5 destinations where to go after retirement

5 destinations where to go after retirement

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Now the time has come when you don’t have to worry about going to work every day. Right now you can devote all your time to yourself, your grandchildren, hobbies, and travel.

You can plan your travels more often. It remains only to determine what you want to see and what kind of rest you need. You can choose a spa vacation or a trip to exotic places you’ve never been to. You have unlimited possibilities.

In this article, we will suggest several retirement traveling options.


If you have always wanted to visit the mountains and enjoy the mesmerizing nature, then Canada is perfect for you with its unbeatable views. You can organize your trip on your own or rely on the experience of travel agents to help you create the perfect itinerary and provide you with a comfortable environment.

The Rocky Mountains of this country are an area of ??peace and tranquility. You can start your trip in Vancouver and take the time to get ready for your trip and wander the streets of the city. Next, be sure to board the Rocky Mountaineer train, which will take you to the picturesque mountains. Here, the top of the train is glazed, and you can enjoy the views of nature. The train will take you to the beautiful Kamplus Lake. After that, you will go straight to the Rocky Mountains and cross Jasper National Park.

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If you’ve always wanted to visit the African savannah and see animal life in their natural habitat, then now is the time. Immerse yourself in the wilderness as you see the migration of antelopes and zebras that travel in flocks in search of habitats from Tanzania to Kenya.

For a comfortable stay, you can rent a luxury cottage, and in your free time, you can go on a safari, go on a camp trip organized in national parks, where you will get a unique opportunity to get closer to giraffes, hippos, and elephants.

Travel to the Ngala Private Wildlife Refuge and watch a rare breed of white lions raise their younger generation. In Kenya, you can travel by car and arrange a hot air balloon ride.


If you want to visit this luxurious country, but you cannot stand the hot weather, then choose for your travels the period from mid-October to the end of May to visit a huge variety of excursions and relax on the golden sandy beaches.

The older generation cannot be surprised by loud parties, so choose Ajman or Sharjah for your vacation. However, be sure to include Dubai in your trip. Here you can use a BMW car rental Dubai, drive around this luxurious emirate, see the most conceptual architectural buildings, and admire the Dubai Fountain.

Head to the thermal springs in Al Ain to replenish your energy. In Oman, you can see mountains, and you can get to know the culture of this country by visiting museums and mosques.

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This country is a great option for those who love history and religion. For those who want to see the natural beauty of this country, the Israel Pass was created, which provides an opportunity to visit nature reserves and national parks, see the beauty of iconic places and save money on travel.

The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv will delight you with a huge selection of ethnic goods: fabrics, spices, and herbs. Not far from this town is the small town of Caesarea, where you can see the impressive landscapes of the Atlantic Sea and observe the Roman ruins.

Be sure to include Jerusalem on your itinerary to see the holy city. Visit places such as the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount, and the Wailing Wall.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. The only catch is that there is no specific time when you will definitely be able to participate in this incredible event. It is best to plan your trip to Iceland between mid-September and late March. Be sure to warm up to enjoy the winter beauties of this country in anticipation of the miracle of the world.

During your trip, take care of your health and stop by the Retreat Hotel in the Blue Lagoon for spa activities, a dip in the milky warm waters, and skincare. Chances are, you can catch the northern lights while taking a bath.


Retirement is not the end of the world, but just the beginning of your exciting journey. Traveling around the world, you can enjoy the beauty and sights of the countries without worries. Finally, take care of your health and make your wildest dreams come true.

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