Amazing Healthy Sleep Tips

Amazing Healthy Sleep Tips

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There are numerous health benefits of having a great night’s sleep. From boosting your immune system to improving your memory and cognitive ability, good sleep plays an important part in ensuring quality health and performance. Yet, a good number of people continue to remain sleep deprived for a number of reasons. This could be as a result of a sleep deprivation cause or simply poor sleeping conditions. Several national bodies like the CDC, National Institute on Aging, Natural Institute of Health, etc committed to solving this problem have released some helpful tips that can improve the quality of sleep. These tips have been categorized into four:

  1. Creating a bedroom that induces sleep;
  2. Optimizing your sleep timetable;
  3. Crafting a routine to do just before bed time;
  4. Engaging in activities that would promote sleep throughout the day.

Each of these categories ensures that falling asleep becomes seamless, staying asleep for as is needed is easier, and you wake up energized.

Creating a bedroom that induces sleep

One very important tip that will improve your quality of sleep is making your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Ensure you focus on reducing the amount of distractions that might keep you awake and increase comfort by following these steps:

  • Purchase a high quality mattress and pillow.

When it comes to making your bedroom as comfortable as it can be, getting a high quality mattress should be at the top of your list. You should purchase a mattress with great spine support and one that promotes maximum relaxation.

Select quality bedding: Your blanket and sheets have a major role to play in ensuring you’re properly relaxed and comfortable. You should get bedding that is able to maintain a relaxing temperature all through the night. Organic bamboo sheets are a great example.

  • Avoid disruptions from light

Direct exposure to light might hinder a great sleep and circadian rhythm. You could use blackout curtains to ensure this doesn’t happen or wear a sleeping mask.

  • Utilize a white noise machine

If you find it difficult to sleep as a result of the constant noise in your environment, a white noise machine might just be the way to go. White noise blocks out unwanted noises in your environment. You must however ensure you find the right white noise for you.

  • Cultivate peace and quiet

Reducing the noise in and around your bedroom to a minimum is important to having great sleep. If it is impossible to eliminate the distracting noise, consider drowning the noise with white noise or ear plugs.

  • Select the most suitable temperature

Temperature greatly influences comfort. This is why you must ensure that your bedroom temperature is set to an ideal degree for relaxation. Your bedroom shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.

  • Introducing pleasant aromas

Aromas are a great way to improve relaxation and calmness. You can introduce sweet smelling aromas into your bedroom using essential oils with natural, sweet smelling aromas.

Optimizing your sleep timetable

By optimizing your schedule for sleep, you are able to take an important step towards great sleep. Here are some strategies you can implement

  • Set a fixed time to wake up

Waking at random intervals makes it difficult for your body to get used to an adequate sleep time. Select a suitable time to wake up and stick to it.

  • Gradually adjust your schedule

It is best to make changes to your sleep schedule gradually. It helps your body get accustomed to the new schedule easily thereby helping you meet up with the new schedule.

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