Everything That You Must Know About the ECBA Course

Everything That You Must Know About the ECBA Course

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The ECBA course stands for the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis course. This course is offered by IIBA, the International Institute of Business Analysis, a nonprofit business organization that was first established back in 2003 in order to promote the area of business analysis. The organization has defined the ECBA as a course that not only covers the fundamental and basic knowledge that one must have in the field of business analysis, but it also showcases that one has the core competency as well as knowledge in the always in-demand field of business analysis.

As the name implies, the ECBA course is an entry-level certification course, but it does not necessarily does not imply that one can just jump on to it cold. As a prerequisite, the candidate will be required to complete the determined number of approved training hours before they become eligible to apply to take the exam. While the candidate is in training, in order to get the best possible results, they must also consider going through supplementary additional resources to prepare for the final exam. So gear yourselves up, since in this article we shall share with you all the necessary information that you must know before taking the ECBA course!

1.   ECBA, CCBA, and the CBAP Certification –

The ECBA course is the first foundation step when it comes to IIBA’s core course sequence for the different business analyst credentials. This course is further succeeded by the CCBA, which is the Certification for Competency in Business Analysis, and then the final step is CBAP, the Certified Business Analysis Professional. The course requirements become more and more extensive as you keep on climbing the ladder, and so do the job opportunities. Thus the last two courses will not only require more training and expertise than the ECBA exam, but it will also require more work experience.

2.   How to Prepare for the ECBA Course –

Quite alike to the other certs offered by the IIBA, the ECBA course also draws its course material and information from an external course. For this curse, it is “A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge”, also commonly known as the BABOK guide. This book works as a bible for the industry of business analysis and collects its best practices from practitioners who are based in the real world. First published back in 2005, this book is kept constantly updated according to the business industry situations.

In the BABOK guide, one will find all the knowledge about the tasks that are imposed upon a business analyst. This information is divided into 6 sections, namely the –

Solution Evaluation

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

Strategy Analysis

Requirements Life Cycle Management

Elicitation and Collaboration

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

Final Word

In today’s world, if you want to land a good job, you will have to have a good portfolio with a skillset and work experience that is certified by a recognized organization, the IIBA and the ECBA certification being one that one must most definitely consider.

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