Cost of AVD Treatment Abroad

Cost of AVD Treatment Abroad

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The issues of cardiovascular pathology are extremely urgent today all over the world. Their complications often lead to fatal outcomes, making heart diseases the reason why people are dying. The most common manifestations of atrioventricular valve dysplasia (AVD) are structural changes in the heart, such as valve prolapses. AVD affects both life duration and its quality.

What is AVD all about?

Congenital mitral valve insufficiency, which would cause the need for medical treatment or a referral to cardiac surgeons, is exceptionally rare. But one of the most frequent cardiological diagnoses that concerns it directly is atrioventricular valve dysplasia.

Most often it causes inaccurate closure of the valve cusps, as a result of which blood goes backward at the moment of ventricular contraction, seeping into the left atrium. This can be caused by one of the cusps flexing backward under pressure, “prolapsing” towards the atrium, and letting this trickle through. This is what AVD is causing.

The degree of prolapse can vary from mild to severe. This degree is clearly visible on echocardiograms. As long as it is only an “echocardiographic” diagnosis and if there are no signs of heart failure or other clinical manifestations, patients don’t need to worry.

The cost of AVD treatment

The cost of AVD treatment abroad depends on many factors, which include the diagnosis itself, the diagnostic tests required, a treatment plan, and the individual peculiarities of the patient.

Recommendations for a preliminary examination can be obtained from the website of the chosen clinic after consultation with healthcare specialists. Then, when you come to the cardiology center, you can save your time and money by visiting only those diagnostic procedures that need to be carried out.

As for the treatment scheme, patients with the same diagnosis can be offered different treatment options. Thus, even for patients with similar diagnoses in the same cardiac center, different approaches can be recognized as optimal, each connected with different treatment costs and different lengths of stay in the hospital.

After certain manipulations, patients need to stay in the hospital for a few days. On the other hand, people can undergo outpatient treatment (if possible) and then the patient visits an attending physician while living near the clinic, which significantly reduces the cost of treatment.

Also, individual characteristics of the patient like age, gender, the presence and nature of complications of the underlying disease, and comorbidities influence the final treatment cost. For example, heart valve replacement in a young person with the high functional capacity of organs usually costs less than surgery and postoperative rehabilitation in an elderly patient with the autoimmune condition, for instance, or other serious comorbidities.

To give an idea of how much will the AVD treatment cost, see the list below:

  • The cost of AVD treated abroad with surgical reconstruction starts at 9,833 EUR
  • The examination in suspected AVD costs from 492 EUR
  • The rehabilitation after AVD treatment costs from 566 EUR per day

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Going abroad for treatment of AVD

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