5 Reasons Why You Need Office Software for Your Business

5 Reasons Why You Need Office Software for Your Business

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Efficiency and collaboration are keys to any business’s success. Being able to connect, communicate and deliberate on new ideas opens up new windows of opportunities. But, the Covid crisis has compelled us to ideate, create and collaborate with our colleagues and clients virtually.

That is why most businesses nowadays rely on online productivity tools and cloud computing for their growth. Microsoft Office 365 is one such productivity suite that allows you to use and utilize the full potential of cloud computing.

If you are still dithering on buying an office license, we offer you five compelling reasons why you should-

1. Accessibility

Work from home culture has finally headed home the importance of cloud storage. Cloud storage allows you to access files from anywhere, anytime you want.

Office 365 offers remote access to files simultaneously on five different devices. If you possess the correct credentials, you can work from any place around the globe, no matter where your actual office is. That is especially helpful for businesses with a global presence.

2. Collaboration

Any business thrives on collaboration and team effort. Office 365 is specifically designed for team players. An office suite allows you to share mailbox, calendars, contacts and files with your colleagues.

With a shared calendar, you can view who is available at what time and schedule a meeting where everyone can join. Now, no need to send missives around the office calling everyone for the meeting.

On OneDrive, you can upload the work for others’ viewing. Furthermore, with official access, you can suggest, edit and comment on a document without sending it back and forth via email.

Multiple users can use the same document simultaneously and share them through SharePoint. By clicking on the little name flags on the file, you can even check their work in real-time.

Teams allows you to do precise that, along with some added features. You can use the ‘at’ option to address a particular person in the comment – perfect for cross-department collaboration, isn’t it?

3. Communication

A clear line of communication means your business will run smoothly. It ensures that there is not an error due to a lack of information. Skype, Outlook and Yammer are perfect tools to keep your staff updated with company guidelines and policies.

With Skype, you can hold a meeting or a conference with your clients and employees anytime. Outlook has already become a reliable email service provider worldwide.

Although Yammer is relatively new compared to other office tools, it has quickly found resonance among HRs. On Yammer, you can post any news on the company page. This way it reaches all your employees. Yammer sends an email notification whenever something is posted on the company feed. Furthermore, you can create separate channels for different purposes to reach a particular section of workers.

4. Security

While using any online software, the prime concern is security, especially when you are a new entrant into the cloud space. Well, Office 365, being the product of one of the world’s leading tech giants, keeps you worry-free on that front.

Microsoft offers a robust security mechanism that is periodically checked and updated. Furthermore, the two-factor authentication allows you to restrict access for unauthorized people.

Additionally, Microsoft stores all your data in their secure data centers. They scan your files with the latest software to detect any virus or malware threats. That means any threats to your system is thwarted immediately.

5. Auto-update

Office 365 comes with familiar products like Word, Excel, Outlook and others- that too with the latest updated version. Which again means enhanced protection against malware.

You don’t need to fret over updating your apps manually. Microsoft takes care of that. Moreover, you don’t need to pay an extra penny to sue the latest version of their products. The latest updates are installed free of cost under the Microsoft Office 365 license.

According to statistics over 1.2 billion people and most major businesses around the world use office software as their primary cloud platform. Their customer service is easy to reach and offers immediate help in cases of any hindrance. In conclusion, utilizing the full potential of Office Suite is an easy way to maximize your productivity and stay ahead of the curve

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