The Plan Reviews by Dan Hollings: Discount, 2022 Risks & Success Stories (2022)!

The Plan Reviews by Dan Hollings: Discount, 2022 Risks & Success Stories (2022)!

This is an in-depth review of The Plan coaching program, weighing each detail before enrolling and answering every crucial question about this buzzing crypto training program.

Our team of crypto analysts and experts have spent weeks questioning and researching every aspect of The Plan By Dan Hollings, all its crypto and trading strategies, the $503 Enrollment Discount (more on that below); we have also read about all the success stories of “The Plan” students, and wanted to share our critical findings with all interested parties.


  • How can you lose money with this?
  • The Best Price & Discount for The Plan.
  • What’s a realistic time requirement for The Plan?
  • What you should expect as “Extra Startup Costs”!
  • Do you need Any Prior Crypto Experience to do this?
  • If “The Plan” works, How & Why does it work?
  • More!

That being said, we believe we have come up with Realistic Expectations and Achievable Goals you can set and expect with The Plan cryptocurrencies’ & Trading course.

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Let’s dive right in!

What is The Plan by Dan Hollings?

With The Plan, Dan Hollings has created a cryptocurrency and trading training program that teaches beginning investors how to make money with profitable crypto bots. With so many scammy investment programs out there, it is important to first clarify what The Plan is not. It is not a fund that takes investors’ money and promises to invest it for them. It is not a binary or day trading system, and it is not a multi-level marketing scheme.

Coaching Program The Plan by Dan Hollings
Course Content Cryptocurrency Course & Trading Mentorship Program
Free Masterclass Webinar Registration
The Plan Pricing $3,497 Full Payment or 4 Payments of $997
Mentor Dan Hollings
Discount Link Sales Page
Official Website The Plan Rocks


What The Plan does offer, and what we believe to be one of its strongest characteristics, is a collection of strategies, or ‘rules,’ that can be applied and then left relatively hands off to generate passive income. However, this ease of use did not come for free; Hollings has described spending most of the last three years and about $5 million perfecting his strategies.

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Do You Need Experience in Crypto to Join The Plan?

The short answer is No! In fact, the first sessions inside The Plan will teach you all the basics you need to know… And you don’t need to become an expert or know much from the get-go because “The Plan” is not about teaching you the ins and outs of crypto. The Plan will teach you how to profit from crypto without having to go deep into it!

Even if you’ve never bought or owned any crypto, or don’t even know how Bitcoin works, Dan Hollings’ Free Webinar is perfect for you to attend. This approach has been proven to be so simple that no previous experience is needed.

What is Cryptocurrency?

For those readers who are just beginning their crypto journey, we suggest checking out this 5-minute video or this 3-minute video for a primer on this fascinating technology. For now, we can describe cryptocurrency as a virtual form of money that uses complicated mathematical equations to establish security. Crypto is peer to peer, meaning there’s no central bank that manages Bitcoin or Ethereum or even Dogecoin—all transactions are done between buyers’ and sellers’ computers.

Because cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, they’re best used as long-term investments. Savvy investors keep an eye on the market and buy when cryptos are down. However, a strength of The Plan is that it teaches people how to make money even when they’re not currently buying.

…More about The Plan’s Discount down below!

Who is Dan Hollings?

Dan Hollings is a recognized leader in online sales and marketing training. He wrote the book The Secret (which became a film), and 20,000 Amazon sellers have benefitted from his coaching courses. Hollings has channeled years of experience and strategies—as well as millions of his own investment—into creating a relatively high-return, reduced-risk income generation system in The Plan.

How can you lose money with The Plan By Dan Hollings?

Fun fact: the guaranteed way to lose money with the Plan is to lose your passwords and access to your cryptocurrency wallets. 

Frankly, Dan Hollings teaches you the best practices to generate significant returns with low risk in a highly volatile market, which means that you’re in control of your crypto portfolio more than the market itself. Or if you don’t follow the step-by-step system inside The Plan, then you can certainly lose!

>> Join Dan as he explains these strategies HERE.

