How To Get More Discord Members (4 Easy Ways)

How To Get More Discord Members (4 Easy Ways)

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Discord is a popular online chat platform that has become an excellent way to form and join social groups. For that reason, many people are looking to create their own Discord server. However, while it’s easy to create a server, it’s hard to make it successful. But don’t worry, there are a number of ways to advertise your server, increase its membership number, and make it more popular; which is what this article will discuss.

4 Ways To Get More Discord Server Members:

List your server in Discord directories

There are several online directories where you can list your Discord server. Most of these sites will also allow people to create an account and follow the listed servers, keeping them up-to-date with new messages posted by members in real-time.

There are a number of different ways to upload your server a directory, but it’s all pretty straightforward.

Once you’ve added your server to the directory, people will be able to search for it using the information you supplied. This allows new folks to join your Discord channel by searching and is a fantastic method for expanding the community.

Share your server on Reddit

On Reddit, there is a subreddit dedicated to Discord servers. It’s a Reddit Discord server directory where individuals may submit information about their Discord and provide a link for others to join.

The community has over 120,000 members, so there are individuals here that are seeking for interesting, new, and entertaining servers to join. However, in our experience, this is the least successful approach to attract users to your Discord. There are simply too many other people creating their own Discords who aren’t even trying hard enough, but it’s still worth a try.

Share your server on social media

Another great way to get users is through social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Chris Harris, from Harkable, recommends uploading a link to your Discord server in your bios on these platforms so that anyone who is subscribed can find it easily, especially if you’re trying to build up a solid online following for yourself or your brand. You could also consider cross-promoting with other websites – iFunny is one example of this approach being used successfully by many Discord servers!

Buy social media shoutouts from influencers

One strategy that has seen great success is buying social media shoutouts from influencers to promote your Discord server. Social media shoutouts are essentially posted on the platforms these individuals use where they advertise someone else’s project or service in their bio, profile picture, or video content. This can be an incredibly effective way of drawing new users towards you and reaching a wider audience!

Buy server members

The quickest method to increase your server member count is to buy Discord members from a third-party website. The Investigative Journal reports that are numerous sites that provide Discord members, and they have a variety of payment alternatives. These members will not only assist you in increasing server activity, but they will also raise the number of people in your Discord community. This will improve the social proof of your server by boosting its presence and enticing more users to join and engage with it, which is crucial for its credibility.

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