Wood Profits Reviews: Is Jim Morgan Home-Based Woodworking Business Legit?

Wood Profits Reviews: Is Jim Morgan Home-Based Woodworking Business Legit?

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Many folks lead a very humdrum existence. Their lives revolve around their office and the tasks they are working on. Often, people wish to break away from such a dull and monotonous existence. But changing a stable job for a hobby is not easy. Especially so when the profits of such hobbies may be questionable.

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Many people like to spend their free time on small woodworking projects in their garages. Many others may spend time wondering about how they can take up woodworking. There is a certain romance to the craft of working wood into pleasing and functional shapes. Some novices struggle with some basic aspects and cannot hone their skills further.

If studied thoroughly and correctly, woodworking can bring in some decent income. Wood Profits may have some useful information for beginners in woodworking. It has tips that may help get a small but steady income too.


Wood Profits is a step-wise guide for beginners and novices. It is aimed at those who are looking to start their woodworking journey. People are often held back from woodcraft because they are not confident in their skills. The specialized tools and gear required in woodworking may also be confusing. The terms and technical language may not be clear to some people.

Wood Profits aims to make woodworking accessible to everyone. The author is a gentleman called Jim Morgan. On the official website, Morgan claims to be a long-time woodworking enthusiast. Around 1994, almost 30 years ago now, Morgan found himself unemployed. Struggling to find a new source of income, he turned to woodworking. Now, nearly 30 years later, Morgan finds himself at the head of a successful business.

Through Wood Profits, Morgan plans to share his learnings. He started as little more than an amateur too. He learned his trade and developed his skills from many mistakes. Wood Profits is Morgan’s way of helping the next generation avoid at least a few pitfalls along the way. It is available as a hardcopy book, an e-book, and an MP3 audiobook.

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Wood Profits is a good source for a lot of important information. A variety of people can learn something from this book. Wood Profits contains many useful tips for beginners. Here is a list of topics and ideas covered in Wood Profits.

  • It has a catalog of projects that are in style. This roster of latest designs can help novice woodworkers get into the thick of things. Working on fashionable modern designs can help new entrants work on interesting projects. It can expose such beginners to the wider community. This can help develop their skills.
  • Woodworking is not a cheap hobby. Screwdriver sets and hammers are simple enough. But planers and table saws are not easy to get. Morgan has amassed a fair amount of experience in this regard. Wood Profits claims to offer tips for getting all the tools needed to make a start in woodworking.
  • The raw materials for a high-quality project are simple – good wood. But good timber is neither cheap nor easily found. Morgan offers his tips on locating a reliable supply of good raw materials at a fair price.
  • The book also provides many steps to take a hobby to the next steps. An idea can be to start with a small workshop or garage. Over time, people can develop the skills to run a small business. Morgan claims to have done just this. Wood Profits is his way of passing on the beacon to others.

Many people wish to hone their skills and make a small income from woodworking. Wood Profits offers an easy and simple method to do this. It claims to provide a guide on the technical and commercial aspects of woodworking. This book may help novices take the first steps toward a new calling.

The tips and tricks are not limited to just the technical stuff. There is a fair amount of red tape involved in setting up a new business. Wood Profits offers some help on the licensing and taxation aspects of business too. The regulations involved in setting up a business may be quite daunting. This guide may be useful for such cases.

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What To Expect

To be sure, woodworking is primarily an art form. It is not something that absolutely anyone can pick up by reading some books. But everyone is gifted in some art or the other. Woodworking often comes across as a challenging field. Books like Wood Profit are written to dispel such myths. This book can bring a positive difference in the lives of adequately skilled persons.

Readers should not take up the book expecting a windfall without putting in the work. Carpentry and woodworking are not careers for those idle minds and hands. These are very physical skills that involve a lot of handiwork. Do not expect any significant returns without putting in the effort required.

Readers can expect various useful tips and nuggets of knowledge. This is Morgan’s knowledge over the past three decades as a woodcrafter. His domain is not limited to just woodworking, though. He has also built his business up from scratch in these almost thirty years.

Wood Profits contains some helpful pointers for developing woodworking skills. Readers can use this book as a starting point. It presents some useful beginner-level techniques. Mastering these simpler skills opens the door to more advanced levels. Novice woodworkers are best served by constantly upgrading their expertise. The quickest way to do this is by interacting with experienced artisans.

Wood Profits also gives helpful advice on how readers can get into trade fairs. Getting to trade fairs has many benefits. The first benefit is obvious – beginners who get into trade fairs can get good compensation. It can also help new tradespeople get the exposure required to get new contracts. Attending trade fairs helps build contacts within the community. This can help people develop their skills too.

Morgan has an offer for a limited period on his website. Customers buying the Wood Profits book can get another special book during this time. This other book gives readers access to 500+ designs and projects. This gives beginners a great place to start. This book offers working plans and instructions for new entrants. It is a nice way to pick up their skills.

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Does Wood Profits Work For Everyone?

Wood Profits is a book aimed at newcomers in the field of woodworking. The targets are people looking to take their woodworking skills to a higher level. So, this book may benefit a large number of people. But it may not be the best solution for everyone out there.

People without the talent required to handle woodworking may not reap benefits. Woodworking is an art form that requires skill and dedicated effort. Someone who may even have the skillset but cannot put in the hard work cannot expect benefits here.

Woodworking may be a solution for people who want to break out of a rut in their professional lives. People leading a humdrum routine existence often turn to woodworking for respite. But taking this hobby to the next level requires a lot of effort. This effort is beyond the technical skills of woodcraft. Business of any kind requires commercial skill and hard work. Readers expecting returns without applying themselves in their business may be disappointed.

Applying the knowledge shared in the book can show decent returns in a reasonable period. This can help novices set themselves up in a nice way. It can work as a nice little second income. This can ease the financial pressures most people face. Nothing like turning a hobby into a source of money.

How To Buy Wood Profits?

Morgan sells his book Wood Profits on his official website. Wood Profits cannot be purchased at any other online website. There is no physical store carrying his book. This is a deliberate strategy from Morgan.

Purchasing the book from Morgan’s website gives customers various offers. The book normally retails at USD 97. However, it is available on Morgan’s website at USD 37 for a limited time. Using the official website also gives access to other helpful books Morgan offers.

Lastly, buying from the website gives customers access to Morgan and his team. Readers who buy the book from the official website can get enrolled in an online coaching series. This gives novices in the field the chance to interact with Morgan and develop their skills. It can also help with networking.

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What If It Does Not Work?

Morgan has developed the tips and tricks given in Wood Profits over almost three decades. He is confident that the ideas presented in the book can help any willing student. He is so sure that he offers a 100% money-back guarantee on his books. If readers wish to return the books, they can contact Morgan via his website within 60 days.

Final Words: Wood Profits

Many people wish to take up their woodworking skills to a higher level. Some people may want to spend more time woodworking for personal gains. Others may look to their hobby as a second income stream. Both types of beginners can gain from the ideas and knowledge presented in Jim Morgan’s book – Wood Profits.

It is normally sold on his official website for USD 97. A limited period offer sells it at USD 37 with a book with 500+ designs being sold for free. There is a 100% money-back refund in place. This may be a good option for novices to sharpen their skills.

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