Manifestation Magic Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? Must See Shocking 30 Days Results Before Buy!

Manifestation Magic Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? Must See Shocking 30 Days Results Before Buy!

You have always dreamed of having many things. These things have, however, never fallen into your grasp. As you grew up, you stopped dreaming about your desires and started facing the harsh realities of life. You would always struggle. You would never gain stability. The good things in life were for a selected few individuals, and you were not one of them.

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But what if you could change this narrative? What if the desires you dreamed were yours, but you never found a way to manifest them into your life as you could do? Life has directed you to this moment where you discover Manifestation Magic, your key to the rest of your prosperous life.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is a combination of over 20 tracks created to unify your soul to the universe, enabling you to manifest your heart’s desires. The program uses a combination of neuropathy linguistic programming, hypnotic suggestions, and vibrational healing frequencies to create the most robust program made to get you manifesting your heart desires in hours.

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This program comes with 24 audio tracks divided into four distinct systems that serve different purposes in your mind and subconscious.

  • The first part is the Complete Manifestation Magic System comprising the quick start guide that helps you begin the program.
  • The second part comprises four different tracks, dubbed Energy Orbiting tracks. Each track does a particular job. For example, the Twilight Transformation and Daytime Wealth tracks enable you to manifest different attributes at different times.
  • The third part falls under the Chakra Power System, comprising seven tracks that rid you of your fear of getting money, connect you to your purpose on earth, rid you of low self-esteem, and four other traits across seven days.
  • The final part contains seven bonus energy orbiting tracks designed to tune all good things meant for you. Wealth Awakening, Mystical Chi Gung, The Heartbeat, Stargaze, and Divine Tranquility are but some of the tracks you get.

On top of all these parts, you get three other bonuses to direct your mind to greatness. These bonuses include two eBooks and one audio series. One of the eBooks gives you tips on boosting your immune system while the other teaches you 20 uncommon ways to generate income in this Corona season. The audio tracks are 10 minutes long and connect you to the healing power of mother earth.

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How Manifestation Magic Manifests

Manifestation Magic uses tones that tune into the universe and your soul. You get plugged into the universe’s positivity as the negativity, false beliefs, and hurt get eradicated from your mind. The program raises your vibrations, and by so doing, eliminates all the negativity plaguing you. Once the waves clear out the negativity plaguing your body, it replaces all the fears, insecurities, and failures with self-esteem, courage, success, and money attraction. Love, good health, your dream job, and even the business you have always wanted will locate you and manifest in your life. Your mind gets reprogrammed as you listen to the subsonic audio tracks affecting the deepest parts of your subconscious.

How to Manifest Magic

Manifesting magic into your world takes on a simple process. You only need to read the quick start guide to help you understand how to work the system. The tracks are then labeled, and you can use each based on the time the quick guide tells you to use it. For example, the Twilight Transformation should get listened to at night when you go to bed. That way, it will get into its work of penetrating the inner depths of your subconscious. There are tracks that you listen to during the day, while others can get heard during particular episodes in your life. The quick guide outlines the best time to listen to each of the tracks.

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Frequency of Use

You get several materials upon the purchase of the product. These are in written and audio format. All the content has specific times that it should get used. The instructions for usage are in the quick start guide that comes with the program. Take your time to read through the guide to get guidance on when to use each of the tracks.

There are tracks to use in the morning, during the day, and at night as you sleep. Use them for as long as you want to.

Safety Concerns

The program does not pose any risk to your mental or physical parts. The audio tracks form from subsonic ranges of sound that positively affect the human mind and bring out the best. They can get used for as long as someone enjoys them. They do not have any health risks when you use them every day.

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Benefits of Manifestation Magic

  • The program eradicates every negative input that got into your mind and body from the time you were born. It restores the original setting you had at the beginning.
  • Your mind gets aligned to positivity as it goes through healing from wounds afflicted over time. You start to envision your life as you have always desired. With every passing minute, the desires get aligned to the universe’s positivity.
  • The alignment to the universe gets your desires manifesting in hours from when you start to listen to the subliminal sounds that engage your subconscious.

Cost of the Program

The program’s worth is $432 for all the different tracks and eBooks you get. It, however, comes at a reduced price of just $37. With this amount, you get everything, including every bonus, delivered to you. You can also get the most basic package with one audio system if you feel constrained by finances or just want the basic package. This basic package goes for $27.

You can also get the platinum package for just $97. It includes audio systems for deep sleep and a master’s course teaching you how to interpret signs, numbers, and events.

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Refund Options

The author of the program gives a 24-hour money-back guarantee that assures you of getting every cent back if you do not manifest any positive things within 24 hours of listening to the audio tracks. You will not need to return the product to get your refund.


How do I get the program once I pay for it?

You get access to the member’s corner where you can download the tracks to your computer, burn them on CD, or access them on the app. The app is available on both Play Store and Apple.

Can I manifest my soulmate using this program, or I just wait for things to align somehow?

You attract anything you desire as long as you align yourself to the universe through positive vibes. That attraction includes your soul mate if you wish them.

Conclusion: Manifestation Magic

It takes a desire for greatness for you to take a step to attract it to yourself. You only need to align yourself to these desires and create positive vibes with the universe. You can do this by getting this program to begin changing your life for good.

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