Green Moving: 6 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

Green Moving: 6 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

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Moving is not the most sustainable process. Recyclable boxes are not enough, as movers usually waste materials, accumulate trash, and drive a lot. Fortunately, there are proven ways to reduce the environmental impact. Embrace green moving today to do the planet a favor! These eco-friendly tips will also help you cut costs during your next relocation.

1.   Limit the Number of Trips

Fewer trips there and back reduce the ecological impact. For example, if you hire a reputable provider in Los Angeles, the team will transport all of your items on the same day. Companies with moving trucks of all sizes (check for details), will let you transport as much as possible instead of doing it little by little.

2.   Accumulate Boxes Throughout the Year

Climate change is a pressing issue, and using brand-new boxes is the last resort. The pandemic has made online shopping a necessity, rather than a luxury. If you receive products in boxes, keep them. You can break them down and store them in your basement or garage. When the time for a move comes, these items will do double duty.

3.   Get Second-hand Boxes

If you do not have enough boxes, ask friends and family members if they can help you out. Find out if local retail stores or grocery stores have any boxes available. On, you can get items discarded by manufacturers. Check Craigslist or Freecycle to see if anyone is giving away boxes in your area. Finally, you could also make a post on social media to see if anyone can donate spare boxes.

4.   Use Other Containers

To limit the number of new cardboard, consider using the containers you already have. For example, you could pick up your items into plastic bins, suitcases, duffle bags, and grocery totes. Even dresser drawers can serve as containers. For the items from under the sink, use your bathroom trash bin lined with a garbage bag. Anything that can fit other things inside it will do.

5.   Use Unconventional Packing Materials

Wrap up your items in towels, linens, or comforters. Even old clothes can be used to transport possessions safely. If you cannot find enough of these, get some newspapers. Plastic packing materials are outrageously unsustainable, but you can have them recycled through a website like Recycle Finder. Think outside the box, literally.

6.   Donate Unnecessary Items

Take stock of what you have and sort the items you don’t need into three categories: “donate,” “recycle,” and “toss”. The latter should be the smallest. Donate items in a decent condition to charities, such as Veterans for America or Goodwill. You could also contact local organizations like animal shelters, libraries, and schools. Discard the items from the toss pile properly. TerraCycle has plenty of tips on recycling almost anything!

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