents and unfortunate situations, tragedies to your property can affect other homes. Trusted professional contractors are experts in building codes to work around regulations.

Other things to consider for constructing an additional second floor

Technicalities aren’t the only cause of concern for adding a second floor. There’s more to adding a second floor than the new layout, design, and budget. To prepare for other matters, consider the following scenarios:

  1. Be forward-thinking about the additional floor. Are you going to sell your home in the next five years? If yes, it’s best to invest in a good design that can bring in good value for you.
  2. Bigger building more likely means higher tax. How are you going to adjust for the additional taxes? There will be changes to your future finances with the additional second floor.

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