President Donald Trump should be honored this Black History Month

February is African American History Month but I believe Black History shouldn’t be a curriculum in our schools to teach American history, that should be taught at home for patriotism. I also think that this Black History Month should include a mention of President Trump’s historic political policies for African Americans.

The original concept of Black History Month was to address how American history is taught, but it has evolved into honoring prominent African American men and women who have shaped American history. We do not need schools to teach this, other demographics honor their achievements with heritage months such as Women’s History Month in March & American Indian Heritage Month in November.

The concept of Black History Month was created by Carter G. Woodson when it was announced that February should be Black History Month to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass on February 12th and February 14th.

If President Lincoln is associated with African American heritage, Black History Month should include President Trump’s historic policies and achievements in the African American community and for all Americans nationwide.

I am asked by liberals all the time “What has Trump done for the marginalized urban communities?” Most have no idea that his agenda has policies that have never been done and have impacted the African American community. Liberals and the media hate President Trump so much that they tend to not mention how he captured 19% of the black vote with 9% being black women. This was unprecedented and under-reported by the mainstream media.

Plus, Trump created policies that no other president has done to positively impact the African American community. Those policies include record low employment for African Americans, giving more funding to HBCU’s than President Obama, as well as Trump’s First Step Act for prison reform.

All these achievements are noteworthy and worth recognizing this Black History Month and beyond. President Trump kept his promise of making America Great Again especially for African Americans.

About The Author

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a third-generation Baltimorean, a father of three, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, and a lifelong community advocate. He is currently a member of the Baltimore City Republican Central Committee. He has run for Congress and the Baltimore City Council.


  1. William

    Wow, so you guys really will publish anything now, huh?

    • Marc

      It’s called FREE SPEECH … please get a copy of the Constitution and read up on it … it’s easy to find it’s Nr. 1 of the first 10 Amendments.

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