Holiday Tips For Your Product Photography

Holiday Tips For Your Product Photography

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1. Coordinate With Your Props

Product photography during the holidays isn’t one-size-fits-all. The ideas we’ve listed below are a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for some inspiration. However, only you are aware of your brand identity. Choose objects and concepts that are consistent with your brand. Do you like your Product photography to be shown in a warm cabin environment? or do you want a glitzy, opulent look? Natural pine needles and snow, or tacky felt Christmas decor? To get the most out of your picture shoot, make these choices with your target audience in mind.

2. Make A Flat Lay Winter props

Try a flat lay if your item is tiny enough to fit on a tabletop. A flat lay is a shot from above gazing down on a scene. This technique can be used to pack a lot of interesting objects into a little space and create an entire atmosphere, or to include many products in a single scene.

Pro tip: When it comes to clothing or cosmetics, the flat lay approach is ideal. For instance, if your company sells t-shirts, it’s difficult to create a dynamic and visually appealing product photo from a folded t-shirt on a table. You may make the scene more coherent by placing a few pine cones or a warm mug of tea next to it on the table.

3. Fireplace Backdrops

What could be more festive than a roaring fire over the holidays? Try a fireplace scene if you have a product photography that works well in an indoor setting. Don’t stop there: provide a warm blanket and a good book next to your merchandise.

Pro tip: If you utilize a real fireplace, keep in mind that the light from the fire will backlight your scene quite a bit. To eliminate undesirable strong shadows, place a reflector or numerous lights in front of the product. If you want to go for a severe shadow look, make a gif of the fire in the background flickering and moving.

4. Wrapped presents in corporates

A wrapped present has a thrilling and eye-catching quality about it! Wrap several empty boxes in a way that matches your product’s design. Consider how your product would be presented as a gift: would it be wrapped in newspaper and twine? Is that a gleaming silver bow? a charming tinsel-filled bag?

5. Capture Steams Coming Out Of A Mug 

In natural lighting, steam is quite easy to photograph and can be a lot of fun to experiment with. Bring some water to a boil in an electric tea kettle and pour into a mug. You may need to empty it and try again a few times before getting the right photograph, but the result is a dark (and inexpensive!) photo effect.

Pro tip: Make your hot beverage more convincing by creating a scenario around it or using a hand model.

6. Set A Warm Scene

It’s a terrific opportunity to employ that too warm inside lighting that you’re usually trying to avoid for product photography over the holidays. A photo-worst editor’s enemy is too much warmth in the image. However, if you’re going for a candlelit cabin vibe in the evening, you might as well embrace it! Experiment with warm lighting (fairy lights, campfires, and Candles etc).

Pro tip: Because warm light sources can be capricious, you’ll probably need to edit your images with them. To produce warm honey tones in your images without going too dark, employ presets in photo-editing applications.

7. Building A gingerbread Home 

A gingerbread home kit is a tried-and-true technique to elicit the childish delight that we associate with the holidays. To use as a backdrop, make a gingerbread house. Then try biting into it and photographing it with the gingerbread home partially dismantled. This will allow you to make a cute GIF (and your photographer will be rewarded).

Pro tip: this concept will work best with products that include food or are appropriate for use in a kitchen or dining setting.

8. Cutouts And Overlay’s

This background approach is enjoyable, simple, and inexpensive. Choose a few different colors of construction or poster paper. Make some cutouts and then overlay them on your photo shoot’s background. Create one layer of the mountain silhouette and one layer of the tree silhouette, for example, if you want a little mountain landscape with some pine trees. A nice city silhouette or a small hamlet with children playing are also options.

Pro tips: Create smoke or steam between the layers for an instant moody look to take this notion a step further. It creates the impression of walking home at dusk after a Christmas eve snowball fight.

9. Play With fake Snow

It’s simple to make artificial snow in a variety of methods. It’s possible to get it online or make it from common home things; it all depends on the aesthetic you want to achieve! You may even use a photo-editing program to add some extra snow in post-production!

Pro tip: If you’re going to use fake snow, make sure to include a prop that creates the impression of warmth. For a holiday photoshoot, employing only snow is a little too cool. To counteract the chill, add a pair of warm mittens or a mug of hot chocolate.

10. Set A Glass Crystal

Use beautiful crystal cocktail glasses (and fill them with some form of sparkling drink for a realistic look) for holiday photos that transition beautifully into New Year’s.

Pro tip: Avoid putting glasses on the table by themselves, some candles should be lit. Use a table runner instead. It is a piece of fabric that is used to cover the surface of perhaps some gold or silver glitter to complete the festive effect.

11. Utilize Models

Consider the following scenario: you have a product in front of a crackly, warm fireplace. It’s just sitting on the fireplace mantel. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? But what if someone is holding it? It is being unwrapped. The feet are tucked in. They wore their coziest sweater. They’re beaming as they open their gift, and their gorgeous puppy sits next them. See the difference between that model (and the dog model)?

Pro tips: Models (both canine and human) offer a fantastic opportunity to use GIFs. GIFs or videos provide a more visually appealing final result that will attract your potential customer’s attention and effectively communicate your message.

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