What Causes of Car Accidents Are Most Common?

What Causes of Car Accidents Are Most Common?

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Responsible driving is always the better choice. It saves lives; it protects you from spending a substantial amount of fines that you could pay for something else and removes the threat of being jailed due to driving violations. 

After all, no one wants to go through the amount of stress of resolving car accidents. The injuries and medical bills are both factors that will add to the pain you have. But there are still inevitable causes that are more prevalent than others. 

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Divided Attention In Driving

Your divided attention when you are distracted is not a healthy disposition when driving. There are still disobedient drivers who continue text messaging, being on the phone, and even eating that can endanger you or other people on the road. You may turn your mobile handset off, so you do not need to be rattled by every notification you hear.

Intoxicated Driving

In the United States alone, around 28 people every day lose their lives due to drunk driving. You are looking at 10,000 precious lives yearly who could have done more. This goes both to drivers and the innocent victims of intoxicated driving. Alcohol can impede reflexes and can also affect your vision. Reflexes and vision are both crucial in driving.

Thoughtless/Speeding Driving

Thoughtless or reckless driving is the reason for 33% of fatalities that we all witness every year. Speed drivers are also responsible for 26% of all road fatalities. You are looking at around 8,544 accidents due to speeding. Follow the speed limit, there is a rush in driving faster, but it is a temporary rush.

Stormy Weather Conditions

Slippery roads and heavy rains can significantly cause vehicle crashes and this remains to be one of the common causes of vehicular accidents up to this day. Some other perils that lead to accidents are fog and wind. Fog can change the ability of drivers to see the road clearly, and wind can cause tree branches to fall on the road.

Unfortunately, these factors often lead to severe injuries or destructiveness. That is why there are constant reminders to drivers now and then to operate vehicles safely, especially when driving in a storm or heavy rainfalls.

Wrong Lane Driving/ Wrong Way Driving 

One of the most horrifying things a driver can witness is to see a vehicle driving straight in your direction. Almost all head-on collisions are due to one driver being in the wrong way. The impact of two cars ramming together is what makes this situation dangerous.

An excessive number of accidents mostly happen during nighttime when the road is dark, and drivers are exhausted. 

Running A Red Light

Running a red light means moving through interaction faster than usual, resulting in injuries and severe conditions. This can even lead to fatal mishaps. Approximately 200,000 people are involved yearly in accidents connected to running the red light. It is often referred to as aggressive driving. This type of careless driving heightens the risk of accidents.

Incorrect Turns

Not being inside the lane is already a red flag. Approaching an intersection in the wrong lane or cutting across lanes is another common cause of vehicular accidents. You do not need to panic or cut lines, but you can look for an empty driveway or a parking lot when you need to turn. You can help avoid accidents if you consider options rather than rushing into abrupt choices when driving.  

Always Drive Safely

Your top concern whenever you are behind the wheel is safety, yours, and for the people around you. We are all distracted nowadays, but be extra present when driving and at least practice safe driving. 

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