Thus far, The Plan has worked incredibly well for all Dan Hollings’ students (no exceptions) and that is anticipated to continue to work well. Yet, anything you put money into carries with it risk, even doing nothing with your money is still a risk in today’s market. You are presented with game-changing information and great mentorship by the best in the crypto industry to achieve your financial goals, but it’s always up to you to which degree you wish to apply it.

The Plan Pricing by Dan Hollings

Before The Plan launched, working with Dan Hollings meant paying $10,000 for private tutoring.

Dan Hollings’ The Plan mentorship program now costs $3,497, or 4 Monthly Installments of $997.

It gets even better…

The Plan’s Discount 

Here’s the kicker: you basically get the discount only if you pay for the program in full. If you opt for the payment plan, you don’t benefit from the actual $503 Discount and will pay the full $4,000 price for The Plan training program, over 4 months.

Any Additional Startup Costs other than The Plan?

The Plan’s mentorship program will require you to invest in a 3rd-party trading platform to configure your crypto bots. It has a plan for $69/month and a $149/month plan if you want to launch more bots.

Also, to use the frameworks you learn in The Plan, you’ll also need to invest a certain amount of crypto. Dan suggests $3,000 at the very least, but more is always better for diversification. If you don’t want to invest just yet, that’s okay too! You can experiment in demo mode for as long as you want, while getting top-notch crypto training.

To get a clear idea about The Plan in 2022, we would all be wise to attend the Free Webinar Training by Dan Hollings’ soon.

The Plan with Dan Hollings: Pros and Cons

You will find all the Pros and Cons details in the table right below.

Pros Cons
Minimal active trading needed; suits busy people well Occasionally, the value of some cryptocurrencies could relatively drop.
No skills  or experience needed to begin setting up crypto bots. Automated trading can take some time getting used to it
Profits can be seen on the first day, rather than years from now Bots must be optimized to perform well (you’ll find the best training for that inside The Plan)
Tried-and-true strategies that minimize the impact of emotion on trading  Software access costs extra ($69-$149 per month)
Low-risk system in a volatile market
Insulated from the effects of market crashes
Cryptocurrency stays in your personal exchange of your choice

To hear what other students have to say about the plan, check out this post Here.

What’s a Realistic Time Requirement for The Plan?

The good news is, The Plan doesn’t require a lot of little time to learn and implement. That’s what makes The Plan so appealing. It’s likely to take you more time to watch the training than to implement The Plan. In fact, you are urged to spend as little time as possible once you get The Plan set up.

It should take you about 6-10 hours to go through the material, so you have a solid understanding of The Plan. Then, it should only take you an hour or two to set up The Plan and go live with it. After that, it’s almost entirely hands off. Occasionally, you may want to add more “bots” to The Plan, and that is just a few minutes of set up per bot – and you’ll only need a handful of bots running at any given time.

How The Plan Leverages Crypto Volatility

As we mentioned, cryptocurrency is a highly volatile space. That means that it experiences wild price fluctuations from week to week, or even from day to day. Volatility can be scary, but The Plan is actually designed to take advantage of it. It does this using AI-bots and smart trading algorithms.

The bots utilized in The Plan practice Grid Trading, which aims for repeated small-scale profits made by buying when costs are low and selling when they’re high. Each sale might earn less than a dollar, but because the process is automated, it can be repeated many times an hour and add up to a significant income.

For those investors still wary of action happening in the background, The Plan provides a testing environment in which users can trial the bots and all the proven strategies.

>>Join Dan Hollings as he explains The Plan Live HERE

Dan Hollings’ The Plan Final Review

Students of Hollings’ have compared the bots they created on their own to those made using Dan’s strategies, and the latter outperform consistently. The frameworks and rules Hollings has compiled are hard to beat.

The one-time fee of $3,497 provides access to:

  • 6 synchronous online trainings that teach The Plan in detail.
  • “Office hours” in which Hollings and other mentors personally answer students’ questions.
  • A members-only site that includes recordings of previous trainings and a variety of additional how-to guides.

Although The Plan offers the possibility for hourly earnings, yearly returns are worth looking at as well. Many students have seen 200% or more per year—that’s a lot for a volatile, ever-changing place in the crypto realm. Those interested in learning more about this incredible source of passive income, or signing up for The Plan, can do so by visiting The Plan Official Website Here.

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