8 ways to keep your dog busy at home

8 ways to keep your dog busy at home

Image by Ilona Krijgsman from Pixabay

Adopting a dog is not as easy as it sounds. They need to be constantly looked after at all stages. This becomes extremely tough in today’s time when most dog owners stay busy at work.

Well, you can’t always leave your dogs to your friends and neighbors because they have their own lives too. A bored dog left at home will eventually become lazy. And at that time, no matter how much you make effort, your dog will just not be enthusiastic enough to play with you.

So, it’s very important to maintain the natural agility of the dog but keep your house safe at the same time. Let’s find out how you can do that.

  1. Switch on the television

A simple way to keep the dog busy indoors is by making them watch the television. Tune into cartoon channels or animal planet’s channels and make them sit on the couch. The interesting voices and graphics will keep them hooked for hours without destroying any other stuff in the house.

  1. Make them watch through the door

While going to work, lock all your windows and doors properly and push the curtains to the side. Since it won’t be possible to go outside when you are not there, they will entertain themselves by looking outside the window. The pedestrians, children, and green grass will catch their attention for long hours.

  1. Buy some toys

Toys are a great way to tend to your pup’s boredom when you are not at home. There are some great options available online. You can also explore the dog supplies at PETstock. They have an amazing collection and some unique toys for your pup.

  1. Introduce dog treats

This is a great way to train your household dog for stimulating their natural senses. But if not used wisely, it can also turn them quite lazy.

In order to avoid that play this game – When you are going to leave the house for a few hours, take some treats and leave them at different corners of the house.

Leave small trails at different ends so your dog gets to them. Pat them when you come home and do this little trick once every week. Your dog will love it.

  1. Give a block of ice

During summers, it’s hard to not get stuck with boredom and take naps all day. But this can be turned into fun playtime for your dog with the help of this interesting summer game.

Freeze a block of ice with some treats in it. It will make him play with it for hours because they will be busy taking out the treat kept inside for them.

  1. Shuffle game

This is one of the games you can play with your dog while you both are too lazy to go for a walk. It will also help in dog training.

Take any small piece of treat your dog likes and 3 cups. Put the treat inside the cup and shuffle. Now ask your dog to find it. Over time your pup will identify it, and whenever he answers correctly, reward him with a treat.

  1. Find their toys

Treats can be very enticing to find, but what about toys. Believe it or not, once dogs get used to their toys, they will always be on the run to find them. So, let’s use it to your advantage.

Hide some of your dog’s favorite toys inside the house and leave certain cues for them to find. First, it will keep it busy to find it and later, by playing with it.

  1. Which hand is it?

A simple game that was used to play as kids can now be played with dogs too. To get started, hold your dog’s treat between your palms.

Now, turn them into fists by keeping the treat in one of them. Ask your dog to answer in which hand the treat is. When he answers correctly, reward him with the same one in your hands.

  1. Help from nearby owners

Planning trips with a dog can be overwhelming because at some places the habitat may not be compatible with pets. So, if your locality has few dog owners living nearby your house, make friendships with them.

Go out weekly to nearby parks with their dogs. This will help your dog to bond with them. And maybe you can lend favors by looking for each other’s dogs once in a while.

Over to you…

An active dog is a happy dog. By keeping your dog happy, you are naturally inviting positivity in your home and your life as well. So, take care of them.

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