Real Estate Instagram Tips

Real Estate Instagram Tips

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A real estate agent knows the importance of Instagram marketing better than anyone. This platform has the potential to reach thousands of potential buyers across the world. Truth be told, this platform is quite overwhelming, but popular real estate Instagram accounts have many followers on it at present. Even the brands are investing huge amounts of money for displaying their advertisements on such platforms.

If you are willing to push past this massive noise and make space for your brand, now is the time to master the art of Instagram in real estate. When it comes to platform-specific advertising, content is king, branding and advertisement are the queens, and lastly, the art of writing captions binds them together. Check out some of the great tips to create the best real estate Instagram in the below segment:

  1. Stabilize your brand

If using Instagram for real estate is your only purpose, then consider that it is all about your business and personal brand. Real estate Instagram posts are all about understanding what customers are willing to see on your page or what can make them associate with you. Ultimately it becomes a brand message across various channels, business cards, websites, or in-person meetings. Platform-oriented real estate Instagram marketing is based on highlighting the reality of platform-specific instances. Strong marketing and branding measure the content type that can attract potential customers. It is advised that you write Instagram captions and add hashtags smartly to avoid any sort of off-brand activity.

  1. Do not hesitate to post stunning real estate Images

Every real estate agent knows that the first impression is the best one in the industry. By photos, we don’t mean the regular ones. Make sure to have images in proper lighting and high resolution; this can increase their appeal among customers. Be confident enough to invest in bright lighting effects and the necessary equipment regardless of what camera you have. If there is a serious lighting error, you can fix it yourself to save your pictures from poor lighting. Some additional tips that you can follow are-

  • If you are using a mobile phone for taking pictures, then try to get a camera lens for the phone as they can create a huge difference
  • If you can invest in a professional camera, then make sure to learn about the types that are available in it
  • If you are planning to have a third-party vendor, then do it with proper planning because professional photographers may take a while to share the final pictures
  1. Take as many photos as possible

Even if it doesn’t matter, make sure to take various photos of a single shot. The ultimate objective is to have choices while posting the pictures because time is always at stake. Think of it this way: taking real estate pictures is like having a selfie where if you do not like one of them, you will have other options to go for. Finally, when you zeroed in on an image, you can go through the best ones and post them on your account. Thank us later as you are no more stuck with one or two real estate pictures to post on your Instagram account.

  1. Use advanced editing software and tools for the pictures

Pictures may not be beautiful, but editing can beautify them. Try editing your real estate pictures to make them appealing and attractive for users scrolling their Instagram feed. Instagram itself comes with several built-in picture editing features using which you can apply as many filters to pictures. If these filters can work for you, do not hesitate to make a real estate Instagram move. You can also use software to edit your pictures professionally.

  1. Harness the power of before and after posts and quotes

There is something mysterious about viewing the before and after photos of any real estate business. It instantly provokes customers to get connected with the property law platform. There is general psychology behind it as before and after pictures maximize conversion rates for brands. It is the easiest trick for the realtors to have the edge over the Instagram business.

Additionally, you can add a twist to your posts with real estate quotes or statements. It will not only help you spark a conversation with your potential customers, but your platform also remains open to feedback. Interesting captions may get comments or shares for the posts, which will ultimately mark the beginning of real estate conversions.

  1. Picture the local restaurants, businesses, or other properties

If you can picture your property’s surroundings like the nearby restaurant, any monument, or parks, then it can prove to be a great deal. It will enable potential customers to have a sneak peek of the area around your property. You can either consider including a short video clip while walking through the property and its neighborhood. Take pictures of community parties, retreats, or any sort of gatherings that can influence customers to join you.

  1. Post about your existing clients

Real estate agent marketing is all about showing off to users and remaining true to your brand. If you have recently closed any real estate deal or are about to hand over keys to a new customer, ask them if you can post it on your page. You can ask for permission or an agreement from the client to commemorate the deal. Let them give a review of your services and property.  As Instagram is a great platform for highlighting the credibility of the real estate business, make sure to remain connected with your potential buyers and sellers. The ultimate way to achieve this is to show maximum to the customers but in the right manner.


There is always a learning curve to strengthening your real estate Instagram game in comparison to your contemporaries. Follow the tips that have been mentioned in this article and make your Instagram posts incredible.

Now you are all set to get the real estate Instagram leads and conversions on your account.

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