4 Simple Ways To Dispose of A Memory Foam Mattress

4 Simple Ways To Dispose of A Memory Foam Mattress

Image by Johannes Wünsch from Pixabay

Nothing lasts forever, and nor does the memory foam mattress. No matter how good your foam mattress is, it would need to be replaced after a while. The average life of a mattress is of 8 – 10 years. Some people change the mattress because they are interested in a new model or their comfort requirements have changed. But whether you want or not, you’ll someday have to change your memory foam mattress. 

The process of researching and buying a new comfortable mattress may be a fun part. But then you have to figure out ways for your old mattress disposal.

There are a number of ways to get rid of your old mattress. Some of them are recycling, repurposing, or even you can donate a mattress or contacting mattress disposal pickup services. The way you dispose of your memory foam mattress depends on different conditions, such as mattress condition, location, availability of mattress disposal pickup, and donation services. 

We have broken down these old mattress disposal methods for you to choose the right one and get your job done. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Donate A Mattress 

When first hearing about donating a mattress, most people ask the same question “ Really, can I donate a mattress? “ the answer is yes, you can. The mattress that is in good condition can be donated to someone in need. But remember, the average life of a mattress is around ten years. So if your mattress is too old or has foam tears, large strains, bugs, burns or cuts, or molds, you should not donate that mattress.

Many organizations would be thankful to you if you donate it to them. Most of them have a specific drop-off location, and some even offer you a mattress disposal pickup. You can easily find the nearest mattress donation around you online. 

Recycle A Mattress 

Recycling would be a good option if you can not find a suitable place to donate a mattress. According to Mattress Recycling Council, around 12 to 15 million mattresses in the US are not reused and need to be disposed of for recycling. 

Recycling a mattress is a good option as the consumer affairs report says that 90% of the material in a memory foam mattress can be recycled. Here are the simple ways in which you can do it.

  • Drop off your mattress at a recycling center.
  • Contact the mattress manufacturer and ask about recycling.
  • Contacting local municipality head and ask about recycling.
  • Get a mattress disposal pickup service.

Repurpose Or Reuse A Mattress 

Another option for disposing of your old memory foam mattress is to repurpose or reuse it for yourself. Once the mattress is disassembled, its different parts can be used in different ways. These parts can be used with little creativity in your home, offices, and many other places. Some of the mattress repurposing ideas are:

  • Create a bed for your pets.
  • You can create an additional trundle bed with an old memory foam mattress.
  • It can be used as the stuffing for a bean bag. 
  • It can be used as padding under sleeping bags, chairs, and pillows.
  • You can create additional cushions for chairs, vehicles, and study tables.
  • Fabric that covers the foam can be used in the garage, utility room, or workrooms.
  • Other parts can be used in decoration or creative ways.

Find A Second Home For Your Mattress

If your mattress is in good condition and you do not want to throw it away or recycle it, finding a buyer is an excellent way to dispose of it. You can easily find someone who does not want to pay the total price for a new mattress. There is an excellent online market for no wear and tear mattresses. You can utilize platforms that allow you to place free ads in your nearby area and post it on social media groups and channels.

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